The Dream Team begins to coalesce, Rita and Renfield make important discoveries, and Wendilynn decides that no matter what, Dr. E can NOT got a redemption arc. Ever. Join Taleena, Wendilynn, and Firnlambe as we talk Blood Episode 9.

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Wendilynn: Damn straight. lol

Taleena: I really felt like this whole episode was set up for the second half of the show being a crazy game of “Gotcha!” Yes, we get a few revelations, but this episode involved moving pieces onto either Dr. E or Ji Sang’s side of the equation.

Firnlambe: I’m so glad this show’s writers didn’t decide to just give up once they reached the halfway mark.

Wendilynn: Oh, no, they sure didn’t. The grease hits the fire now that Ji Sang has found the picture of his parents with Dr. Evil and Dr. Deprecation the elder. Of course, after finding out that the blood is coming from children, I’m ready to tear into Dr. Evil myself. All that BS about saving children and he’s drinking their blood?!!!!!


Tastes Great, Less Filling

Taleena: Come On! You knew when Dr. E was pushing it on Ji Sang that it wasn’t really ethically sourced. Also, big Superior Race pronouncements tend to make ethics towards “inferiors” so darn pesky and unimportant!

Firnlambe: Dr. Evil can burn a fiery death. Complete with brimstone trimmings.

Wendilynn: I knew it wasn’t ethically sourced, I just didn’t think for one minute that a guy who became a vampire “supposedly” to save children would stoop to drinking their blood because it was like drinking from a mountain spring. I don’t care that he’s paying their families so they are no longer living on the streets or whatever desperate place he recruits them from. He’s a flipping hypocrite.

Taleena: India. Well, hypocrisy is a small charge next to murder, skullduggery, and the unethical medical practices. I bet he slurps real loud and talks in the theaters too.

Firnlambe: Oh he’s one of thooose people . . . . Theater talkers are always trouble.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! I know you are expecting a redemption arc for Dr. Evil, but I want Ji Sang to tear him limb from limb. Bloodthirsty of me, I know, but there we go.

Taleena: When they gave him a sympathetic backstory I couldn’t rule out the possibility of a redemption arc. When they gave it to Yeon Woo Jin in Arang and Magistrate, or as I like to call him, the Joseon Ripper, after sacrificing hundreds of women to a demon? Well, K dramas can give a redemption arc to anyone.

Wendilynn: True. I think however, that the point of his backstory is to show how far he has fallen in his justifications and greed. We know what got him started; now we’ve seen how he has twisted all of that.

Firnlambe: I don’t know . . . his backstory still seemed pretty shady to me. I’m partially convinced he just wanted the “super power” aspect of things.

Taleena: I wouldn’t put it past Dr. E to be lying to himself even in his own flashbacks. Even WITH muted colors and sad piano music, because he’s evil.

Wendilynn: He saw a source of power and couldn’t let it go.


Hoodie Gang IS Your Life 

Taleena: Can we talk a little bit about our single remaining Hoodied gang member and the fact that Dr. E is A) completely threatening him and B) using him to bump off the guy that was fixing the medical records? Am I the only one that feels like Hoodie Guy may make his way to Ji Sang’s side?

Wendilynn: That would be interesting. He is definitely seen as expendable to Dr. Evil. The leader of the hoodie gang is clearly a partner so he’s safe, but the minions are toast.

Firnlambe: I don’t know . . . I don’t see that a real feasible option. Then again what do I know. I will admit though that I would like to see Ji Sang gain a true Vampire ally.

Taleena: I think if Ji Sang is going to get a vampiric ally it is going to be one of three people. Ready? 1) Hoodie gang member, 2) Cancer Guinea Pig Guy, or 3) I want to see my daughter get married guy. I think I am going for number 1, because #2 was looking at the Nurse Gang in a very sketchy way, and #3 is going to be Ji Sang’s test of “to save or not to save” by vampiric infection.

Wendilynn: I’m pretty sure Ji Sang has already run into that “save or not save” scenario many times. He’s been a doctor a while now.

Taleena: Yes, but this guy has a cute daughter and is in the show.

Firnlambe: That child actress is one of my favorites . . . she’s so skilled for such a small little thing. Regarding the possible Vampire buddy though, I actually kinda hope it’s 1 as well . . if only to jab the knife into Dr. Evil’s side just a little more.


Making Dora the Explorer Hair Adorable

Wendilynn: She’s a cutie for sure. I enjoy watching her when she shows up. I don’t really see those three choices as feasible. I’m curious to see if Dr. Younger becomes an ally or an adversary. I think the only way to slow him down is to either run afoul of Dr. Evil or have Ji Sang tell him how it is. With this being his father’s research, there is no way he’s going to just let it go.

