A villain's evil plan is set in motion, Ji Sang suspects he is being set up, and Rita demands a pack of dogs be fought on her behalf. Because Rita just can't be anyone but Rita. Join Taleena, Firnlambe, and Wendilynn as we discuss Episode 3 of Blood.

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Taleena: Before we get into this discussion, because I know you have a lot to say, I want to give a shout out to commenter Allessar who said Dr. Evil McS. Shoes is drinking plasma, NOT butterscotch syrup. Which seems....reasonable.

Wendilynn: That is totally plausible and explains his reaction to it. Especially now that we know he’s just as infected as the rest of them. lol

Firnlambe: Awwww but the butterscotch syrup would be so much more tasty.

Taleena: So... it took most of the way through the episode, a nun getting cancer, and a touching scene with 14 year old Rita before I felt a spark of warmth towards her....Maybe she’ll stop being a pain soon. Please?


Wendilynn: The scene with the Nun was sweet, but I still just shook my head at her going to his house to demand an apology. I just kept yelling at the screen, "apology for WHAT?!” That she thought he would even apologize or feel the need to just blew my mind. I loved that he was calling her Paris Hilton. I laughed at that.

Firnlambe: I still have great distaste for her . . . she’s just a horrid character at this point.

Taleena: Well, on the upside, her going to his house precipitated PervBot calling her fat....


Wendilynn: bwhahahahahaha…. I love PervBot.

Firnlambe: OMG I just about died laughing when PervBot played 4MINUTE’s “What’s Your Name”

Taleena: Also, this week in PervBot: he was scanning Ji Sang in the ice water bath which made me laugh and laugh. No one wants a PervBot scan…

Wendilynn: That was so funny. Once I saw him soaking in the ice bath, I finally understood what the bed was. I couldn’t figure out what that bed was supposed to do, but now that we understand that adrenaline and body heat precipitate a vampire change, I can see why he would want to sleep on a dry ice bed.


Taleena: Sure, sure, but then he whines about being cold — even when vacationing in exotic Jeju where the wild Dutch bunnies roam.

Wendilynn: He doesn’t really complain since he’s been cold blooded all his life. But I loved the Mommy scene in the forest. I just wanted to hug him.

Firnlambe: I was half expecting him to start growing more plants to be honest, though I admit Mom was a nice touch.

Taleena: Mom is pretty awesome, but I have the feeling that everyone I like is going to die. Take Rita’s uncle - I was thinking he was pretty awesome but then he’s clutching his chest in those darn stairwells.


Wendilynn: His condition, whatever it is, explains why he’s working with Dr. Evil. I knew he was in on the “plan”. I knew it. Although…..I was given pause about Dr Evil when he was talking to him about maybe speeding up the plan in order to help the Uncle. And you include his comments about staying low key, makes me wonder if he’s really not as evil as we suspect he is. NOT!

Firnlambe: Honestly, a small portion of me believes he has this obscure health issue because of Dr. Evil.

Taleena: I admit it. I have a sneaking liking for Dr. Evil. I know I shouldn’t - he has the whole Megalomaniacal World Domination by the Master Race thing going on - which always ends up Very Badly Indeed. I know that he is a Very Bad Man, even the Hoodie Brigade is scared to death (har har) of him, but he cleans up nice.

Wendilynn: HA! nice joke there, I see how you are. He’s not completely nice, he killed off his research team so he could install the head girl in the hospital.


Taleena: I said CLEANS UP nice. Yeah, when you declare: ”I am not a monster!” while displaying superhuman strength in the midst of a corpse filled room, time for a reality check. As for the head of his research team: YIKES! beware the giant syringe filled with Mysterious Yellow Serum she seems to carry on her person.


Firnlambe: Hey, at least the original hoodie brigade got a mini makeover and upgraded to suits.

Wendilynn: WHY Do they keep trying to blow the kid’s cover? Why mess with him at the hospital? If staying under the radar is important, why do they keep trying to mess with the kid while at the hospital? I’m glad Ji Sang and Renfield FINALLY recognized that they were led into a trap, but good grief, can we be a little quicker on the uptake?

