Hello Boarders! Another week of painfully funny antics and more than a few surprises! There are broken hearts, auditions, a break-up, and even another potential offspring was ticked off the list. Join Zombie Momma, Sage, and I as we try to maneuver the new and improved minefield that is Boarding House No. 24

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Sage: Jae Hwan and Do Hee were absolutely adorable in the beginning of this episode. I found it a little weird the way Jae Hwan walked into that interview like it was his living room, though.

Aunnie: Yeah, to me it felt like that was a scene that falls under the “trying too hard to be funny” category. But he definitely rocked the interview!

Sage: But them out on their date, was absolutely adorable. Do Hee’s drawing was very impressive.

Zombie: I was really looking forward to seeing Jae Hwan’s drawing (because he’s actually a pretty good artist, for those of you who didn’t know) but it was sadly lacking in the awesome department. Do Hee was too cute with all of her bet winning but really, when is she not cute?

Sage: Leave it to Zombie to know whether or not Jae Hwan is a good artist in real life. He kind of made Do Hee look cross eyed from what I saw. Do Hee is adorable.

Aunnie: She is adorable. I accredit it to her short stature. She’s even adorable in Tomorrow’s Cantabile. 

Sage: I also find it weird that she didn’t notice Jae Hwan leave his room after he found out about moving to Germany (which it was very sweet that he was willing to quit his job for her).

Zombie: I was really hoping Jae Hwan would just take Do Hee with him to Germany. There’s no reason why they couldn’t go together. Do Hee could do all of her vlogging just as well in Germany as she could anywhere else and they could live happily together, gorging on schnitzel and wurst and all kinds of yummy German food. I think that’d be a food-lover’s dream come true. 

Aunnie: I was just happy that she stood around to hear the part where he didn’t want to be without her. Isn’t it against the Kdrama: Code of Conduct? This has to be one of a handful of times that an actually eavesdropping session didn’t lead to a misunderstanding.

Sage: There’s only 12 episodes in this one, Aunnie. OR else I’m sure there would’ve been at least 5 misunderstandings. And with her not going to Germany, she’s got all the stuff that she wants to do, too, though. I doubt she just wants to do mokbangs for the rest of her life. It’s only cute for so long. 

Sage: Speaking of life choices, Bang In and Hyun Young are terrible at hiding their relationship. But, I loved seeing Bang In “turn into” an idol.

Aunnie: At first I had anticipated awesomeness but that first “fake out” scene seemed so intune with the show that I couldn’t even tell if it was prediction or an actuality. Then they did the second scene of the actual audition and I was pleasantly amazed by them.

Zombie: Oh my gosh! I kinda freaked out when Bang In stopped being so weird and stepped into his “idol mode”. Stinking idols! Even when they’re being weird characters in crazy sitcoms, as soon as they turn on their idol charm, I can’t help but squee, at least a little. (Fangirl problems) 

Zombie: I also kinda freaked out because I’m pretty sure that was Rainbow “auditioning” before Bang In and Hyun Young. And when Bang In did his girl group dances earlier… Yeah, watching him do Rainbow with Rainbow was pretty great.

Sage: I knew they were a real girl group. They were just too coordinated. I think they were just trying to show that it was insanely hard to win that contest. If you are going to win a trip to China, you have to be better than Rainbow.

Aunnie: I didn’t even catch that. That’s awesome!

Sage: I am a little bummed that I was wrong once again about who Daddy Long Leg’s offspring was. I think I am actually going to stick with none of them being his daughter or son this time. Despite what the preview may try and lead me to believe.

Zombie: I’d be perfectly okay with that, but we already knew that.

Aunnie: I’d like for none of the kids to be his kid but I’m still going to stick to Dong Joon until proven wrong. lol Speaking of DTB, why can’t he be that suave all the time? Why does he have to be all like:

Zombie: Right? I actually didn’t hate him this week! Even in that creeper moment, I found the pathetic pieces of grass funny rather than disturbing. Please tell me this creep isn’t growing on me because that would just be too much for me to handle right now.

Sage: Who are you guys talking about? I so did not see him behind that twig until you brought it up. Note: Sarcasm. He was less of a creeper this episode, loved the Daddy Long Legs reference. I’m still angry she is going through with this wedding thing, though. When is she going to stop this nonsense and when are her and Dong Joon going to get back together?!

Aunnie: I agree about the wedding. I had hoped Dong Joon would have maybe considered trying to win her back or show some sign of his true feelings but he was barely in this episode and when he was . . . the man pulls of “depressed” really well.

Sage: I can actually appreciate him “moving on” like a normal person, in this episode. But it doesn’t seem like it will last long, seeing how he is trying to get some lip action from Do Hee while she is sleep in the next episode. Are we beating a dead horse with this Sa Eun-Dong Joon pairing?

Aunnie: Better not. I am invested in their relationship at this point. With Bang In and Hyun Young, now Jae Hwan and Do Hee, honestly there is NO choice but to have Sa Eun and Dong Joon get their acts together and continue with the soccer net macking we saw at the beginning. Let's get to it! Chop, chop writers!

Zombie: I don’t see him moping around and trying to weasel his way between Do Hee and Jae Hwan as “moving on”. I see it as a pathetic attempt to get what he wants without coming right out and saying “Hey, this is what I want”. He’s been so good about being the bigger man, at least until now. It makes me sad he has to fall back into the role of dejected second and if he dares to step into the role of new love interest for Do Hee… Well, things may get ugly. (In my little corner of the world at least.)

Sage: What I’m saying is, it would’ve been unrealistic if he would’ve just been like “Oh, well. It is what it is.” and then tried to get back with Sa Eun. That would’ve made her sloppy seconds. Also, he didn’t seem the least bit shocked or angry that she was getting married when they mentioned it at the dinner table.

Aunnie: Yeah, I was looking for some sort of reaction too and there was nothing so I'm really hoping that he was just so hug up on Do Hee that he didn't really notice but he will once he sees how unhappy she is with her decision. That's what I'm hoping . . . *Prays to the Kdrama Gods*

Zombie: He’s too busy moping over Do Hee to be bothers with the affairs of Sa Eun and really, she did blow her chance. I’m just not happy about where I see things going from here. 

How did everyone else feel about the ending of this week's Boarding House No. 24? Do you think Dong Joon will realize his feelings for Sa Eun before she marries her intended? For that matter, will Jae Hwan leave for Germany like Do Hee intended or will Do Hee pull him back at the last minute? Sa Eun, Hyun Young, and Bang In have all been eliminated from the pickings which leaves Jae Hwan, Dong Joon and Do Hee left. Just who is the Creeper Child? Please leave your comments below and we'll see you again next week for another whole new episode of Boarding House No. 24!

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