Sage: Hello Boarders! This episode of Boarding House no. 24 will hit you right in the feels. Sort of. Like, half way. Join Zombie Mamma, myself, and Aunnie as we go out to the country, get more than a little tipsy, take a shower in Minnie mouse ears and try and get over our “exes”. Oh yeah, and chives. Can’t forget the chives.

Sage: Kwang Kyu was a donkey again in this episode.

Zombie: I’m just gonna come right out and say it… I hate that guy. He’s such a hoser.

Sage: I didn’t think I would feel bad for Bang In because he’s kind of creepy, but after what Kwang Kyu did to him, I actually did. He took it way harder than I thought he would. Now that I think about it, his obsession with Kwang Kyu is even creepier than he is.

Aunnie: Yeah, I feel like DTB sunk to a whole new low of creepy. His little dancing jig before . . .”Pouncing” for really, is there any other word for what he did? . . . jumping onto the bed to pick up the phonecall from “his son”.

Zombie: He’s so wishy-washy when it comes to the boarders. There are moments when he’s super nice and you think, “Oh, he’s not such a bad guy after all” and then he does something dumb, like he did with Bang In this week, leading that poor kid on, only to toss him aside the moment he thinks Jae Hwan is his son, and he proves that he’s actually a gigantic jerk.

Aunnie: I did feel bad for Bang In this week. His drinking scene, for some reason, is what topped it for me. No idea why.

Sage: I feel like Kwang Kyu would be a terrible father with his wishy washiness. Which is why I refuse to think any of them are his offspring. To think one of them has a piece of him in them, makes me shudder in disgust. Aunnie, you mean you felt really bad for him after the drinking scene or you got annoyed after it?

Aunnie: I felt bad for Bang In right before the shower scene with how he was treated by DTB but then . . . .well the shower scene is self explanatory . . . but then I felt especially bad for him when he was out drinking.

Sage: So, what you’re saying is you loved the shower scene.

Aunnie: If only I was . . . I did love the Minnie ears accessory though. That really made the shower scene . . . unlike any I’ve seen in Kdramas before.

Sage: Could you imagine adding minnie ears to all the k-drama shower scenes?

Zombie: I mostly feel sorry for Bang In because, even with all of those boarders in the house, he has to look to Kwang Kyu for some sort of companionship. What makes this worse is the fact that he’s got two girls fighting over him. You’d think that with so much attention from others, he wouldn’t have to depend so heavily on Kwang Kyu for friendship.

Sage: I know right? Bang In is the most popular. I don’t see why he’s so thirsty for Kwang Kyu. Speaking of thirst, Dong Joon and Do Hee being stuck in the country together is quite the coincidence. Not only that but losing their bags as well. Which… how did that happen without anyone noticing anyways? I thought the ajumma did it until she, well, didn’t.

 photo Twerking Ahjumma.gif

Aunnie: Oh my god, watching that Ahjumma twerk-it was hysterical. I could not believe it went that way however, I give a thumbs up to the Trouble Maker” reference. As far as Do Hee and Dong Joon being stuck together, that didn’t come off as unnatural as I know some Kdramas can make things seem. It just made sense for them to be together so that didn’t annoy me. What annoyed me was how Dong Joon attempted to “crack” the door open. I’m sorry but get up and walk around. No need to “accidentally” be leering at a sleeping person.

Zombie: I died when those two started dancing to Trouble Maker! Oh gosh, that was hilarious! I’m just annoyed that Do Hee feels the need to run away from Jae Hwan when, in reality, she still really likes him. I get why she’s trying to do what she’s doing, I just don’t like it. I hate it, actually and I’m not at all thrilled about the fact that Dong Joon is trying to step in and take Jae Hwan’s place, even if he’s all adorable and innocent as he does it. I don’t like it when my ships start sinking. Just saying.

Sage: I thought them being stuck there together was super adorable. I just find it unbelievable that she doesn’t notice how much Dong Joon likes her. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, I doubt it was just the chives that got him all hot and bothered.

Zombie: We all know Dong Joon likes Do Hee and he doesn’t need chives to help him with the Do Hee feels. He just needs to accept the fact Do Hee likes Jae Hwan and go find himself another girl. Sa Eun, perhaps.

Sage: Pfffft. Like that will ever happen. I’ve completely lost hope for those two. Or the writers are just drawing it out for too long. Dong Joon is thirsty for Do Hee. It doesn’t seem like that well will ever run dry. Which brings me to Bang In and his two thirsties: Hyun Young and Sam. After all that those two want to come back to him? I would’ve walked away just like Sa Eun did. They are hopeless.

Aunnie: Honestly, so have I. Which is unfortunate! But being that there is only two more episodes,I’d think it’d be hard-pressed to get those two together in a believable way at this point. We didn’t see hardly any of her in this episode which was a little disheartening. Almost as disheartening as Jae Hwan leaving for Germany . . .but not enough to surpass that emotional ache.

Zombie:  I’m so not okay with the possibility that Jae Hwan might leave.

Sage: Jae Hwan can’t leave. They can’t afford to start filming in Germany. But his crying scene did seem pretty realistic and heartfelt. But I wasn’t crying with him or anything. I’ve seen better. (Kim Soo Hyun in My Love From Another Star)

Aunnie: Not going to lie, his is better than Woo Hyun’s, I’ll tell you that much. But nah, they can just use the Vixx “Only U” stock film from their MV in Sweden. It’d mostly match a German scenery, I think.

Aunnie: As soon as they made the bracelet connection, my first thought was “Well, know I know it’s not Jae Hwan or Do Hee--as far as being DTB’s pervert-spawn. The fact that DTB suspects that it’s Jae Hwan rules him out and the fact that the bracelet so conveniently points to Do Hee rules her out. So I’m staying with my original guess of it being Dong Joon that is his real kid--if there is one at all, that is.

Zombie: I’m still hoping none of them are his offspring and they can all go off and live wonderful, happy lives, without ever having to cross paths with Kwang Kyu again.

Sage: I am still hoping none of them are his children as well. Every other guess I’ve made has been proven wrong, which I have come to terms with. But if Dong Joon is his son, I sincerely apologize.

Aunnie: Bwahaha, “You have my deepest sympathies” like it’s a funeral. Too funny. But let’s say for a moment that Dong Joon IS DTB’s kid . . . they don’t have much of a connection now, as it is so will they even be close once the truth is revealed? I don’t think Dong Joon would even allow DTB to take on a fatherly role. That’s a relief, kinda . . .

Zombie: I really don’t want to think about that. I know I’ve had my moments of annoyance with Dong Joon but I wouldn’t wish Kwang Kyu on anyone.

Sage: He’s too sweet and idiotic for that to happen! ANDWAE!

Aunnie: That’s exactly his problem, he’s too sweet. Why can’t a confession just be straightforward without any of the frivolities?

Sage: Because this is a drama. And a Korean one at that. If it was straightforward, it would’ve ended on the first episode. Kwang Kyu-- “Kids, I think I may be your father.” Boarders: “I think not.” The End.

Aunnie: *laughs uncontrollably* “Boarders: “I think not.” The. End. True story .

. . I hope all had a great Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. We are down to Dong Joon and Do Hee as Kwang Kyu's maybe offspring. So, who do you guys think is Kwang Kyu's unfortunate child, If there is one?  Will Dong Joon ever get over Do Hee and finally get back with Sa Eun? Is Bang in's love triangle and sob story getting on your nerves? How are your twerking abilities in comparison to the country ahjumma? Tell us in the comment section below! 

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