Secrets are finally being told to those who need to know them in episode 14 of Blood.  Ji Sang comes clean to Dr. the Younger and the poor guy holds up pretty well under the shock.  Rita learns that the rabbit hole is even more dangerous then she ever knew, and did Ji Sang just confess?  Join Taleena, Firnlambe and I, Wendilynn, as we contemplate this episode.

Taleena: Blah, blah , blah opening remarks, blah, blah. Were either of you bothered by the weird cables on Rita’s red sweater at the end? They went over her shoulders and under her armpits like a braided lasso. It was very distracting during her ‘“et me comfort you” scene with Ji Sang clutching his parents picture. All I could think of was to wonder if it felt funny - and then spare a thought that Rita was going to need comfort when she finds out the truth of her parents death.

Firnlambe: Now it’s my turn to fail as a woman . . . . I didn’t even notice these weird cables on Rita’s red sweater. Probably because I was focusing on the fact that Rita apparently possesses ninja skills worthy of giving Naruto a run for his money. I mean she was able to surprise Jason, who is somehow able to kinda-sorta sense a vamps’ presence when they are in “human” mode. I mean, yes, he was obviously distressed but still!

Taleena: I have heard that being emo and navel gaze-y make it hard to hear. Anyway, it was actually a warm and tender scene, I just couldn’t help staring at her sweater weirdly. Which was red. And OMO Rita was literally a RED SHIRT this last episode. *throwing hands in air disgustedly*

Wendilynn: Woohoo, I get to keep my female card. I did notice that weird pattern and while the color was great on her, the pattern was odd. I did however, melt at the comforting scene because that was just adorable.

Taleena: You are such a GIANT marshmallow! It was the closest thing we got to romance yes, besides the whole hand on face and heart last episode, but it was BASIC human kindness. Woot! they can be nice to each other!

Wendilynn: Well, at least I’m enjoyable to eat.. oh wait. lol There was a real sweetness to their interactions. I liked when they were talking about how much Ji Sang can drink and he claims how he didn’t like her before but almost blushed when she tried to ask him what changed lol

Firnlambe: Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the coloring session most. I found that much more sweet than when they started talking about how many drinks he’d take for Rita now. THOUGH I about died laughing when we find out what bet Dr. Younger and BFF made.

Wendilynn: The coloring scene was just adorable, especially after saying goodbye to the Nun. As for that bet, that was funny. I must admit, that I really liked how they came clean to Dr. Younger, and how well he took it.

Taleena: Yeah I was glad that they did. I am glad Rita called Ji Sang on his secretive ways when she figured it out about the director. “He should be about 70 but he looks 45!” I had a moment when I thought, wait isn’t that the DEAL with flower boys? Are they ALL vampires? Going back to look at pictures of FT Island in a new way.

Firnlambe: Ok, but there’s flower boys . . . and then there’s that damn Joseon black magic I keep referencing. Dr. Evil is toooootally on board the Joseon black magic kick, which is infinitely more creepy than just the korean Fountain of Youth our idols seem to bath in.

Wendilynn: Asian male actors/idols don’t age normally anyway. lol

Taleena: I’m just saying that the writers of this show tipped their hand a little....

Wendilynn: They mentioned finding the “cure” to this virus again, and you called it Taleena when you said Dr. Younger would be party to working on that.

Firnlambe: I love this drama I do . . . but they need to be better about not showing all their cards. I swear we’ll become K-plot psychics by the time this show is over. Taleena called Dr. Younger working on the cure and I called the BFF/Renfield romance. It’s only a matter of time before Wendilynn has her own prediction come true.

Taleena: Alrighty, three... thoughts. 1) Dr. E. really seemed to think that Ji Sang and Dr. the Younger were coordinating the garage attack. 2) I erred saying there was only one Hoodie Guy left, but it really seems that Thug #2 is on the razor’s edge of death. 3) Cr*p! Cancer Dad scared me! And Dora. And Long Suffering Spouse.

Wendilynn: Was anyone else disappointed Hoodie #2 wasn't killed by Ji Sang? Maybe I’m being blood thirsty, but I’d rather that guy be killed in battle with Ji Sang then being wasted by a pissed off Dr. Evil with a syringe.

Firnlambe: I wasn't mainly because I love how Jason is totally manipulating Dr. Evil. He’s got his brain allll sorts of scrambled. I can’t wait to see how he tries to worm his way out of the corner Jason has placed him in.

Wendilynn: I don’t think Dr. Evil is as manipulated as we think. I’m pretty sure he’s rather suspicious, but I think Ji Sang has him off balance a little. He knows Ji Sang isn’t genuine, he just hasn’t figured out what his game is yet.

Firnlambe: Always the K-plot realist . . . I can at least dream that Jason has Dr. Evil right where he want’s him can’t I?

Taleena: Certainly Dr. E’s utter control over his minions and the situation is a pipe dream. I think the “research specialist” he keeps alluding to is either Ji Sang, or less likely, Dr. the Younger. Consider - Dr. E. is still actively trying to coerce or bribe them onto his side. He is still trying to play the Good Guy Misunderstood in Unfortunate Circumstance. While he doesn't 100% think that they believe him, he can’t quite cut his losses enough to say that Snowflake is against him.

Wendilynn: Its crazy that he still sees himself bringing “peace to the masses” sort of nonsense. He really is on a benevolent dictator kick.

Taleena: Ah yes! Benevolent dictators using a mass death producing virus in his “warm and cozy” no vibrations cocktail. Good Times. Talk about upping the Red Shirt ante. I am not sure they will go anywhere with that other than to signal it as a non viable alternative to the (most likely) life threatening experimental cure Rita and Younger are going to cook up for Ji Sang.

Firnlambe: I agree that they will not go much further with that piece of information. In the long run it really holds no real story value, but then again, they could drag it back into relevance when we least expect it. I wouldn’t put it past these writers to be sneaky and cunning like that.

Just what does Ji Sang have in store for Dr. Evil and should we feel sorry for Hoodie #2?   Will Rita and Dr. the Younger take steps now that they know the truth about the virus and who is infected?  Will we finally get a kiss out of Rita and Ji Sang in this coming weeks episodes?   Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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