Wendilynn is cruising down the scenic byways of the American Highway, so join Taleena and Firnlambe as we talk about episode 17 and 18 of Blood in one giant extravaganza of: OMO! The Hits just keep on coming!

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Taleena: Before we get into the meat of episodes 17 and 18 I had a thought while ruminating on this show. My Brilliant Thought: Shouldn’t Ji Sang kissing Rita give her the vampire virus? It’s a VIRUS. It travels by fluids. Ahem. Vampire Mononucleosis! There are RULES show. RULES. This was only reinforced when Dr. the Younger was bitten by Teddy Bear Picnic.

Firnlambe: I thought the same thing . . . Maybe it’s because the virus is strictly transmitted through direct contact between the infected’s blood? (¬-¬)

Taleena: Veering a little onto the not so PG department, the main ways of virus transmission are: Air (aerosoled liquids via coughing or sneezing), Touch (virus on hands etc.), Saliva, and Contaminated Bodily fluids. So if the vampire virus is strictly blood based, Rita would get it doing the Horizontal Mambo, so Hooray for chastity! (Disclaimer: I am not and do not pretend to be a doctor. Brilliant commenters who know more about medicine are welcome, nay encouraged, to correct me in the comments, but please, gently.)

Firnlambe: shhhhhhhhhhh no more of your realism!! It’s messing up the flow of our surreal little bubble lol

Taleena: I will not apologize for wanting rules - or thinking these things through to their most prosaic conclusions. OK, OKAY! Since we are talking about both shows I think we should tackle it by talking about each character or character pair - starting with Renfield and BFF. BFF’s fainting spells were making me laugh.

Firnlambe: I’m so happy that couple is basically a real thing. They are absolutely adorable together. Plus Luvvy is essentially like their adoptive child that always comes in to make things awkward and break whatever small mood they may be trying to create.

Taleena: I think of PervBot more as a mechanical Yenta myself. What the heck was that picture he showed Renfield when he stopped Renfield from Spirit of the Foresting?


Why Playful Kiss felt compelled to reenact romantic moments via teddy bear has long made me uncomfortable to contemplate.

Firnlambe: No idea what the picture was . . . I was too busy laughing to myself about how BFF was trying to convince herself that everything was a dream.

Taleena: Outside of the hilarious scene of BFF calling Dr. the Younger on his bet (Side note - would it have killed you to show a waist up version of the bet show? BFF is a doctor. She took anatomy. She knows what a naked body looks like.), both BFF and Renfield were the ones to make major strides in isolating causes and problems in the biochemistry of Uncle and Vampire virus.

Firnlambe: I’m under the notion that they work better while they are under pressure, or at least when they have a sense of urgency to things. It’s just really too bad that no matter what they did, there was nothing they could do to help Uncle.

Taleena: Eh. I am completely fine with Uncle dying. I like that he was able to A) confess and B) tell Rita he loved her, but his time was up in so many ways. Auntie though? I still have no idea whether she is good or bad - even if she has traded her good guy clothes for the Black Power Suit of Evil.


No matter what side of the Force with which you align yourself (Caption Side Note! Darth Vader!), snappy dressing is required.

Firnlambe: I’m ok with Uncle dying as well, though I’d be lying if I didn’t say his method of death was a surprise. I really didn’t see that coming. Poor Rita though . . . toootally bawled silent Kdrama tears for her. In regards to Auntie--I’m kinda sad that she didn’t stay “true” to form. But I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Taleena: Oh yeah. Had the feels for Poor Rita this episode. First, the whole hereditary tumor thing, then the news that your Uncle and Aunt killed your parents, then the news that you would have died too except for a miraculous Wild Dog attack? No wonder she snapped and went after the Dr. E. to murder him to death by lethal injection.


Potent cocktail of the world's most virulent and deadly viruses in a pointy syringe? Safely next my Crystal Pink Ballpoint!

Firnlambe: I’m curious why she even had that injection in the first place . . I mean obviously it came from mom and dad (at least I’m assuming it did since it came from the box o’memories) but still.

Taleena: No, no! It came from Ji Sang it was part of her “defend yourself from vampires” kit he gave her.

Firnlambe: Obviously my memory is flawed then ‘cuz i have no recollection of that particular hand off lol.

