Welcome back, Daywalkers. Ji Sang is weighing his options and Rita is struggling with growing feelings. Dr. Evil is waiting like a spider to catch his fly and our Assistant Director just might become a whistle-blower. The chips are flying into the air and there is no telling where they might fall. Join Taleena, Firnlambe, and Wendilynn as we discuss the latest developments in episode 8 of Blood.

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Taleena: Wow. A LOT happened this episode but I want to applaud HR Auntie for stepping up her game and bringing the hardcore awesomeness this episode. When she gave her whole tree speech to Dr. E? Superb.

Be8 protect.jpg

Wendilynn: Agreed. She was getting jumped by everyone and she’s had enough. I also agree that this episode was packed. When I was halfway through, I was expecting it to be nearly over and I was surprised to see how much more time was left on the episode.

Firnlambe: Sure take all the words outta my mouth. lol Yes to all! Though I’m extremely curious what bomb HR Auntie gave that reporter to drop in two days time.

Taleena: I’m betting she did a whole ‘inside scoop’ on the new department and it’s secrecy. The director kept that on the down low as much as possible from the press remember? I bet it is a whole expose like deal. A whole lot of “how cozy is the director with pharmaceutical companies?” and “Why have Senior Staff not been given full lab results?” type insinuating questions.

Wendilynn: You can’t make the doctors feel like the patients are in danger and then get surprised when they get all upset. The cluelessness of the head drug researcher in how she has treated the staff and the patients has become a liability to the director. She got that threat from him and she knows he has no problems taking her out if need be.

Taleena: You are talking about SheMinion, right?

Wendilynn: yup

Firnlambe: I’m getting really tired of all these damn secrets that keep cropping up. Now I’m curious as to what promise was made between those two.


Taleena: She looked scared and I mean really scared when Dr. E. had his hand on her cheek. This was the week about the ladies for sure. Not only SheMinion and HR Auntie, but Rita, BFF and Intern No Sleep all had awesome things to do. I kind of liked Rita for a second week running. For one thing, she researches with a giant plate of cookies - just like ME!

Wendilynn: I also like her character now. I wish we could have seen this side of her earlier. I don’t think viewers would be having as hard a time connecting with her if we had seen more of her warmth early on. I cracked up watching her be jealous of Intern No Sleep.

Taleena: The show did her favors when she sat Ji Sang down to fast food and told him her fairy tale about rescue from the Wild Dogs of Jeju. The way he kept choking at the overblown differences of her recollection — culminating in the kiss— and the huge sweeping flute music made me laugh. It was very humanizing of her.

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, that scene had me laughing. Every time he choked or spit out food, he came so close to contradicting her and giving himself away. His reaction to her talking about the imaginary kiss… LOL!! I half expected that part of her story was trying to trap him into saying he was her rescuer, but I realized by the end of it, that she doesn’t have that suspicion yet.

Firnlambe: The way they are making those two interact now that they have become more comfortable with each other is a breath of fresh air. It’s a great comfort to no longer be annoyed by just looking at Rita when she appears onscreen. In addition to the over-exaggerated memory scene I really like it when she showed her jealousy towards Intern No sleep.

Taleena: Rita’s interactions with Intern No Sleep, from her jealousy to her handling of the misbehaving patient was lovely. It focused all of the patient’s anger and fear on Rita allowing the Intern to be “good cop” with the fish stick.


Wendilynn: That good cop/bad cop routine was fun to watch. Patient psychology 101. lol

Firnlambe: You know what I’m reeeally looking forward too from Rita? How she’s going to handle Jason’s “Like-A-Boss” moment. She’s either going to bottle it all up inside trying to process it, or there is going to be a massive public display of emotion.

Wendilynn: She didn’t want to really swallow the idea that “vampire” could be part of what she is observing, but watching him get hit and then stand back up. Hard to dismiss that. The other thing I’m waiting to hear about is Ji Sang’s conversation about the grave site with Dr. Deprecation Jr.

Taleena: Yes, me too! Dr. the Younger was also rather wonderful this episode. It was more than a little frustrating than just as they were about to give each other the third degree about the skeleton pics that Rita started calling. Yes, it’s important for Rita to be clued in by a truck running him over (Side note -extremely satisfying to see a truck run Ji Sang over. I never knew how much I wanted it until I saw it.), but part of me was hoping that Cancer Guy turned Newbie Vamp would be the one that clued her in.

Firnlambe: I honestly half expected Rita to be flung backwards 20 feet at a rapid pace (not gonna lie I was disappointed she wasn’t). Though I suppose that was probably for the best.

Wendilynn: I don’t think she would keep quiet about it if it was affecting patients. Ji Sang’s secret she is probably more willing to keep. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when Ji Sang asked for blood from Dr. Evil, but when he handed it over to Renfield for testing, I felt better about it.

Firnlambe: I agree with you Wendilynn. I had a moment of panic that he was going to cave as well.

Taleena: About the blood and Dr. E something is bothering me.... We know that Dr. E is particularly interested in Ji Sang because Ji Sang is “the next mutation” and the only living conceived vampire baby right?

Firnlambe: Correct . . .

Taleena: Ji Sang told Dr. E. a few items of interest. 1) He’d never had human blood. 2) Neither had his mother. 3) They controlled their bite-y tendencies through the Super Supplements. Why oh WHY can’t Dr. E see that the lack of human blood corruption that enabled Snowflake’s conception? He should get the guinea pigs he is creating to NOT have human blood and instead see if conception can occur!

Be8 mutation.jpg

Wendilynn: Well, Dr. Evil has not considered for a moment that he should abstain from blood. He was unaware, I think, that Ji Sang’s parents had completely abstained from it as well. Until this new information, he probably has never considered that it might play a role. As it is, he’s still trying to get Ji Sang to “accept his nature” by drinking blood. Reminds me of people who try to force someone to drink so they don’t feel like they are an alcoholic or something.

Firnlambe: I’m convinced Dr. Evil is only going to see what he want’s to see . . . but this has reminded me of something ELSE I’m curious about. Who is our mystery lady (who I’m assuming is a vampire) that Dr. Evil was talking to? Anyone got any theories because her hair wasn’t nearly straight enough to be SheMinion.

Wendilynn: Vampire or not, she’s aware of what’s going on. But she seemed awfully nervous if her hands were any indication. I honestly couldn’t even begin to guess who it could be.

Taleena: When was that? I missed that.

Firnlambe: When Dr. Evil was explaining his failed baby making experiments.

Taleena: huh. I just assumed it was SheMinion. On a completely different note, this week in PervBot: the benefits of moving to South America.


Wendilynn: If it was SheMinion, there would have been no reason to hide her face. As for PervBot, he’s a riot. Giving the girl potential stats for South America and Europe was too funny. Renfield needs a girlfriend so he stops programming naughty stuff in PervBot. lol

Rita has seen the evidence before her eyes but will she be able to accept what she is seeing?   What will this mean for Ji Sang and his secret?  Will Dr. Deprecation and Ji Sang join forces to study the virus of the grave site?  Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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