Secrets!! Secrets for everybody!! Some secrets are lurking in the dark; dear sweet uncle hiding his spreading sickness from the world, like the new drug development group burning their failed experiments . . . . but then some secrets are slowing coming to light, like Jason finally admits he has an “illness” (well . . after he gets all sentimental), and we finally get the answer to what Dr. Evil has really been throwing back all this time. So join Wendilynn, Taleena, and me as we pick and prod at all the juicy little morsels episode 7 of Blood has to offer.

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Wendilynn: I have to admit, I was not really expecting the explanation Dr. Evil came up with. It rang so false; I’m surprised Ji Sang wasn’t scoffing through it all.

Firnlambe: eeeeeeh it seemed plausible enough . . . . all I care about is the fact that Jason is still a vegetarian. Still no human blood consumption FTW.

Taleena: Well, Dr. E certainly gave it his best shot. His “explanation” seemed calculated to play on all of Ji Sang’s own tragedies - which is understandable considering he engineered all of Ji Sang’s tragedies. The whole bit about “my own wife and child” was Dr. E. explicitly casting himself in the role of Ji Sang’s Sainted, Lionized, but never known father.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I caught that. That’s what made me start choking and exclaim with a, “Oh come on…”

Taleena: Yeah, but it’s the big lies we desperately want to swallow sometimes. The bolder and more audacious the lie, the easier it is to believe because we say to ourselves, “No one would lie about that!” and Dr. E. has the advantage of seeming like an caring and upright individual with all his humanitarian work. Ji Sang really wants to believe he himself is not a monster and therefore is willing to believe the best in Dr. E.

Firnlambe: Oh I soooo can’t wait for when this landmine gets tripped. I knew it was never going to happen, but I was so hoping the picture of truth had been found during this little field trip.

Wendilynn: No, its too soon for the truth to be revealed. Dr. Evil was casting his bait and even if Ji Sang saw through the false story, he still needed to see how he was coping. Finding out what the serum was fascinated me. The whole discussion about the red blood cells I found an interesting emphases. And then to create a case of permanent flu like symptoms to generate the body temperature needed is really going all out. I have to admit, that impressed me.

Taleena: I must admit to being mildly interested in his methods, even if the greater part of me doesn’t care if Dr. E is drinking blood or Wonka’s Magic Vampire Juice. What was interesting is how carefully Dr. E laid down his blood precepts, knowing he had to pitch it just ethically enough to lure Ji Sang in, but just unethically enough to trap him with it later. The whole “it’s from willing people” (Ed. Yeah sure it is.) but “it’s illegal in Korea” (Ed. Oh those benighted ethics of the Korean judicial system, we can ignore those.)

Firnlambe: This begs the question though . . . just what will happen to Jason if he ever does drink human blood? He’s such a powerhouse as it is, just how much more intense will his body respond if it finally gets what it’s been craving?

Wendilynn: That is the question, isn’t it? We know Dr. Evil can handle surgery just fine doing what he’s doing, so will that finally allow Ji Sang a measure of control once he satiates the virus? Its a good thing Ji Sang had such a good example in his mother. Of course, she didn’t do surgery every day.

Taleena: I like how Rita told Ji Sang he should call on her to cover his surgeries rather than Dr. Useful Idiot. In fact I like Rita this entire episode, not something I ever thought I’d type. Of course, it helped that she sat in prayer or quiet contemplation almost the entire episode…

Wendilynn: I sympathized with her this episode. She was back to being called crazy just like after her escape from the wolves. I think it was important that Ji Sang let her know she wasn’t crazy. Frankly, I liked his cover story more than Dr. Evil’s. lol

Taleena: Well, it was basically true. He has a disease that makes him corpse-like and angsty. Just because he didn’t say “vampire” and remark on his feral, Jeju children of the night and what music they make doesn’t mean what he said was a lie.

Wendilynn: No, he did not lie, and that was the important aspect. It allowed Rita a measure of peace that something was going on and it wasn’t her imagination.

Firnlambe: I agree on all fronts. Half truths are much better than full blown lies. Though I can’t be the only one to cringe a little at how the whole “reveal” went down between them lol

Taleena: The Amazing Disappearing Face Wound?

Firnlambe: The amazing overacting of facial expressions.

Taleena: They can’t all have the subtle acting of PervBot. I miss you PervBot!

Firnlambe: I demand he become the love coach for Jason from now on.

Wendilynn: overacting? I must be missing something because I always feel they are too reserved and don’t react enough. I happened to like when he grabbed her hand and pulled it to his face so she could remove the bandage. That was a very intimate moment to me.

Firnlambe: Maybe it’s just me then. I found the whole scene very . . . . awkward to watch the first time through.

