Sage: Hey guys! Welcome to the Boarding House No. 24 Drama Club! I am thoroughly looking forward to where this one takes us, because so far it has been . . . something else, to say the least. I have laughed, laughed out loud, and rolled on the floor laughing so far, and there’s only been one episode.

Aunnie: ‘Ello Friends! I hope you are all excited for this drama. If you’re like me. the random slapstick humor will keep you on your toes and cackling all the way to the end. Usually first episodes are iffy for me, they’re give and take but this episode kept me thoroughly engaged from start to finish. These next 12 weeks will have us all laughing together like loons but take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. Join Sage, Zombie and I for the next 12 weeks and see what happens!

Zombie: Annyeong chingus! It’s an honor to be able to join you (and my fellow Drama Clubbers) for the next twelve weeks as we laugh our way through this sitcom. I know we’ve only got one episode to go on but I have to say, this drama is one of the funniest I’ve watched in a while, though I think my sense of humor is a bit off because I find myself rolling on the floor when the canned audience is silent and silent when the laughter rolls in the background. Weird.

Aunnie: This kind of slapstick humor reminds me of After School: Lucky or Not, and that show was a treat from beginning to end so I have high hopes for this drama.

Aunnie: Probably one of the most comical introductions to any character I’ve ever seen. A man who can say “Pink like a Cow’s Udders” with a straight face totally deserves a round of applause.

Sage: It was so hilarious how big of a deal he made out of getting out his banner. They made it seem like he was going to shoot one of them. When he was crawling through the grass, in the beginning I was very curious as to where they were going to take this. So far Bang In is seeming like he is going to be the character to surprise us all. I am thoroughly looking forward to this.

Aunnie: I would say he’s my favorite so far, but that spot's been solely stolen by another character but as it stands, he’s my second favorite. Showcasing his “scars” and taking selcas, I’m fairly sure he’s going to keep me guessing about what’s going to come out of him in future episodes. Usually first episodes are iffy for me, they’re give and take but this episode kept me thoroughly engaged from start to finish.

Zombie: I’d like to think that there’s more to Bang In than just an obsession with Tiny G but at this point, I’m not really sure what to expect from this show so I can’t presume anything. Surely he was driven to defect by more than just his love of girl bands but then again, the love of a fanboy isn’t something to be taken lightly…

Sage: Oh gosh, Dong Jun! Him popping up working out all the time is going to be something to see. He is like the big kid of the house. Him sticking his tongue out and kicking the soda can when he’s angry was absolutely hilarious. I find it intriguing that they roomed him with Bang In, probably one of the more serious of our housemates.

Aunnie: He’s going to be our resident troll. And I say that with all the kdrama love I have in my heart. He has a one-track mind and carries an affronted attitude like a fanny pack around his waist and I love it. He was enthralled with Daddy-To-Be and his “swordsmanship”, I half expected him to kneel before DTB and beg to be his pupil.

Zombie: All I really wonder about Dong Jun at this point is how he can afford to pay rent when all he does is workout all day. Does this guy have a job or does he have a money tree growing in his room because he has to be getting money from somewhere. There’s no way he could have ever dated Cho Hyun Young without it so what’s his deal? I suppose this is where “We’ll just have to wait and see” comes into play. Dang it!

Aunnie: That “We’ll just have to wait and see” can be a killer for Kdrama fans. And it usually sets in around the 9 or 10 episode mark, thankfully though, this is a short series so maybe we’ll only have to wait 4 or 5 weeks . . . a girl can dream, right?

Sage: Wasn’t he the son of J Hotel or something?

Aunnie: No, Ken’s character is the son of J-Hospital.

Sage: Oops, my bad. With so many characters, it’s going to take me some time to get used to them all. Also, it doesn’t seem as though Sa Eun is going to get a chance with him anyways.

Zombie: I think this whole setup is what’s got me most intrigued by this show. We’ve obviously got our six housemates paired up into “couples” but will these pairings be the ones that work out by the end? I know there’s more to this story than the romantic relationships of the characters but it does play a part in all of this and how all of this is going to play out is what has me hooked, even more so than wondering who is actually DTB’s child.

Sage: It’s funny, I know they are all there simply so that DTB can figure out which one is his child (we'll ignore the fact that he could just get DNA test), but I sometimes mistake them as being siblings. So when I first saw them getting chummy with one another I was like “NOOOO!” Then I realized I was being crazy, and they are all just acquaintances except for those who dated:

Aunnie: Is it bad of me to hope that Razor Teeth eventually bites this girl? I mean, it would add to the story and appease my sense of righteousness. Why in the world did this woman spend 500,000 won on a purse? That’s a little under $500--how . . . why . . . and it was suppose to be your rent money! Good Lord woman . . .