Firnlambe: That’s true . . . I’m curious on when the fact that Dr. Evil hasn’t aged a day over the last 30 years from any of the photos taken with Dr. Deprecation the elder and Jason’s parents will come to light to the rest of the non-vampire community.

Taleena: Eh. We began the episode with Ji Sang and Dr. Deprecation the Younger snarling over who gets the “research” and ended with them having a joint session with Rita and BFF. If Dr. the Younger goes against Ji Sang it will not be on Dr. E’s side, but as Van Helsing.

Wendilynn: LOL, that would be funny if he became Van Helsing. Speaking of characters, I had wondered what Renfield’s speciality was and considering he called Dr. Elder a hero of his, I’m thinking he’s a hematologist. I should have figured this out earlier, but for some reason I never did. I always saw him as under the radar since he’s working silently with Ji Sang.

Taleena: I just figured he was a hacker of some kind, with a patchwork of medical knowledge he picked up from Ji Sang.


No Serious Doctor Wears a Backwards Ball Cap

Firnlambe: I thought he was simply a hacker as well . . . but hindsight is always 20//20 I suppose. Actually while I’m thinking about it, did anyone else get a kick that Rita just got sick while she was processing what Jason really is? Cuz I sure did.

Taleena: If you are going to sit and brood in cold hospital corridors, it stands to reason you are going to get sick. I thought it was funny that the only major difference between sick Rita and well Rita is rumpled hair and lipstick.


We Have All Been There Rita: Try a Latte

Wendilynn: Yeah, they always remove the lipstick and add foundation to the lips when they make them sick. I thought it was interesting that it was BFF who provided the last link in the chain of thought of who and what Ji Sang was. She’s much too enthusiastic for her own good in this dangerous story situation.

Firnlambe: Which is something that amuses me greatly. Plus it totally make the Renfield/BFF pairing that much more plausible. She would totally be down for assisting in the supernatural.

Taleena: Have you given up shipping Renfield and No Sleep with me Firnlambe?

Firnlambe: Totally . . . I don’t believe Intern No Sleep would be able to handle the supernatural world.

Wendilynn: I don’t know, our commenters last week were sure that it was Intern No Sleep who is the traitor Dr. Evil had in his home in episode 8. But I like the idea of Renfield and BFF hooking up.

Firnlambe: Now that theory about INS is still up in the air for me. Mainly because she’s so set on going out on “dates” with Jason that I can’t see her trying to do anything to potentially harm him.

Taleena: The other question I had was: had we even met INS when Ji Sang’s office was breached? It was his first day on the job. I still think it is a nurse.

Wendilynn: No, she was hired later, and I agree it was probably a nurse that did the break in, but we know there are several people working under the radar for Dr. Evil. I however, want to talk about the adorable scene between Ji Sang and Rita. Their little conversation was so cute.


And I've Been Drinking Nyquil. Figures.

Firnlambe: //sigh// Do we haaaaave to discuss the mushy stuff?

Taleena: Three cheers that we didn’t flash back to the actual Wild Dog Attack. I rather liked that conversation and BFF subsequently thinking she had Interrupted Something.

Wendilynn: That was adorable, too. I loved how he corrected her exaggerations. “I jumped 5 meters, not 30. What am I, a flea?” lol I half expected him to try and wiggle out of what he said while she was loopy, so I was happy when she woke up and he made sure she knew he had been truthful.

Firnlambe: Agreed!!

Taleena: What I liked was not so much what was said, although him echoing their whole ‘spirit of the forest' conversation was a nice touch, but the fact that both of them managed to emote during it. I am liking this softer side of Rita.

Wendilynn: It does show that the cold, detached characterizations of them in the beginning were deliberate and not just bad acting.

Firnlambe: I’m glad that the acting has “improved”--though honestly, when I think it, I feel like it wasn’t the acting that was bad but the character interactions.


TMZ is ON the Case! 

Taleena: Let’s touch real briefly on Auntie and Uncle. Auntie is doing her best to thwart Dr. E outside of the Dream Team and Uncle is still turning a blind eye because Dr. E is showing him miraculous results. I can’t wait to see what Auntie has set in motion, looks like it will hit next episode.

Wendilynn: Yup, episode 10 looks to be an ugly one all around. Dr. Evil needed to show some progress to Uncle to keep his hopes alive, but you have Auntie who is going to try and stop it. This is not going to go well. 

A whole episode without PervBot and it was still good! What do you think Drama Fans? Is there a redemption arc for Dr. E? Will a BeHoodied One jump sides? WHO is going to fix the medical records now? Let us know in the comments.

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