We’re coming down to the wire, and everyone is making their final moves. The Dream Team just may have found a solution, and Dr. Evil wants his hands on it. Faith is being shaken and a final standoff ends in tragedy. Join Firnlambe, Taleena and me, Wendilynn as we rail at the writers who gave us a turn we were not expecting in this episode of Blood.

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Firnlambe: I am not pleased . . . I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with a death from within The Dream Team (╥_╥)

Wendilynn: I did figure that one of them would die. But I sort of had it pegged for Dr. Younger. Doing something stupid to pay for his Dad’s research. But offing everyone’s favorite character like that… I have to hand it to the writers. They really stayed true to their story.

Taleena: *tiny voice* Not my favorite character. Look don’t get me wrong I liked Renfield and everything, but I have NO attachment to anyone. They are ALL dead to me because they are all Redshirts. Maybe Smack Talk and Dora would shock me. Maybe.

Wendilynn: I know from viewer comments, Renfield’s death is a shock. I’m glad they at least got whatever he discovered about the new virus VTH-17 passed on to the others before we lost him. HOWEVER, the way they were leading up to that, made me think we were going to lose Jason instead with whatever the solution is.


Taleena: I agree that as soon as Renfield got Sad and Serious messing around with the green sludge from Ji Sang’s blood that we took a turn for “Ji Sang sacrificing himself for the sake of everyone”. When he was encouraging Ji Sang to have some happiness with Rita it kind of sealed it. Which is why I thought it would be Rita to die this episode. (Side note - you choose the ONE giant red cup to drink from? Show you are just messin’ with me now.) I am leaning towards a theory that all infected but Smack Talk are going to die, and Dr. the Younger becomes the new Hospital Director.

Firnlambe: If this particular theory from this chapter of your Big Book of Theories come true i shall be upset . . . I do not approve of any more deaths from the Dream Team. //pouts//

Wendilynn: Yeah, I expect episode 20 to be mildly horrible. Usually the rug gets ripped out from under us already, but they have been building this up so well that I’m not actually ready for this show to end. I did find VNS and Hoodie #1’s little story to be very interesting. They both clearly view Dr. Evil as a father figure/savior and his lost heart is troubling them a lot.

Be19 where's your heart.jpg

Taleena: I had Bad Feelings as Hoodie #1 said that he and VNS were expecting to die for their defiance and would remain by him. I think that may be true of Hoodie #1 but not VNS and therefore Hoodie #1 will die for VNS.

Firnlambe: I demand that the only deaths that happen from here on out are Dr. Evil and Dr. Psychopath. If anyone else dies I’ll be sad all over again

Wendilynn: I could happily tear Psychopath limb from limb for what he did to Renfield and Luuvy. I also agree that VNS will have a hard time since she has to choose between killing Rita or killing Smack Talk.

Taleena: I know that we all really were hoping to never see LensCrafter again, but boy is he a good villain. There is no: “Stop being so handsome!” that we have with Dr. E’s actor. What I want to know is: Did anyone else get the feeling HR Auntie was recording Dr. E saying he would “take care” of Rita? She was SO silent. It makes me think she is pulling the same recording trick even as she was showing him she did it in the past. Because that would take Brass Ovaries to pull off. Steel ones. Titanium ones.


Wendilynn: I would agree that Psychopath has been a good villain because we've never seen his heart. He doesn't have one. The wrench with Dr. Evil is that he was once a good and loving person. He did start this for what seemed like noble reasons. He’s just lost all of that as his greed and power hunger is now taking over the good heart that was responsible for saving people in the first place. I sort of hope HR Auntie is double crossing him, but this show has surprised me a few times, so I can’t say.

Firnlambe: Agreed on all fronts! In addition to HR Auntie double crossing Dr. Evil I really hope that the most vital information has been stored in Luvvy--R2D2 style.

Wendilynn: I think he already handed it over to Dr. Younger. Luuvy was true to the end, though. I laughed when BFF and Renfield woke up to find out that they had been sleeping on the same couch. Luuvy kindly shared what they had been doing, which I assume is a huge makeout session given they were still dressed. lol

Firnlambe: I can’t even express properly how hard I was laughing at that whole scene. Luvvy’s countdown was hysterical and their reactions to their drunken actions were adorable.

Taleena: Luuvy makes everything better. I hope that we don’t see the tears of a Luuvy when he is rebooted. Did anyone else think that Rita was infected by Dr. E until they cleared her blood panel?

Wendilynn: Not infected, but I did think that he injected her with that 3 day death serum that he gave the Chairman. You’d think after 30 or 40 years together, the Doc would understand what his minions can or can’t do. I got the feeling that he’s never asked VNS to kill before.

Firnlambe: Honestly the thought didn’t even cross my mind that she may have been infected or given the death serum. I was focusing on the fact that Dr. Evil can apparently apparate into any room he chooses for easy break-ins. Seriously how can he get into all these “secured” rooms? does he have a master master key?

Taleena: Well look, Hoodie Gang broke into Rita’s place how many times? If Rita would just change her passcode from 1-2-3-4 maybe she wouldn’t be having these troubles.

Firnlambe: So we’ve established that there will probably be more deaths before the end of the series, but do we have any theories to what Renfield discovered? Because I’m drawing a blank on options.

be19 Ifound it.jpg

Wendilynn: Well, we know it involved Jason’s degraded blood. The refrigerator had been left unplugged too long and all the blood had gone bad. Whatever that means. In that degraded state, he was able to find the key to helping the anti virus recognize just the bad virus. Why that means bad news for Jason is anyone’s guess.

Taleena: Well now’s the time for me to put on my “not a doctor” hat and say that I was reading that hemolyzed blood, degraded blood, is being studied in Japan as a way to neutralize the effects of extra-cellular hemoglobin issues. So let me speculate that they will use Ji Sang’s hemolyzed special snowflake blood as a neutralizer to the issue VTH 16 or whatever that has defenses all the way down to the mitochondrial level.

Wendilynn: What’s scary is I know what you are talking about. I know those terms. lol Well Renfield called the new discovery VTH-17. So its something new that may even trump what -16 does.

Firnlambe: waaaa too many technical terms!! (⊙_☉) brain cannot compute!! Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Taleena: You don’t read funny reviews for my crack analysis of things I know very little about?

Wendilynn: What this does mean is that we have a great lead into episode 20. Everyone is waiting breathlessly to see how this ends. 

Was your heart hurt as much as ours was with the death of Renfield (Hyun woo)?  What do you think is waiting for us in Episode 20?  Give us your predictions in the comments below. 

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