Red shirts! Come get your Red Shirts! Ji Sang brings the battle into the open with Dr. E, stirring up all sorts of trouble in Camp Bad Guy. Ji Sang and Rita’s romance continues to move at a glacial pace, and Ji Sang discovers the sweet, sweet narcotic of passive-aggressive trolling. Join Taleena, Firnlambe and Wendilynn as we talk Blood Episode 15.

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Taleena: I really felt for Dr. E this episode. All he wants to do is drink his wine, listen to his opera, and unwind contemplating his vaguely Soviet Propaganda Styled Sculpture, and NO ONE would let him! How are you supposed to do your World Domination Plans if people keep interrupting your “me time”?

Firnlambe: How you can have any sort of feels for Dr. Evil is beyond me. Though now that you mention World Domination Plans, I’ve instantly replaced him as “Brain”.

Taleena: Aw Firnlambe! You know it's hard out there for a . . . vampire. (I promise Drama Fans, the link is PG)

Wendilynn: LOL!! Yeah, I fail to have sympathy. I personally loved all the ways Ji Sang pushed and prodded Dr. E into losing control of his reactions. Sneaking up and tranqing poor Hoodie #2 and throwing him down on Dr. E’s floor was priceless. That “Kill him or prove your lying to me” challenge was awesome.

Taleena: How hard would it be to fake some “death” pics? Not hard at all! I am disappointed that Dr. E didn’t even try. I mean Renfield totally would have for Ji Sang! It’s that lazy level of toadying that is going to be the end of Dr. E.....

Firnlambe: lol, though I doubt they would be able to nab another member who can rock the make-up artist role quite like Renfield . . . I’m really glad I was not the only one who found Dr. Evil extremely lazy.

Wendilynn: Well they have been together for 40 years. I was sort of surprised when the sentimentality showed up. I didn’t really expect it from Dr. E at all. But when Hoodie #1 reminded him that they were essentially brothers after all this time, he just couldn’t quite do it.

Taleena: Eh. Well, we got confirmation that Dr. E went out and created minions right away. No great logic leap there. I think he kept Hoodie #2 around because A) it would upset Hoodie #1 and B) He decided he needed both of them to create the New Hoodie Army - complete with flaming trash cans!

Firnlambe: Well . . . what sort of baddies would they be if they didn’t have some stereotypical bad guy decor.


Wendilynn: I suspect that was for light - not warmth. lol Yeah, I wasn’t surprised by the Hoodie Army either. I was surprised by Ji Sang taking down all the security guards though and then, because he’s still in needle mode, acting like he hadn’t even broken a sweat doing it. His cavalier attitude that he was pushing off on Dr. Evil made me laugh each time he did it.

Firnlambe: I for one was not surprised by Jason taking down the security guards, actually I'm glad he did, and frankly it should have been done much sooner. Though I can’t deny that I’m also loving Jason being a pain in Dr. Evil’s side. Particularly since he does it so effortlessly.

Taleena: So the question I have for you is this: was it because Ji Sang took the “Human-ing’ virus cocktail that he removed the stick lodged in his backside or is it telling someone else his secrets and finally making friends?


Wendilynn: I count it was releasing his strict control and having friends. He’s still pretty reserved when he’s not busy pretending to be a fearless jerk in front of Dr. Evil. But, he’s no longer keeping himself locked away from “humans”. He’s found a woman to love him and, thanks to their parents, has another doctor “in the trenches” with Dr. the Younger.

Firnlambe: I agree that all this progress is because he’s found true friends who see Ji Sang for who he really is, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . . . all this ship needs a large gust of wind to really set sail. I’m getting tired of only having breezes that are limited to timidly pushing them forward.

Taleena: Look even Rita noticed that he is a lot more relaxed and smiley lately. Not enough to act like an idiot in the flower patch, but before that he was smiling and laughing to himself. AND I just have to say, I loved the way they were looking askance at the drippy couple play acting there, before Rita ruined it, by trying to get Ji Sang to do it too.

Wendilynn: That scene was funny. They were both horrified, but then she wanted him to be cute and he wasn’t having any of that. He talked about how emotional reactions make it harder to control his vampiric reactions. So he’s kept himself on a pretty tight leash. But he’s learning that when his heart is involved, its okay to feel and love and ….. well, I won’t take that further. hehehe

Firnlambe: //eye roll// that scene made me cringe so much . . . I was so glad Ji Sang put his foot down and refused to participate. As for his talk about emotions and their effect on Vampires--that made me laugh, it was fun seeing him so flustered.

Taleena: Oh dear! His whole “parts stimulated” speech gave me joke overload. Too many jokes, none of them PG. I had to stop the show for a minute and hoot. (Side note - because I watch this at 6 a.m. I had to hoot quietly in deference to sleeping people. My dog kept giving me weird sidelong glances because I was snerking oddly)

Wendilynn: *evil chuckles* I really did have a lot of fun with watching Ji Sang egg Dr. Evil on. I’m also wondering how long that research doctor will be able to keep his homicidal instincts in check. He’s a loose cannon if there ever was one.


Taleena: Was it only last week that we were spit balling that Dr. LensCrafter would snap? Wow, that didn’t take long! First, Vampire No Sleep challenged him, then he was called off Dr. the Younger and his illicit blood samples, THEN he got caught shooting up by Tweedle Dumber, AND THEN he got beat down by Dr. E. Epically beat down. When we finally got around to him staring at himself in the mirror laughing maniacally as he cleans up from his beating? I was saying to myself, “Dude has got maybe two episodes before he has a ‘car accident”.