Taleena: They are awkward. They have no zippity doo dah.

Firnlambe: Not yet at least . . . that’s where PervBot comes in.

Wendilynn: Now that I agree with, the actors are still not comfortable with each other. Although, I did like the warmth I saw in Ji Sang’s eyes when he was looking at her and telling her as much as he safely could.

Firnlambe: He did smile infinitely more in this episode alone, than I have ever seen from the man in episodes past. It was a nice change of pace. Too bad it all gets sucked away when he decides to “abandon” the hospital.

Taleena: I wouldn’t say that the actors are uncomfortable with each other. Ahn Jae Hyun gives me the vibe that he has never even heard of - insert earthy Anglo Saxon language here - much less seemed inclined to do it. I don’t ask for a lot - I like the buttoned downed type with fire in the eye so to speak - but the actor is a real icicle.

Wendilynn: He’s supposed to be. This is a character that has denied himself human warmth for a couple of decades. The only one he has let into his circle is Renfield. I get the feeling that Renfield’s bubbly and persistent personality probably had a lot to do with them becoming friends. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Firnlambe: Speaking of Renfield . . . his presence was sorely missed along with PervBot.

Taleena: I agree the couple of minutes of Renfield were not enough, but they were sacrificed to the greater good. We really needed Dr. Deprecation the Younger’s storyline move forward.

Firnlambe: I have mixed feelings about him bringing on that other Doctor . . . though his “test” for her was hysterical.

Wendilynn: That was funny. I wonder how long its going to take Dr. Evil to figure out they are looking into his virus?

Firnlambe: I give it at least 2 more episodes. Dr. Deprecation Jr. has already been put on the watch list due to his midnight snooping . . . it's just a matter of time now.

Taleena: Yes, but we needed to bring in the two pieces of evidence of Dr. E’s Big Badness for our Dream Team. 1) the picture of the 4 scientists and 2) the picture of Dr. D. the Elder with baby Dr. D. It illustrates just which of them is the bad apple.

Firnlambe: So then the question is . . . Which Picture of Truth will be discovered first. My bet is on the baby picture, as much as I’d like Jason to find the picture of his family first I doubt that’s going to happen. //sigh//

Wendilynn: I have half a suspicion that BFF will find the other picture or be instrumental in JI Sang or Rita seeing the pictures.

Taleena: BFF just leapt onto my Red Shirt list. She better enjoy those Jeju chocolates while she can. I think actually that Ji Sang will see the picture when Dr. the Younger shows him his dad’s project file. I am even more uneasy at the continued health of HR Auntie. She really IS on Dr. E’s hit list now.

Firnlambe: Gosh I hope she some how is able to make it through to the end. I really like her character.

Taleena: HR Auntie or BFF? Also, am I the only one that expected Cancer Guinea Pig #1 to be sucking down the blood of some poor nurse?

Wendilynn: Nope, you are not the only one expecting him to attack a nurse. Boy will that be messy and really hard to cover up. As for HR Auntie, she’s on thin ice for sure. Since the chairman sees that new medicine as his ticket to live, he will not stand for anyone in the way. I think he’ll almost be worse than Dr. Evil will be.

Firnlambe: That reminds me . . . I had a fleeting thought during the chapel scene. What if our dear old Uncle had some small part in Ri Ta’s parent’s disappearance. Obviously they didn’t fall off a cliff, our two hooded figures saw to that.

Taleena: I have got to say, I am not with you on Director Uncle being so deep in Dr. E’s perfidity. I think he knows that Dr. E is cutting corners, but I don’t think he is thinking that Dr. E will provide him a miracle cure. I think he is trying to set up a legacy, is completely bamboozled by Dr. E’s benevolent front, and is inclined to let cut corners slide. And SURE Rita’s parents fell off a cliff, the fact that they were completely exsanguinated before hand is not at all suspicious.

Wendilynn: You are not alone Firnlambe, I also feel that Uncle had something to do with getting his brother and his wife out of the way. It makes it hard to feel that way because he clearly cares about his niece and about people. He seems a decent sort. There is just enough out of kilter, though, to make me suspicious.

Firnlambe: Doesn’t help that HE was the one who sent them to Jeju instead of Hawaii. GAH!! All these secrets be damned!!

So who's going to figure out the truth first? Will Jason figure out his new found vampire connection is the reason he lost his family? Or will Dr. Deprecation Jr. be the first to make the connection? And then there's Director Uncle, Aunt HR and Rita. Will Rita figure out both her Uncle's secret and Jason's? Or can Aunt HR finally push through Dr. Evil's preliminary defenses and get the information that she's been seeking. Let us know your take on these situations, we love to see what conclusions our fellow Daywalkers come to on their own.

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