Zombie: Yeah, I’m not sure Hyun Young has much sense but there’s always the hope that she’ll find some before the end. That’s one of the best parts of watching a drama, right? Watching characters grow? I’m hoping Hyun Young is one who grows a lot because as it is, I’m not a fan.

Aunnie: I agree . . . watching characters grow is definitely a worth watching but it’s nice if they’re likable from the beginning. Haha, I don’t not like Hyun Young but I don’t particularly like her either.

Sage: I honestly like all of the characters. They’ve all got very unique personalities that’s true to themselves. No one person is like the other. I am waiting for the growth but since we only get one episode a week, I have to be patient. Hyun Young was a bit spend-happy and her ripping off his leg hairs simply because he bought her a fake was too much--but in a good way, because it was highly entertaining, until the laugh box came on. And I know I am not the only one that was at first taken off-guard by the laughing in the background. It was filmed so much like a normal drama that I was at first confused, even though I knew it was a sitcom.

Aunnie: Yeah, that threw me off at first too because I wasn't expecting it but as the episode progressed, I kind of started to like it--adds to the comedy somehow. 

Zombie: It’s sad to say but I’m not much of a Sa Eun fan either. What is it with these women caring more about materialistic crap than anything else? It drives me nuts! Why can’t either one of these girls have more ambition in life than to marry a rich man and possess insanely expensive purses? That’s just stupid! Though to be fair, every character has their flaws and it’s in watching them grow that we come to love them so I’ll wait and see where these characters go from here before I write them off completely.

Aunnie: I’m on the hedge about her. On one hand she’s honest and I like honest characters but she’s also abrasive and sly and I hate that so . . . I’m hedging as long as possible. However, I like her personality when she’s not attempting to intrigue a man she’s interested in for money. It’s only when she puts on the charms and tries to sink her . . . razor teeth . . . into blind dates that she bugs me. <pats self on back for lame pun>

Sage: All of these characters are flawed, I think that's what makes this so enjoyable. You would think that there separate personalities would clash but so far they play off each other well. Her face when she was meeting with him was priceless though.

I must say, I do prefer the her where she says to her friends, and I quote, "Have you ever seen a completely natural face where things were just left to grow and rot? Whatever you're imagining right now. It's much worse than that." That girl, I can hang with because she's hilarious.

Aunnie: At least we have a saving grace . . . the mysterious girl from the locked room. I think she’ll be the female lead that we will come to love and adore--and if that preview is anything to go by, then I’m really looking forward to her character arc.

Zombie: Me too but we’ll save that for later. Now is the perfect time for me to squee (just a little) over Lee Jae Hwan, our adorable, resident straight-laced nerd (known in my world as “VIXX’s cute main vocal, Ken”).

Sage: I am reserving judgement on any of the characters-- but it’s obvious she didn’t kill that lady in the preview. She obviously just went there for the food. If they try and make it so that she killed her, I am going to have to say they are doing too much. But I am interested in seeing the type of food she eats. And the relationship she has with Jae Hwan is bound to be adorable. I’m not jealous at all . . .

Okay, let's give ourselves a minute to get our Vixx feels out of our system before getting back to business . . .

Aunnie: I love VIXX’s Ken . . . a lot. I mean, of course I’m biased and it will always be a constant battle between Leo and Ravi as my favorite but Ken, with his Slimey-Kiss-Of-Pain, has now earned the #3 spot of my VIXX Line Up.

Zombie: I love VIXX (A WHOLE FLIPPING LOT) but I promised you all that I wouldn’t let my inner Starlight out during this review so if you will allow me one tiny squee here, I promise that’ll be the end of it. Okay, here goes . . . *SQUEE!* There! Now that that’s out of my system, let’s move on.

Sage: I’m jealous Joong Won! Back off! I like Ken as a nerd. He is so freakin’ adorable and apparently a good friend until it comes and bites him in the butt. This scene was even more comical because of those two in the back. 

Which, I don’t know if you noticed, they were also fans of Tiny-G. Those guys are everywhere.

3 . . . 

Zombie: Ken!

2 . . .

Zombie: 사랑해요! Aunnie: 나 도, 나도!!! Sage: 내 스타일 아니야! I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I just had to though. Aunnie: haha, and Ken fans went wild!

1 . . .




