Rita and Ji Sang revisit the Feral Dogs of Jeju, the Director makes a move, and Ji Sang contemplates leaving the hospital. Secrets are revealed or dug out through sheer doggedness: join Wendilynn, Taleena, and Firnlambe as we discuss Episode 6 of Blood. Oh and Rita? We've known you're a weirdo for longer than an episode...

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Taleena: This show is trying and TRYING to build an epic romance between Rita and Ji Sang, and when they reached the tender flashbacks of wild dogs all I could think was, “You haven’t earned tender flashbacks of wild dogs.”


Wendilynn: LOL! I would disagree that they are trying to build an epic romance. Right now it feels slow and reserved. He’s avoided romantic entanglements for many years, if his character is supposed to be in his 30’s. Neither of these characters are the hot burning type. I do see her winning him over but very slowly and quietly. So when they got to that point, it didn’t phase me too much.

Firnlambe: I’m actually OK with how thing are progressing at this point, at least on the romantic scale . . . I am starting to be a little annoyed with how Ahn Jae Hyun is portraying surprise on his face, and well his emotions in general I suppose.

Taleena: Surprise? He portrays surprise?

Wendilynn: That first expression when he realized she saw his wound healing was alarm, not surprise.

Firnlambe: Well whatever emotion is was it was a rather overacted.

Taleena: Ooh before I forget... I need to say “I told you so”. It’s Ominous Dolphin Noises.

Firnlambe: Where do you get that . . . I’m still convinced it’s Whale noises.

Taleena: Behold! Evidence:


Dolphin Noises. Settled.

Firnlambe: (¬_¬) . . . I still say it's whale sounds.

Wendilynn: Taleena, I found that line really funny too.

Taleena: Well, besides giving me a warm feeling of superiority this episode, a lot of things happened. I have a bad feeling that Dr. E is going to get a redemption arc. First, he meets with Mother Superior Awesomeness and then we get his tragic child death story. Odds that Dr. E dies a repentant human?


Wendilynn: I have no idea which direction they are going with him. I felt bad for the child dying, but in his desire to not lose another child, he’s willing to kill all sorts of people. Sort of defeats the purpose, but he does seem to be willing to take responsibility for his actions with God, If he even believes in one. BUT….I don’t know if his reveal will be a good idea. He really doesn’t understand Jason at all.

Firnlambe: The reveal seems a little rushed to me as well. Not only because Jason is not going to take this well, but because it just doesn’t make real sense at this point. I would have thought he would stay cloaked in the shadows a little bit longer.

Taleena: I think Dr. E. is thinking that he is really going to kill Ji Sang and sees no need for secrecy any more, hence the dramatic De-Hoodying to tense electric guitars. BUT it does seem like they are jumping the gun with the villain reveal, Firnlambe. I wonder if we are going to get a crazy series twist with Dr. the Younger or SheMinion morphing into the main Baddie. Or maybe it’s just rushed writing.

Firnlambe: Oh I hope both of those characters stay true and don't succumb to the dark side. Jason and Ri Ta need some strong support.

Wendilynn: I think we have to remember that we are still missing a major piece of the puzzle. We don’t know what aim the new drug is supposed to do. We don’t know why Jason is specifically important by being born a vampire instead of just infected as one. The writing feels disjointed because we don’t have all the information yet. We still don’t know what the main aim of all this is.

Taleena: I thought the purpose was to give people rapid immunity from everything without all that pesky bloodlust - isn’t that what the drug trials are?

Wendilynn: That’s what I thought too, but Dr. Evil’s actions don’t add up under that explanation. Something else is going on. IF he was just trying to make people able to heal from disease or immune to disease, Jason’s parents would never have run.

Taleena: Eh. I disagree. While we don’t know exactly the sequence of events, I am guessing they ran after Dr. the Elder was murdered and Dr. E. went vampire-y. He could have easily infected them without their consent - while Momma was preggers with Snowflake, I mean, Ji Sang.

Firnlambe: HA! Snowflake . . . Dr. Evil is just all sorts of--well--evil. I’m just disappointed things are this disjointed. I’m just really hoping things become clear soon

Wendilynn: I happen to agree with the idea that they were probably infected against their will. But I really feel a major piece of the story is still untold. I feel the story is disjointed in its motion because there is something else at play we haven’t been told yet. What we’ve seen and heard so far doesn’t make Dr. Evil’s actions make sense.

Taleena: Dr. E. seems to be setting up a patsy in Dr. Useful Idiot. I can totally see Dr. E. melting into the night and leaving this guy holding the bag.


Wendilynn: Oh yeah, this is the fall guy for sure. He’s a moron to swallow all that crap like he did.

