Well, Daywalkers, Ji Sang seems to be having an unusual reaction to the serum that has killed every other vampire it has been injected into. It's causing Rita to notice more than she should. We also learn more about Dr. Evil’s motives for researching the virus and his possible facination with Ji Sang. Join Taleena, Firnlambe, and me, Wendilynn as we chat about this episode of Blood.

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Taleena: Because Drama Fans are engaged fans, we want to acknowledge commenter Landair Heaven Jean....(....String of Numbers — the Westeros House we both belong to) who adds to our knowledge of just what Dr. Evil McShiny Shoes is drinking. She says: “To be able to get plasma from whole blood, you need to mix the blood with some anticoagulants (which are chemicals). I bet they will not want both (the fibrinogen and the anticoagulants, I mean) in that fluid that he was drinking.” Thanks for the knowledge bomb! If ever I have to pass myself off at a cocktail party as a doctor I will trot this gem out.

Wendilynn: Hey, we just might be able to also talk about liver transplants after this is over. lol


Firnlambe: You know us here in the Drama Club — always trying to keep things as technical as possible . . . I was actually really impressed by how Jason handled the surgery and all it’s problems.

Taleena: Yeah, he handled the surgery well, but I really need to stop watching this drama while eating breakfast!

Wendilynn: LOL!! He does come across as highly capable. That’s not always the case in some of these medical dramas. But then I had a skin flap transplant 5 years ago, so I’m a little more critical of these things.

Taleena: See, I barely know enough anatomy to point to things on one of those “inner organ” dummies they have. The anatomist picture they have of the inner ear at the doctor’s office is always a measure of the fascinating Dark Arts I do not know. They could be saying “Hand me the fluxing thingamabob” and I would nod my head knowingly and say, “Yes that’s just the ticket!” But don’t match me in a debate about Shakespearian subplots and foreshadowings in Hamlet.

Firnlambe: And then there’s poor little dumb me . . . who makes unhelpful Star Wars references and can quote Finding Nemo verbatim. //sigh//

Taleena: Keep on Swimming Firnlambe, that’s the way...

Firnlambe: ♫ Just keep Swimming juuuust keeeep swimming ♫ //GAH// I’m Hopeless!!

Wendilynn: Actually, that’s pretty apropo considering that Ji Sang is struggling with the aftermath of his body surviving the injection of the death serum. He’s swimming helplessly himself.

Blood e5  stronger.jpg

Taleena: And Wendilynn wrenches us forcibly back on topic...OK can I just say, his big tantrum was not a thing that endeared him to me at all. Renfield: “Yay! Bad Guys can’t poison you ever!” Ji Sang : *tantrum* I GET it you want to be human and humans can be poisoned and die. ALSO you are not living in the Borgia’s house, so it’s not like it comes up at the dinner table all the time, still tantrum over something good? Sheesh!

Firnlambe: I think our little clownfish is just swimming in the dark depths of his own self pity at this point. He doesn’t even see that there are regal blue tangfish who are concerned swimming next to him.

Wendilynn: This episode was very interesting because you had the dichotomy of Ji Sang, depressed over his improved immune system that is going to make it harder for him to be human, versus Dr Evil who became evil because he could no longer take wasteful human death.

Blood e5  people die.jpg

Taleena: Oh Yes, Let’s talk about Dear Dr. E. I think there is just a touch of self justification in those memories. Sure you are all “but the People!” and “Will Somebody think of the children!!!”, but when you start comparing yourself to God, and make poor foley artists squish a whole sack full of oranges in a microphone to make your kill sound effect, it is time to admit you are the Baddie.

Blood e5 equality.jpg

Wendilynn: You think? When he was first arguing with our Dr. (whoever his name is)....

Taleena: Self Deprecation M.D the Elder?

Wendilynn: Oh, yes, him…. when they were arguing about the ethics of their research, I had my heart melt just a little for Dr. Evil. Thinking that he started all of this for good reasons. But then he killed that Dr. and I was like, Nope… Thank you writers for keeping me from going soft. lol! All that blood over his face was just a bit much.


Taleena: It was the sound. Wow - they just went to town on the sound.

Firnlambe: I was a bit sad that Elder Self Deprecation only had 5-7 minutes of screen time. I’m hoping we get some more flashbacks that show us how he created the strain of virus that Dr. Evil inflicted upon himself.

Taleena: I think when Dr. S. Deprecation the Younger gets a little more time we could have some flashbacks. Let me ask this: do you think that Dr. Younger is going to go good or bad? It seems that the squashed project he wants to revive is his dads. Does that put him on the side of the angels or the devils?

Firnlambe: My gut is telling me he’ll be confused up until it becomes known . . . if it hasn’t yet already . . . that Dr. Evil was the one to break up his happy family. Then I can totally see him not pulling any punches and attempt to battle it out in the sake of “revenge”.