Taleena: I think they are trying to get some leverage on Ji Sang so that Dr. Evil can bring him in on the ‘dark side’ so to speak. I think he missed out bringing Ji Sang’s mom and dad into the fold so this is his slow dance of compulsion.

Firnlambe: ummmmmm in regards to Renfield. . . I’m convinced we have a traitor in our midst.

Wendilynn: You think Renfield is on Dr. Evil’s side?

Firnlambe: I present my proof. Jason leaves with Dr. Whinybitch and he suddenly pulls out a gun and tranq dart . . . . . that looks eeeextremely similar to the one Jason later gets shot with.

Wendilynn: I will need to go back and re-watch cause I didn’t see him pull anything out.

Firnlambe: All the lights flicker blue and suddenly there’s a gun and dart on the table.

Taleena: Eh.. I see what you are saying Firnlambe, but ..  I think Renfield is on the up and up.

Firnlambe: I hope so . . . he did look pretty guilty when he whipped that gun out.

Wendilynn: Since he was working in concert with JI Sang to deal with the potential intruder, that look and gun could have easily been for his own protection, too. Tranq guns aren’t exactly made in to many different styles.

Taleena: Here’s my other quibble. Wasn’t the gun that shot Ji Sang shooting honest to goodness silver blades? I about fell out of my chair laughing at that.

Wendilynn: Silver blades? it shot a tranq with some sort of clear liquid in it. At least that’s what it looked like to me.


Taleena: I have to go back and re-look. It looked like a slender, nail file size, silver blade. We ARE talking about at the end, after Ji Sang followed the Ominous Dolphin Sounds to the New Wing and did a little parkour with Hoodie Brigade right?

Wendilynn: It was pretty ambiguous, even though it was this huge thing sticking out of the back of his neck.

Firnlambe: I beg to differ . . . . . those were CLEARLY whale sounds. lol

Wendilynn: They were high pitched, we can at least agree on that. I”m not sure what purpose they serve yet, though.

Taleena: I thought that the Dolphins of Foreboding indicated that another vampire is near by. Didn’t Ji Sang and Renfield talk about “vibrations”- which I am assuming are not “good vibrations” because they come from other vampires?

Firnlambe: Damnit Taleena . . . . . now I’ve got a song stuck in my head.

Taleena and Wendilynn: Bwahahaahaaha *in harmony Beach Boys style*

Taleena: Who else was cheering that there is dissension within the Hoodie Brigade? I was, if for no other reason than I will begin to differentiate the members of the HoodieSome now.


Wendilynn: I was actually glad to see that. I would have been disappointed if they were faceless soldiers doing the master’s bidding.

Firnlambe: We always knew the faces of our senior members though . . . they never really hid that from us.

Taleena: Ya know, we have yet to talk about the two most important things this episode....No takers? I can practically hear your brains tick trying to figure it out. 1) Rita’s drunken pick up challenge involving the Feral Dogs of Jeju island... 2) What self respecting vampire wears Crocs? Answer me that!

Wendilynn: rofl...drunk Rita is not who you want to go with you bar hopping looking for a good time. She is not a good wingman.

Firnlambe: Though I must admit . . . I love that her “requirements” are totally a subconscious need to compare everyone to her woodland savior, aka Jason. lol I can’t wait until she pieces that particular puzzle together.

Taleena: See, not even the most ardent lovers of the show can answer the Mystery of the Croc Wearing Vampire.

Firnlambe: I don’t even remember seeing him in Crocs . . . though, I suppose that’s more to do with me paying attention to his face.

Wendilynn: I’m not big on noticing footwear in the first place. I know that means I fail as a female. lol

Taleena: I bet a Venn diagram showing Croc wearers, vampires and Korean drama leads has very little overlap.


What do you think drama fans? Whale sounds or Dolphin whistles? Is Renfield bad? Will Rita ever stop being annoying? Let us know in the comments!

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