Ji Sang has followed the clues that have led him straight to Taemin Cancer Hospital. He meets his new sparring partner and our Dr. Evil. What is in store for him? Only time will tell. Join Taleena, Firnlambe and I, Wendilynn as we have fun with episode 2 of Blood.

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Taleena: OK, the last episode made it seem like that his Renfield was the guy who sent the RPG through the window at him, but that seems to be not the case. I say why waste an RPG on random fighters when it could be an RPG from Evil McShiny Shoes?

Wendilynn: He’s in the middle of a war zone without a helmet. Have to show off his awesomeness. I admit, I was impressed. Besides, Dr. Evil was busy planting clues to draw his prey into his clutches. Voluntarily.

Be2 virus.jpg

Firnlambe: Speaking of clues and whatnot . . . I curious how his cyber hacking friend came to know about his “infection”. And how, if he knows that--can he think his friend is playing a video game with awesome sound effects.

Taleena: So much about Cyber Renfield makes no sense. *drawing deep breath*. It is never made explicitly clear if he knows just what Ji Sang‘s “illness” is. Sure he compounds the mysterious Blood Lust Be Gone pills, but does he just think they are Super Supplements?

Wendilynn: Renfield is in on everything. He’s not running clueless. I just don’t get why when their access to the hospital files was removed, they didn’t immediate say, “its a trap”. DUH!!

Firnlambe: Because they didn’t have Admiral Ackbar in their inner circle . . . that’s why.

Taleena: Getting back to Renfield, I swear I will let this go soon, why on EARTH would you build a PervBot for a vampire. WHY?!!

Firnlambe: Because he has nothing better to do . . . plus this makes my Force theory about Jason that much stronger. He now has an obscure cousin of R2-D2’s at his beck and call.

Taleena: The fact that he named the PervBot Luuvy had me making Ji Sang speak in Mr. Howell voice all episode. My poor kids heard me randomly say “Luuvy!” all day.

Wendilynn: I don’t really care why we have Luuvy the perverted medical droid. I just love that we have one. It makes no sense, other than to establish that Renfield is a total nerd. But I LOVE IT! I was laughing so much at the underwear comments. So wrong. lol

Taleena: Adding in Ji Sang’s over the top Jackie O glasses just drove me to cheer for Dr. McShiny Shoes - and his beHoodied Horde.


Wendilynn: The running joke with the glasses was pretty good. Kept the playing field between sparring partners even.

Firnlambe: Can we talk about how horrid Rita is. The woman grated on my nerves from the first moment we meet her.

Taleena: Jan Di?

Firnlambe: I honestly didn’t even notice it was the same actress until I started reading articles about the show online. She looks so different and is nothing like anything I’ve seen her in before.


Taleena: I don’t like ANY of them frankly. I don’t find him swoony, and she’s so arrogant I don’t care that she has a tragic past at this point. I know that all the fans out there find him dreamy, but I just want him to eat a sandwich and chill out. Honestly, her UNCLE is awesome.

Wendilynn: She’s supposed to be a *itch, right now. But we all know she won’t stay that way, I hope. I was heavily reminded of Hyde, Jekyll and Me’s Seo Jin. I just hope and pray it doesn’t take 8 episodes before we find something to like about her.

Firnlambe: If that happens I’m going to die before this series ends . . . I apologize in advance if you need to pluck a stranger up to fill in my absence if that happens. In regards to the character development overall though, I’m still withholding my final judgement since we’ve only just started the series. If they don't start picking up their development by the end of episode 4, I’ll be disappointed.


Taleena: If I can live through The Greatest Marriage without Spontaneous Rage Immolation, you can make it through Blood. Also I do have to defend poor Hyun Bin from Hyde, Jekyll and I - yeah he had attitude problems, but he obviously had major psychological problems from episode one, giving him a baseline of sympathy that Rita has not earned.

Wendilynn: Nope, I had no sympathy for him till Episode 8. As for Rita, I could have happily throttled her as she’s talking about BBQ while arrogantly doing a surgery style she had no experience in. Oh my gosh… Ji Sang’s commentary about when she would run into trouble, I found amusing as he knew exactly when she was sinking.

Be2 ka boom.jpg

Taleena: I think she went ahead with the style she WAS experienced doing and he stepped in with the new procedure when she failed. And BBQ? I have another grudge against this show. Because I usually K Drama while eating breakfast or lunch and I can’t eat while they are cutting open abdomens. Stop Show STOP!

Firnlambe: If you could only see the rage comments I was making during her whole monologue session. //sigh// Though I did really like that her uncle was totally not afraid to put her in her place in front of everyone.

Wendilynn: Uncle may be a neat character, but he’s friends with Dr. Evil, so I’m suspicious. Although he seems decent enough. I like that actor so it’ll be interesting to see what he does.

Taleena: Was it just me or does it look like Evil McShiny is addicted to the Mysterious Yellow Serum?

Wendilynn: His drug of choice was clear, not bright yellow. I’d love to know what that is.

Be2 serum.jpg

Taleena: Are you sure it is clear? I could have sworn it was yellow because that is what my notes say. And yes, I am too lazy to go back and double check, why do you ask?

Wendilynn: It was a very very pale to clear yellow then under lights. lol Whatever it was, apparently gives some type of feel good state. At least to him.

Firnlambe: I pegged it as clear also. I’m just glad Jason snubbed him on his first meeting. Handshake? What handshake . . . I liked that he bowed to show just enough respect to be appropriate, but it was clear he was giving Dr. Evil a clear dismissal on a personal level.

Taleena: You know? I just don’t have any patience for bad manners. First the nurses, then the new hire. Courtesy doesn’t cost anything. I know I sound like everybody’s mother right now and I don’t care.

Wendilynn: There were a lot of rude people in this episode, very true. Some of it justified, in my opinion, but the arrogance was dripping off way too many characters. I think I’m going to like the new intern. She is just happy to be there, even if Jason thinks he’ll be able to run her ragged.


Firnlambe: I think I’m going to like the new intern as well. Plus I hope she is able to prove everyone wrong about their first impression of herself.

Taleena: Well let’s hope that she don’t need a lot of sleep the way he thinks. I want to end with a prediction: Nurse #2 is the Sneakered Flunky who messed with Jason’s office/pills on behalf of Dr. Evil McShiny.

Firnlambe: Good grief, this whole scenario made me so upset. Even if they were able to get into the office, they should not have been able to crack into that case and take/swap out the pills, at least--not that fast.


Wendilynn: Were those pills the old formula or the new one? And why isn’t he carrying those things on him personally? he’s in a hospital where unexpected bleeding people show up. lol I guess he doesn’t spend much time in the emergency room.

Taleena: 1) Those are the new improved Super Supplements and 2) I think the reason he keeps them in a safe is because he doesn’t want them vulnerable when changing in and out of scrubs.

Wendilynn: Okay, well that’s a good reason. But....


Taleena: I know, I know! He should put “scrubs with a pocket” on his list of demands...

Firnlambe: lmao

Wendilynn: BUT, I hope he can control himself enough to finish that surgery.

Just what was in those pills that Ji Sang took and what does Dr. Evil hope to verify by giving them to him?  The game is on and its a battle of wills, intents and sheer arrogance.  Thank goodness we have a pervy robot to laugh about. lol  Tell us what you think so far in the comments below.

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