Firnlambe: Was there ever a doubt though that he’d be duped?

Taleena: This guy.. I have a running tab in my head over who is going to be a red shirt and who is going to make it out alive. I gotta say, things are looking bad for Director Uncle, HR Auntie, Mother Superior Awesomeness, Nurse In Your Face, Dr. Useful Idiot, and Interns Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. I’m on the fence with Dr. Gentle Snacks and Intern No Sleep.


Pictured: Dr. Gentle Snacks and Intern No Sleep

Firnlambe: So basically everyone’s a red shirt then? . . . . that doesn’t seem very promising.

Taleena: Renfield and PervBot are good. Rita and Rita’s BFF seem OK.

Wendilynn: Although Rita has a high chance of getting infected herself.

Taleena: Rita’s immune.

Wendilynn: Well, her curiosity isn’t. After she saw his scar healing, she was all bent on confirming said fact. I have to admit, they built that reveal nicely. I figured he’d have some sort of scar, but those fake stitches were pretty good.

Firnlambe: I was humored by the fact that he was all smug about it too. Particularly after he didn’t even want to get the makeup done.

Taleena: I can’t believe you didn’t call me on my flat assumption that Rita is immune....

Wendilynn: I went for the curiosity killed the cat joke instead. lol

Taleena: Segues topping crazy theories every time.

Wendilynn: Her being immune is an interesting idea. She could have easily been exposed to his blood during the dog attack, although I’m sure he didn’t go near her ‘till after he grew flowers and healed. Now that he knows she’s the girl that helped him find a purpose to his life, he’s not going to be inclined to lose her. Even if he doesn’t really like her too much. lol

Taleena: That’s exactly why I think she is immune. It’s so good you know me well enough to read my mind. I think we are headed for Dr. E. and Ji Sang both taking the Omega 13 Protocol and Dr. E dying and Ji Sang living.

Wendilynn: You’re killing the suspense, dear. lol

Firnlambe: She may be killing the suspense, but at least it's a plausible outcome.

Taleena: I’m not always right. I thought someone had a silver knife throwing gun after all. OMO I almost forgot! the Vending machine has bit it. Not even vending machines are safe in a landing party these days...

Wendilynn: I can’t tell you how many times I would have loved to take out a vending machine liked that. I have to wonder how they are going to have Ji Sang handle his now growing vampire reactions. Thanks to the failed death serum, his body is on overdrive and the virus will not be denied control over his body.

Taleena: We've all been there, Wendilynn. I foresee lots of chamomile and valerian tea in his future.

Firnlambe: Are we just going to overlook the fact that Intern No Sleep saw the entire outburst. I have a feeling she’s going to catch on not long after Ri Ta does.

Taleena: My Magic 8 Ball says Intern No Sleep and Renfield are just right for each other...

Wendilynn: AMEN. I see her becoming part of the team as well. I really like her. I’d love to see Dr. Deprecation, Dr. Gentle Snacks, Intern No Sleep and Renfield all work with Ji Sang to solve this problem. That’s my dream team. Also include Rita and her BFF.

Firnlambe: But of course . . . There has to be an adorable secondary couple in these kinds of dramas. And those two are just awesome. I’m really pulling for that dream team as well. Can’t we just speed things up and get this party started already? I’m tired of this set up phase.

Taleena: Ji Sang is going to need the Dream Team now that he is off the Super Supplements and having insane bite-y dreams.

Wendilynn: Not even his frozen bed is helping against bloodlust dreams. I was so confused in that section. I was glad it was just a dream because I thought he’d lost it for a moment. I wonder what Dr. Evil is taking to control himself? His plasma serum in the fridge?

Firnlambe: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was confused by the dream. Each time the girl turned around, I was totally convinced he was warring against his inner demons right up until the end.

Taleena: Did we see who that girl was? Were the dreams Oedipal or was that Intern No Sleep?

Wendilynn: No it was just some nurse or patient, I thought. Not a face I recognized.

Taleena: Maybe it was BookStore Bambi Killer....As for Dr. E. I would guess he is dosing himself with tiny amounts of the poison he pumped into Ji Sang. I think he is trying to make himself immune to Iocane powder.

Wendilynn: I’d rather be rescued by the Dread Pirate Roberts then Dr. Evil. Just sayin.  

While Taleena is off recasting the Dread Pirate Roberts as So Ji Sub, tell us what you think Drama Fans! Will Dr. E. get a redemption arc? Do you buy Ji Sang and Rita's romance? Will PervBot facilitate romance between Renfield and Intern No Sleep? We love hearing from you!

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