Zombie: Well my friends, we’ve come to the end of this rather nutty little show, and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome of Boarding House No. 24. It seems that every character miraculously managed to get their lives in order, found their own version of “happily ever after” and most importantly of all, my beloved ship finally sailed! Okay, so that’s not really the most important thing but it did make me happy. Long live Jae Hwan and Do Hee! (Was that a bit over the top???)

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Sage: To be completely honest, it didn’t end the way I had expected it too. Not saying that is a bad thing, but it wasn’t the happily ever after I was expecting. Though I am happy Jae Hwan and Do Hee ended up together, I really wished Sa Eun and Dong Joon had ended up together as well. Also, the fact that Sam ended up in a psychiatric hospital, is a bit unfortunate.

Zombie: Well it’s not like she’s going to stay there forever.

Sage: I know. I just felt bad because they didn’t even try and help her.

Zombie: Let’s be honest here, if you were Bang In or Hyun Young, would you be all that eager to help her? I mean it’s not like she’s the most agreeable character ever written.

Sage: True. I guess, I had just hoped they would all get a happy ending. because I liked them all equally. I was also ticked that Sa Eun wasn’t actually pregnant with Dong Joon’s baby. Though it did seem unlikely what with the way he tried to put her on his back. But I can appreciate why they did it.

Aunnie: It didn’t end like I thought it would either but all in all, it was a pleasant ending. I like that although Sam had a rough beginning, she turned into one of the group near the end. I wish Sa Eun and Dong Joon would have ended up as a couple, I like that they were at least realistic about their relationship and there was still potential but she had to get her priorities straight before she could end up with anyone.

Aunnie: Even though the Creeper was a Rude Creeper through most of the show, I’m glad there was the potential for there to be some sort of a relationship for Dohee at the end of the show. I mean . . . he could have been worse in his episode but he wasn’t.

Sage: Yes, Kwang Gyu wasn’t his usual creeper self in this episode. I know he was still slightly creepy but for a good reason. He was trying to make up for all of the years that he wasn’t there. It was funny him flying to wherever she was very menial reasons. But he was very rude to her mom in the beginning of this episode.

Aunnie: Agreed! I actually thought to myself “Nope, no forgiving you after that!” and then . . . well then I did when he gave Dohee her space and allowed her to come to him. Speaking of space and love . . . did anyone else cringe watching Dong Joon and Sa Eun together? I just about died from the cringy laughter.

Sage: They were laying it on thick! I thought it weird that they were acting like that but I was just so happy they were together that I got over it. But I must say, at first I was a little annoyed because I thought they were trying to make Do Hee jealous. And then I was annoyed because the baby was fake and they weren’t actually a couple

Zombie: I had no problems with the happy sappy Dong Joon and Sa Eun, I was actually happy for them though, admittedly, I did want to smack them upside the head when they started talking to the coffee. There comes a point when enough is enough and that was definitely it! I was more disappointed that they weren’t back together but like you said, there’s the potential for a relationship in the future and that’s good enough for me. Sa Eun is on the path to becomming a better person and Dong Joon is on the road to becoming a productive member of society. Give them some time and they might make a pretty decent pair in the future.

Aunnie: Omg, the coffee. I just about busted a gut when Dong Joon said “I’m barely holding myself back.” Oh my god . . .

Sage: I wanted to slap the coffee for them, just to make them stop.

Aunnie: Hahaha, how about the Bang In and Hyun Young situation? I was so thankful that Hyun Young stopped trying to attain her “babies” and grew up!

Sage: I liked her saying that her body was her last designer good. That’s confidence for yah. I am glad she is over her other designer babies though. I’m surprised she got out of debt so quickly though.

Zombie: I’m so beyond happy that Hyun Young finally realized there’s more to life than owning designer things and trying to fit in with a crowd of people who couldn’t care less about her. She seems so much happier now that she’s not trying to live her life pleasing everyone else. She has found a sense of pride in herself, rather than her possessions, and I’m so happy about that. She’s finally become a person I can cheer for and I find myself doing just that. I can honestly say I wish her all the best, especially since she’s decided Bang In is the man for her. He seems to be the one who’s grown the least. He’s still just a clueless and tactless as ever.

Aunnie: I agree with both of you. I think she’s probably the one who has changed the most--including Dohee--and the fact they’ve all grown so close together through this process was very satisfying to see.

Sage: The changes in this show are tremendous (with an exception for Bang In because he is still an idiot). Do Hee was agoraphobic and now she traveling the world. Hyun Young used to be superficial and now she takes pride in herself rather than her belongings. Dong Joon has become an active member of society doing some sort of live sports room. Sa Eun has a job after trying to marry rich. Kwang Kyu is trying to be a dad. And Jae Hwan is a cartoonist. Which is your guys’ favorite transformation?

Aunnie: My favorite transformation? Hmmm . . . That’s hard. My first reaction was to say Bang In. But then there’s Sa Eun. I liked the progression of both their stories. Bang In as just funny (mostly) throughout the entire drama but Sa Eun kept me hoping for better days. Of course, better days with Dong Joon but she had a tough inner struggle “Love” versus “Security” and let’s face it, most of us have that internal fight at some point in our lives.

Zombie: I’m not sure I can pick a favorite transformation. I honestly liked them all as each character learned important lessons and they all became better people in the end. Well, most of them anyway.

Sage: I liked all of their transformations, as well. They were all for the best, and in the end they were all closer because of it.

Aunnie: A lot of changes in this drama. Being a person who likes to repeat her dramas (and music), I’m not sure if I’d ever rewatch this drama but I would most definitely recommend it for others because it was a pretty good drama---the Creeper notwithstanding, of course. You guys?

Sage: I probably wouldn’t watch it over again. But because this is unlike any drama I’ve seen before what with the laugh track and everything, I would recommend it to somebody who was looking for a laugh. And I would make sure to point out the fact that Kwang Gyu wore lipgloss.

Zombie: I would totally recommend this show to both seasoned drama watchers and K-Pop fangirls and boys. The first will get that this is a sitcom and be able to appreciate the lighthearted fluff of this show without expecting anything deeper and the second will have a chance to squee over biases for hours on end. It’s a funny show and I loved so many of the characters, or grew to love them anyway, and it has some pretty valuable lessons hidden under all that fluff so it’s worth watching. You just have to go into it knowing this isn’t a drama and as such, it’s got some quirks you’ll have to get used to.

Sage: True. I know I was surprised that it wasn’t a typical drama and it took some getting used to, though I do consider myself a seasoned drama-watcher. But I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed all the way through.

Aunnie: I still think my favorite scenes are the kiss scenes . . .all four of them.


Sage: I just wish there could’ve been more, but I guess since there were only 12 episodes…

Zombie: Four kiss in twelve episodes!?! That’s gotta be some sort of record! We’re lucky to get two kisses out of a twenty episode drama!

Sage: I KNOW! I KNOW! I’m just being greedy.

Aunnie: We’re spoiled now . . .

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