Hello Boarders! It's nearly the end, and it's nothing but trouble or our housemates! Do Hee and Jae Hwan are post-break up, leaving Dong Joon open to make the moves on Do Hee. Bang In and Hyun Young are secretly dating behind Sam's back and Sa Eun is on the verge of marrying some stranger she's not even in love with. What will become of them all? Join Zombie Mamma, Sage, and me as we discuss the second to last episode of Boarding House No. 24!

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Let's talk about the big reveal first! Do Hee . . . is she the real child or is is it a fake out? Do you think she’ll eventually accept Creeper DTB or is it “Too Little Too Late”?

Sage: I fear that Do Hee is actually the real child, which is really unfair. Kwang Kyu is a total butthole. He was mean to her throughout the entire episode under the influence that Jae Hwan was his son, he tried to keep her from living her life because of it, and then once he realizes he was wrong decides that he is going to just flat out tell her that he is her father? It’s selfish and rude, and just plain not cool. I hope that Do Hee holds her ground, and continues to not accept him into her life.

Zombie: I’m sad to admit this but I think Do Hee is actually the real deal and it breaks my heart. I hate the idea of that poor girl being in any way related to a creeper like Kwang Kyu. My only comfort comes from knowing that she’s apparently as appalled by the idea as I am. Her flat out refusal to accept Kwang Kyu when he told her he was her father made me so happy. I honestly want nothing more than for Do Hee to shut that idiot out of her life forever and never give him a second thought but that’s just me.

Aunnie: *secretly agrees with you two* But . . . you guys . . .he wen through all that . . .*cough* trouble in finding his child. That means he at least cares a little bit *cough* right? Nah, I mostly agree. I think that there was definitely a better way of telling Do Hee that he is her biological father but at the same time, I don't think he really deserves to be a father because of his lack of compassion for anyone else who wasn't his child. Maybe the Creeper will finally grow up if Do Hee flat our refuses to accept him. 

Is there any hope for Bang In and Hyun Young? Hyun Young seemed a little less then happy *insert heavy sarcasm* with Bang In’s birthday gesture . . . 

Zombie: I honestly don’t care what happens to Bang In and Hyun Young. Nor do I care what happens to Bang In and Sammy. I think what it really comes down to is I don’t care what happens to Bang In in general. I’m just done with him.

Sage: Bang In is a bit of an idiot. But not even in an adorable way. I can appreciate how hard he tried with delivering his present, which sucked by the way, but he’s a bit air headed, and kind of a butt for dating two women. I can see why Hyun Young was so angry, I think it’s time she breaks up with him for good. Same with Sam. Because she’s a little heavy handed and comes about her feelings in an odd way, I think she needs some time alone. And Bang In should go become an idol or something. It’s a shot in the dark but it just might work.

Aunnie: I'm a stickler for happy endings so I sincerely hope all our characters have happy endings and that includes Bang In. I guess at some point he grew on me but . . . much like a fungus--in the sense that I didn't really want him too. I think he did really try to hard to come up with a good gift despite the fact that it came out so cheaply . . . 

Cottonballs: Not an acceptable birthday gift. Cottonballs in the shape of a heart? Hmmm . . . what do you think?

Zombie: I think that anyone who thinks cotton balls are an acceptable birthday present needs to have their head examined.

Aunnie: But . . .he had the foresight to put them in the shape of a heart AND he was under the impression (thanks to Sa Eun) that she needed them. It was a sweet gesture (and most likely something my own husband would do) because he’s a man and Hyun Young didn’t actually say she wanted the shoes. I can’t really fault him or it. lol

Sage: Like I said before, I can appreciate the effort he put into delivering her gift. But if he knew her at all he should’ve known not to give the girl cotton balls. Nobody needs that many cotton balls. And to bring the same gift to her over and over again? That was a little stupid.

Zombie: I wasn’t actually expecting him to buy her the shoes she wanted but I would have thought he would have understood that a girl wants more than cotton balls for her birthday, even if she was in desperate need of them. I mean they’re cotton balls, for goodness sake! You can pick a bag up for a dollar, that’s not exactly a gift that says “I love you”. Heck, that barely says, “I like you”.

Aunnie: Hahaha, but the post-its and the singing . . . okay, the cotton balls were kind of lame BUT I commend his effort. lol

Zombie: I would commend his efforts if he sang like High Top and not like Bang In but he didn’t and I was cringing almost as bad as Hyun Young. Ugh! Like I said, I’m done with Bang In. He’s just too much for me.

Now it’s time for predictions: Will fate lead Jae Hwan and Do Hee into meeting each other again, or was it simply a passing fancy?

Zombie: Do I really have to answer this? I’m not sure my poor heart is ready to dive into the waters with my sinking ship. I want nothing more from this show than to have Jae Hwan and Do Hee spend the rest of their lives together and I’m terrified that I may not get what I want. Not that I usually get what I want… In fact I rarely do in dramas which is why I’m so worried. I cringe at the thought of having to watch my beloved Jae Hwan/Do Hee ship sink like the Titanic, never to sail again. Ugh! Please no! Spare me from this pain! I’m holding out hope that these two will find each other again and all will be right with the world. Of course if they don’t you’ll probably be able to hear my rantings from here for they will be loud and never-ending.

Aunnie: Agreed, I think we all had such strong opinions about the particular pairings in this drama in the beginning and nothing has gone as planned. Well . . .maybe expect Bang In and Hyun Young even though we know where they’re at right now. Obviously Jae Hwan and Do Hee don’t get together right away but I keep hope alive that it might be a “Heartstrings” (I can hear your groan now) situation where they meet up and realize what the audience has known since the beginning . . . .that they should have babies by now. Speaking of babies . . .

Sage: This drama is full of “nothing going as planned”. And the thing with Hyun Young and Bang In was a total flop. But I think we can all agree that Jae Hwan and Do Hee are a perfect match. I appreciate her trying with Dong Joon, though. But it’s obviously not going to work out between those two. Also, I’m a bit annoyed that Jae Hwan didn’t run up to Do Hee when he got to the park. At least that way it wouldn’t seem like Dong Joon stood her up. Hopefully a year into the future, they can be good friends without any strings attached (Dong Joon and Do Hee, I mean).

Will Sa Eun marry her fiance or will she wise up and take her own advice--confess to Dong Joon about her true feelings? She’s pregnant in the preview . . . whose baby is it?

Zombie: I’d give just about anything to see Sa Eun and Dong Joon get back together. They were so flippin’ adorable as a couple and I know Dong Joon is the only man in Sa Eun’s heart. He just has to realize her little story was about him. C’mon Dong Joon! Just this once, put two and two together and save Sa Eun from this awful, love-less marriage!

Sage: I’m glad Sa Eun realized her own feelings, even if she hasn’t confessed to Dong Joon yet, and she wasn’t going into this marriage oblivious to her own feelings. I am desperately hoping that that is Dong Joon’s baby though, because that would be too adorable. If it’s not, then I’m afraid this drama is a total bust.

Aunnie: I would give anything to see Sa Eun and Dong Joon kiss again. . . I’m just bein’ honest Sometimes in Kdramas the kisses just are not up to par but that kiss had no errors.

Sage: If they start the next episode a year in the future, I doubt we’ll be getting anymore intense lip action between Dong Joon and Sa Eun. But, If that is Dong Joon’s baby Sa Eun is carrying in the preview, it’s safe to say they did a whole lot of kissing to get it. 

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