Firnlambe: As soon as he killed Tweedle Dumber I was waiting on baited breath for Dr. Evil to take him out . . . I was extremely disappointed when he wasn’t killed and only received a beating.

Wendilynn: Agreed, his life span is short. He really doesn’t seem to like Vampire No Sleep does he? I sort of wonder what his beef is with her? She is clearly like a daughter to Dr. E, although I thought it was sad that he felt the need to remind her that leaving his side could prove fatal.

Taleena: It seems pretty clear that VnS is not as well versed in the immoral practices as the Hoodie Gang is. Dr. E seems to have kept her in the dark about the exact nature of the Vampire Guinea Pig ward. Hoo boy! she seems to be having more than a few second thoughts. Can her turning to the Jedi side of the force be that far off? (Just for you Firnlambe. Just for you.)

Firnlambe: ψ(`∇´)ψ Star Wars reference for the win!! It may take a certain “sister” being forcibly thrust into the Vampire Guinea Pig ward, but I fully believe that VnS has the potential to bring herself back into the light.

Wendilynn: I really hope she does. She has grown on me as a likeable character. I was tempted to not like her when I learned she was the mole, but she honestly cares about everyone. She is too “good” to dislike.


Taleena: Let’s turn the corner here for a minute, because we need to talk about Rita finding out about Uncle and his condition and that it is inheritable. Will we go to the place where Rita has a brain tumor and must be infected and cured? What do you think?

Wendilynn: I figured at some point she was going to have to be infected to “save her life”. But I had it pegged from her getting attacked by the Hoodie gang in trying to destroy her for knowing too much. A classic kdrama trope of a brain tumor seems so passé in comparison to a vampire fight. lol

Firnlambe: I’m leaning towards siding with Taleena on this. It makes more sense that she will have to be saved because of the family sickness . . . though I would love to see her be “destroyed” and thus making Ji Sang go into turmoil on if he should turn her or not.That may just be my sadistic K-drama side coming through though (¬_¬)

Taleena: I don’t know. I never know what they are going to do with Rita. I would argue that the writers are never quite sure what to do with Rita. A very small - OK maybe not that small - wants Rita to die tragically and Ji Sang to go bananas. VERY bananas. Make a squad of monkeys happy there is so many bananas around.

Wendilynn: LOL!! Well, either Ji Sang becomes human or Rita becomes a vampire. That’s our two options for a happy ending unless they want to pull the whole star crossed lovers thing. I’m voting for vampire myself. It solves her pesky degenerative brain disorder.

Firnlambe: I really hope they turn Ji Sang human . . . the poor man has been longing to be normal for so long that if they go down the “Lets have everyone stay a Vamp” road I shall be extremely sad.

Taleena: Two thoughts: I can’t picture a show featuring Luuvy the PervBot having a sad ending for our couple. Second, Ji Sang was so HAPPY being human, they are going to make him human. The question is: will they turn him human and then have BFF try and test him for the Vampire Flu? That would be funny.

Wendilynn: That would be funny. It was be funny to keep her in the dark the whole time. Although…. I’d really like to see Dr. the Younger in his underwear. lol

Firnlambe: That will be an entertaining moment if they ever put that scene in.

Taleena: Last but not least, unless you have something more to talk about, we should touch on Ji Sang bating Dr. E into the whole “Few Good Men You Can’t Handle the Truth” moment. Uh OOPS. Not exactly what Dr. E wanted to admit. Yeah, he ordered the Code Red.


Wendilynn: All that needling and bravado paid off. YAY!! The gloves are now thrown down with the confession to Ji Sang that Dr. E had his parents killed. This will put them squarely in opposite corners and it can only get more nasty from here on out. I have to wonder though, Ji Sang told Rita not to do anything because they weren’t strong enough. Does this confession really give Ji Sang any power compared to a Hoodie Army?

Firnlambe: I could care less if Ji Sang has gained the upper hand on the Hoodie Army or not . . . I was totally having a mini victory dance moment when Ji Sang was able to razz Dr. Evil into admitting everything.

Taleena: I don’t know that the confession really does confer power to Ji Sang, what does is the manipulation of the virus and the understanding of what Dr. E was doing with it. Dr. E. may have snapped the CD, (side note - nice cute little bomb you drew on the CD Ji Sang. Too bad your viewing audience has NO IDEA what the significance of orange colored amoebas mean. If only we were virologists that would mean something!) but Ji Sang's ability - along with Dr. the Younger to figure out Dr. E.'s virological shortcomings that quickly have got to sting.

Wendilynn: That death virus is nastier than the yellow stuff they were shooting everyone else with. It has to bother Dr. E to no end that Ji Sang has something he’s developed that can kill the vampire virus completely. Along with its human host, but what the hey.

Firnlambe: Wait--I think I missed the part where the human host would die along with the Vampire Virus lol

Taleena: Well you know - everyone is a Red Shirt in this show. Everyone.

Well what do you think Drama Fans? Is Rita DOOMED? Will the Hoodie Army be fought off by floodlights and PervBot? Is Vampire No Sleep considering joining the side of Right and True? Will BFF ever find out the truth about Ji Sang? Let us know in the comments!

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