Welcome back Boarders! After last week’s hilarious introduction to all the characters but in this episode we are getting down to business and finding out more our House of Could-Be's. This episode had hazing, mystery, and even a confession of love so join Sage, Zombie and I as we talk about episode 2 of Boarding House No. 24!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Was it funny? 

Sage: I liked the episode. We learned a lot about our boarders and though it was not as funny as I’m sure they were hoping for, it was thoroughly enjoyable. 

Aunnie: I’m glad you said that because although I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire episode, it wasn’t nearly as funny as the first episode!

Zombie: It had a few moments of funny but for the most part, it was more enlightening than anything.

Aunnie: I think that’s mostly do to the fact that they’re in the house so there aren’t any crazy antics needed--besides setting fire to ridiculously flammable ropes. Speaking of . . . besides Mystery Girl (Do Hee) needing the rope for the basket, what else did she need that rope for--there were like 3 of them in her room!

Speaking of Mystery Girl, we got to see a lot of Do Hee in this episode. She went from Hit Girl to Food Vlogger:  What do you think of her?

Aunnie: First off, I’d like to know her secret. I want to eat 20 times a day and still look that cute with an octopus on my head. I wonder how heavy that thing is . . . 

Zombie: I find her completely adorable. I’m totally jealous she can sit in her room all day and vlog about food while wearing the most fantastic octopus hat I’ve ever seen.

Sage: I actually found her character quite endearing. I can’t wait to see her get to know all the other Boarders, because right now, she seems a bit introverted.

Aunnie: From what I’ve seen, I know I’d like to know more about her that’s for sure.

Zombie: I think there’s a lot more to Do Hee than this and I’m really looking forward to watching her character develop as she’s drawn out of her shell by the other boarders. 

After seeing her cute little interaction between her and Jae Hwan, is there a possible match-up? 

 Zombie: Since I’ve already declared myself a Jae Hwan/Do Hee shipper, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I’m really hoping Jae Hwan is the one who helps draw her out the most because in Drama Land, that’s a sure recipe for love. Woot!

Sage: Of course there is a possibility! That’s like asking if there was a possibility somebody will put barbecue sauce on their barbecue chicken.

Aunnie: I'm kind of hoping that becomes a thing. Considering they’ve never even seen each other and they had that defining moment, I think they’re cute. Wouldn’t it be funny if Jae Hwan saw her vlog before meeting her face-to-face?

Sage: That’d be hilarious! It’s crazy, I just realized none of them (besides DTB and Bang In) have actually seen her.

 Daddy-To-Be went to great lengths to “protect” his maybe daughter, Do Hee Could this be foreshadowing?

Zombie: I think, if anything, the writers are just messing with us at this point. They want us to start thinking one way or another just so they can throw something crazy in there and make us totally rethink everything.

Sage: I think he is maybe going to go through great lengths to “protect” all of the boarders. What he did does show the lengths he is willing to go to in order to protect whom he thinks might be his seed. 

Aunnie: I suppose, that is quite the sacrifice--the idea of going to jail for a ”maybe” child is kind of extreme. I love how quickly DTB grabbed the rope from Bang In and just lit it on fire. He was like “NOT TODAY!!!”

Hyun Young didn’t get many scenes this episode however, her scenes were significant. Have you decided if you care about this Material Girl? Or is she just a sidekick for Sa Eun's (Razor Teeth) hilarity?

Zombie: I can’t say that I’m a fan of Hyun Young at this point but maybe that will change. (I hope.) I just can’t get behind a girl who wastes her college tuition on handbags. Lame.

 Aunnie: I’m . . . still annoyed after the first episode. I can say one thing though, I hope she doesn’t ruin what Razor Teeth and Troll (Dong Joon) have going just because she’s an ex. I hope, like Bang In, she ends up having more depth after a few episodes because her purse fetish is going to annoy me pretty quickly if she doesn’t start showing some redeeming qualities. 

Sage: I like Hyun Young, but I hear you. Let’s hope her character has a little more depth to her then what we’ve seen so far. I like to think that she will grow with the other characters in the house.

 Before we close this episode up, let's discuss the budding romances that started and the possible love triangle  happening between Dong Joon, Sa Eun and Jae Hwan!

Sage: The fact that he changed his mind made me like him all the more. It also made me realize I know little to nothing about him besides the fact that he likes to work out. I am interested in finding out a little more about our muscle head.

Aunnie: I’m noticing that, actually: I felt bad for Razor Teeth after he quickly decided to go on the blind date but after he changed his mind, I was like “Awww . . . ” 

Zombie: It would be nice to know our resident meat head had a bit more substance to him and I’d be all kinds of happy if things between him and Sa Eun work out. I think they’re as cute together as Do Hee and Jae Hwan and I’m anxious to see where things between these two go.

Do we want Sa Eun and Dong Joon to work out or are we more interested in her relationship with Jae Hwan?

Sage:I love the relationship between these two (I’m probably the only one). I noticed the person you meet (and initially hate) is the person you end up being with in K-Dramas. It just the rule of thumb. I feel like they are just too cute together and they understand each other way better than they think they do. I know they probably wont end up together but that doesn't keep me from hoping they can at least be friends.

Aunnie: Normally, the couples that fight a lot that end up together are my favorite but I”m really REALLY hoping this KDrama doesn’t pick up that particular cliche because I got sincere enjoyment out of that “date” interaction between the Troll and Razor Teeth. I’m hoping that Ken and Razor Teeth will become confidants while they like their separate people.

Zombie: I am so not interested in her and Jae Hwan so I really hope things between her and Dong Joon work out. I’m okay with her and Jae Hwan becoming friends but I really don’t want to see them move beyond that. I think they’re well suited for friends and confidants but nothing more.

That's all there is this time; what did you guys think? Any new guesses on who DTB's unknown child is? How about the romantic fate of Sa Eun--is she better suited for Dong Joon or Jae Hwan? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section and don't forget to share this post with your friends and add to our little family of Board Clubbers. Come back next week and see what crazy and hilarious situations our cast manages to get themselves into. 

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