Taleena: Yeah, it was a “flashback” to a scene that was brand new. LOL AND can I just say Ji Sang’s way of killing Dr. E off is L-A-M-E, LAME! Make him so regretful of his actions he’ll OFF himself?! No way on earth will that ever happen. My money is still on Hoodie Thug or Auntie doing the deed.

Firnlambe: I sincerely hope beyond all hopes that both Hoodie #1 and Vampire no Sleep will turn on Dr. Evil. Particularly Hoodie #1 since there is no doubt about him at this point in time (it would make the betrayal that much more effective). VnS can just be the decoy while she’d trying to “kill” Rita.


I can loan you my Trent Reznor CDs, but Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt is SO much better.

Taleena: My Magic 8 Ball says it will go like this: VnS will not be able to kill Rita, that was the bridge too far for her. Hoodie Guy - who is so obviously in love with VnS - will turn to protect her from Dr. E. And if VnS doesn’t know Hoodie will do anything for her after the tragic back stories of Hoodie #1 and Hoodie #2, I have no confidence in her romance radar.

Firnlambe: I fully back this prediction. Though I didn’t really see it as Hoodie #1 crushing on VnS--but that very well could have just been me. Poor VnS is going to have to channel her inner child and play a serious game of H&S with Dr. E, after her failed killing attempt.

Taleena: I first suspected that Hoodie was crushing on VnS when she begged him for info about LensCrafter (Side Note - Are we done with him? Is he just going to wink and stroll out of our lives?! Bad show! Bad! Go to your room.) and he caved. That just had to be love. I can see her begging Ji Sang for sanctuary and Rita and VnS hanging with Luvvy the PervBot.

Firnlambe: I hope and pray we are done with LensCrafter. I don’t want his creeper face to ever appear on my laptop/TV ever again. I can totally see VnS camping out with Jason and Rita. It’s clear that Jason has some sibling affection towards her--even though it’s clear she’s crushing on him . . . . . good grief there are too many unspoken feelings in this show.

Taleena: OK that those are all the major characters (except Ji Sang who really just did a lot of reacting to other people this couple of episodes) BUT can we talk about the crazy in the Guinea Pig Ward? HO-LEE Cow. The Bitey Ward got Bitey in a hurry, and if I never want to see someone use an IV line as a straw ever again.

Firnlambe: We’re pretty much on the same page for these episodes. I, too, would prefer not to see someone using an IV line as a straw ever again. You’ve got to give the writers credit though, they didn’t pull the “blood is yummy” card until it was absolutely necessary lol. I really hope that Jason and Renfield are able to get things under control soon. I mean I like the Guinea Pig Ward, really I do, but it’s served it’s purpose at this point in the show. I’m ready to fully give my attention towards the final battle between Dr. Evil and crew.

Taleena: I think that the whole point of the Guinea Pig Ward is to give the show a McGuffin and to make VnS turn against Dr. E. I think that we will mostly be done with them now that they have dosed them all with Anti Bitey meds. We’ll cure them all by the vaccination derived from Ji sang’s stem cells and the magic plant.


Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy

Firnlambe: True. So does this mean our supply of Red Shirts is cut off then?

Taleena: I’m so glad you brought that up! Can we do a quick body count? Ji Sang’s parents, Dr. the Elder, 3-4 of the Hoodie Brigade, SheMinion, Tweedle Dumber...

Firnlambe: You can’t forget Uncle . . .

Taleena: Uncle, Guinea Pig Drunk, Dr. Cooking the Books, Hoodie Thug J, Rita’s parents, Mother Superior, who else?

Firnlambe: ummmmm I don’t believe so. Good grief there were a lot more deaths than I thought there were . . . they just kept sneaking them in each week. I just hope no one from the Dream Team bites the dust.

Taleena: Those are just the ones shown ON the show. They implied SO many more through Dr. E’s multiple drug trials, and LensCrafter was basically a serial killer before he was turned. I still think that: Auntie, Hoodie, VnS, Dr. the Younger, Rita, Renfield, Dora’s Dad, Smack Talk and Teddy Bear Picnic are on the Red Shirt list to varying degrees and Dr. E will die for sure.

Did we miss anyone on the kill list Drama Fans? Did anyone else think that Rita's pom pom sleeve sweater looks dorky? Tell us in the comments and join us for the final installments next week! 

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