Okay, Ladies, lets focus on the Episode at hand . . .

Aunnie: The nerd persona fits him insanely well. Considering that I’ve only known him as a VIXX member, and we all saw “Voodoo Doll”, I’m shocked by how well he pulls off a stuck up nerd. And how about that Kiss, eh? Not bad for his first male-on-male  . . . okay, it was terrible . . . terribly funny. <pats self on back for lame pun> All the way leading up to the epically slimey smooch, I was chanting “Please tell me he’s not . . . He totally is . . . Score!! He kissed him!” You’d think I was watching a football game.

Zombie: Oh my gosh! I saw that one coming a mile away and all I could do was laugh (as in roll on the floor, howling with laughter as tears streamed down my face) and when “기적” started playing . . . I died. For the record, I’m not at all surprised Ken can pull off this role, it fits him perfectly and I’m so happy to see him finally take on a drama. He was made for this! (And here I said I was done squeeing . . . Okay, now I’m really done. We’d better move on before I turn into a complete liar . . . )

Sage: He is so stuck up though, it’s not even funny. He’s so high and mighty for somebody who is constantly trying to please somebody else. And a bit of a hypocrite. like when he was telling everybody else to calm down when they were fighting and then as soon as Razor Teeth came in he was ready to get ratched--going straight for the hair. But, Zombie, the music they played on this scene was hilarious! It made this scene! And when Joong Won ran away “You’re not my type either!” The song that played in the background. I can’t even . . .

Sage: 헐! The things you do for somebody who might be your child. Emphasis on ‘might’. How did he know that they were all going to need a place to live? I find that a little unbelievable, but I’ll roll with it for the sake of enjoying his hilarious antics.

Aunnie: I love the lengths at which this guy took to con all these kids into moving into the boarding house. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s taking responsibilities for something that happened 24 years ago, I’d say his tenacity is borderline creepy but his pure intentions save him from this description. Kwang Kyu is a hysterical actor to begin with and this role, although only one episode has aired, is proving to be perfect for him.

Sage: I wonder how he found out so much about all of them. It is almost creepy but he manages to flip it with how well he plays everything off. They even teach you some Korean within the show. I wonder what the word of the day is going to be next week.

Zombie: I don’t know . . . I still find him a bit creepy though that probably has more to do with the fact that he had 99 women in that one year and six of them had babies the following year . . . That’s just gross. If I can get over that, I can kind of appreciate that he’s trying to find his child and do right by him or her but still, wanting to step in now, after twenty-four years, seems like one of those “too little, too late” scenarios. At this point, I think all of his efforts are to ease his own conscious, not to better the life of his child and that’s pretty lame.

Aunnie: If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m hoping some couples can be made out of these kids--*hint* preview *hint*--I think it would be hysterical if they were ALL his. I mean, what are the chances that he slept with 99 women, 6 of which gave birth the next year. Either those women were just as promiscuous as he was, or someone, somewhere, was cheating.

Zombie: To wrap this up, I’d have to say Boarding House No. 24 is off to a good start. The humor in this show is undeniable, the characters are unique and I’m truly interested in seeing how their relationships develop as this story plays out. While I find the fact that all six of these borders could be the potential offspring of Kwang Kyu to be a little creepy, it does add a sense of mystery and I’m sure we’ll all be making all sorts of guesses as to who actually gets to call Kwang Kyu “father”. Speaking of . . .

Alright ladies, set your marks and make your bets . . . who is his flesh and Blood?

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

Sage: Well since he was with 99 people in that year alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all his children . . . But I know that not possible because them possibly having romantic relationships would be off the table (because this is Korea and we only do that on the television here in the States). So . . . I am going to have to go with Bang In, because he is slightly creepy just like he is.

Aunnie: Dong Joon! I totally think it’s Dong Joon and honestly, it’s only because of how fascinated he was with DTB’s swordsmanship scene. Dong Joon was one syllable away from calling him “Dad”.

Zombie: I really don’t have any idea who it is at this point but since I have to pick, I’m going to say it’s Do Hee. She was the first in the house, she’s the most mysterious, so she’s probably the one with the best story to tell which is why I’m picking her. I wonder which of us is right?

Sage: It's me so don't worry about it...

sdaSo what are your thoughts on this first episode of Boarding House No. 24? Did you find it as funny a we did? Do you have a favorite character? This drama is chock full of idols, do you have one in particular you’re squeeing over? Would you like to make a guess as to who’s really the child of Kwang Kyu? We’d love to know what you’re thinking so be sure to leave us a comment below! 

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