Wendilynn: That begs the question then, does he already know who Dr. Evil is and the project he once worked on with his father? Does he already have a guess on what’s going on?

Taleena: I don’t know. He is a real dark horse. If I were to gaze into my Magic 8 Ball I would say, he knows what is going on but doesn’t know exactly how his dad died years ago. I think that he is conducting his own slow moving investigation because *dropping to dramatic whisper* VAMPIRES! are not exactly a good logical leap. I think he will eventually be a good guy.

Firnlambe: See you’re so much more eloquent than me . . . my thoughts exactly. In the end Dr. Self Deprecation will be a good guy. It just may or may not take him a while to be ok with this fact.


Wendilynn: My hope is also that he’s a good guy. I think he has already made the leap to vampires because of the pictures of the mass graves. If you look at that picture its not like your going to think  saber-toothed humans. lol I’m really curious exactly how Dr. Evil wants to use the virus. I think what probably appealed to him at first was the self healing aspect that could save other children from being abandoned and jumping off roofs. But now he’s fully into the superior being nonsense and its all downhill from there. His head research doctor is a cold one. She was busy running all over everyone in her cold calculated way through this episode.

Firnlambe: I hope she is one of the first one’s to take the fall for Dr. Evil. I really do not like that woman. Though I really liked it when our HR lady put her in her place and forced an apology out of her.

blood e5 apologize.jpg

Taleena: Yes, well SheMinion made Rita seem both warm AND reasonable! (F: A feat not easily done) Color me not surprised that she walked in at the stroke of Midnight to start experimenting on the Ward of Vampire Fodder.

Wendilynn: I do have admit that I had a little trouble accepting that Director Choi was a good person at first. Her character in Pinnochio was so cold and calculating that I was expecting her to be a quiet bad guy in this, but after she stood up for Rita, I decided she gets to be a good guy in this show.

Taleena: Can we rewind a bit at talk about Ji Sang and the Omega 13 Protocol he has going on with Renfield? How much money do you want to bet that the shot that makes him human for a few minutes - and subsequently destroys every cell in his body - will be the thing he takes in conjunction with (predicted only from Rita’s parents) Herbal Elixir of Life to be a Real Boy in the end?

Blood e5  omega 13.jpg

Wendilynn: I thought the death protocol was virus 16

Firnlambe: shhhhhh . . . . let her keep the Galaxy Quest reference.

Wendilynn: oh man, I’m really not this slow....usually. ROFL!

Taleena: Thank You Firnlambe! It was the whole “destroy everything” that made me think of it.

Firnlambe: I’m actually going for the whole “since he survived the death serum” He has this whole midichlorian thing going on. Jason is one with the Force and the Force shall protect him to the bitter end.

Wendilynn: Its even going to far as to protect him from the medicine that is supposed to help suppress his appetite. Any idea what Dr. Evil injected himself with? A small dose of what Ji Sang survived, maybe?

blood e5 injection.jpg

Taleena: *pounding forehead* Derp. Derp. I just realized that is why the Super Supplements stopped working! You’re a genius!

Firnlambe: I CAUGHT ON!!!! Allll by myself

Taleena: Stop it! Now I am singing ♫ All by mysellllf, gonna be. All by myself ♫

Firnlambe: Musical payback’s a bitch ain’t it

Taleena: Evil....evil. Well what was Dr. E. shooting up before? It was the yellow bags of whatever our commenters say it is which I have now forgotten...serum? (Side Note: Too many unnamed serums in this show)

Wendilynn: Whatever it was, it was not his usual stuff. His nightly drink usually relaxes him, this set him ablaze. I guess he wants to be like Ji Sang.

Taleena: Rita just saw Ji Sang’s Amazing Healing Prowess. NO Force references Firnlambe, to explain the Force by midichlorian is to ruin the Force. It seems like Ji Sang was having a weird reaction to Alcoholic Dude’s attack, did I miss something when he ran away like a little girl? Because sometimes I look down at my breakfast and away from the blood. Unless PervBot is on. I never miss PervBot.


Wendilynn: She’s going to have a hard time letting that one go.

Firnlambe: I didn’t have to make the Force reference, you did it for me lol also . . . I don’t believe you missed anything, Wendilynn did we miss something? o.O

Taleena: And NOW for the trivial - or - Taleena Nitpicks Wardrobe Choices part 3. What was with Rita’s Blouse? Hair Tie? What was that big white floppy bow thing at the back of her neck all episode?

Wendilynn: I’m so fashion clueless and Korea has odd things it finds fashionable. I really don’t pay attention to the clothes too much.

Rita has seen Ji Sang cheek start to heal.  That is too much for her to ignore.  What will she choose to do now?  Dr. Evil seems to feel he's doing everything for the right reason. Do the ends really justify the means?  tell us what you think in the comments below.

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