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Zombie: So this week was all about Hyun Young and the quickly blossoming relationship between Dong Joon and Sa Eun, who I was almost starting to like until she had to go and ruin everything by breaking poor Dong Joon’s heart. But before we get to all of that we should probably go back and talk about Hyun Young and her rather painful past. Poor kid, she didn’t have it easy, being the ugly kid on the block but seriously, did she really have to sell her soul for a handbag and a couple of cheap “friends”?

Aunnie: As soon as I realized that that montage of them on their date was actually real and not the made up fantasy she’d assume it would be, I was rooting for Sa Eun and Dong Joon. That kiss was stellar for kdrama standards but then she turned tailed real quick and I was upset for Dong Joon’s sake.

Sage: They were too cute together. I love how K-dramas make up new ways to kiss that are creative. It seems like the new way is through a soccer net. I’m down. Though I was kind of bummed that she was actually able to break up with him after all that.

Zombie: THAT KISS WAS THE BEST KISS IN THIS HISTORY OF DRAMALAND!!! (Just saying…) It was perfect in that it was real, believable and just plain sweet. Those two are made for each other! *happy sigh*

Aunnie: I wouldn’t say it was the best kiss, but it will definitely make my next segment of “Best Kdrama Kisses” on my personal blog, it was that good. 1) he didn’t look like he was trying to eat her face and 2) she didn’t look like someone who was totally unaware of what an actual kiss is suppose to feel like. I'm actually pretty astonished by how much I like their relationship. How normal it actually was; with her waiting by the phone and waiting to see how they respond, if they respond, that is realistically how it feels sometimes when starting a new relationship. I couldn’t even be annoyed by it.

Zombie: I love everything about Dong Joon and Sa Eun. Their entire relationship is to totally believable, it’s impossible to not love them. Their date was adorable. They’re adorable. I just wish Sa Eun wasn’t such a superficial little punk. As soon as she realizes there’s more to a relationship than the dude having money, she and Dong Joon are going to get along swimmingly. Until then, they’re in for some rough times.

Aunnie: Does anyone else thing it’s pretty comical the music they put in the background for when DTB has is “inner thoughts” moment? I wouldn’t be surprised if “Eye of the Tiger” plays just once for him.

Sage: I actually haven’t actually paid attention to the music they played. I know, I know, bad Sage. But something I did notice, is the fact that DTB peed on himself. I know everybody saw that, but still. That… that… was hard to watch. It just keeps showing the lengths DTB is willing to go to.

Aunnie: It was hard to watch simply for the fact that I would have peed off the balcony long before I peed my pants. I mean, I really would have made it work.

Sage: I agree. But it was weird because it kind of happened suddenly. One minute he was cutting onions thinking of how ugly Hyun Young used to be and the next his bladder was about to explode.

Zombie: I’m just going to say this right here and now… DTB is creepy and really, I just want him to go away. Seriously, peeing on yourself? Because there’s no other option. Really? Gross!

Aunnie: Hahaha, the entire episode I was like Zombie must hate this. I think he’s great for comedic relief but as far as being a Dad . . . he’s no better than the kids he’s housing. However, I don’t find him weird . . . just stupid. Hahaha. Speaking of things hard to watch, that scene where Jae Hwan and Do Hee eat ramen with whipped cream. THAT made me cringe.

Zombie: I’m not going to knock it until I try it… If I try it… I still can’t bring myself to try cheese in my ramen so, you know… Still, the fact that Do Hee and Jae Hwan seem to be having bonding moments over food is pretty darn awesome. There’s no better way to bond than over grilled octopus and cup ramen!

Sage: I kind of wanted to try it. They made it sound and look so good. I can see how it would be too, the salty and sweet. But, maybe it’s just me. They were adorable in that room too. I am not going to lie, I wasn’t sure at first like most people were, but I can now honestly say I have come to genuinely like this pairing.

Aunnie: I’m a firn believer of “Don’t knock it til you try it”, I love garlic bread with strawberry jam BUT there are just some things you don’t put together. It’s like Eating Kimchi with vanilla ice cream . . . (I’ll laugh if I find out later that that’s a real thing) As far as those two being adorable, absolutely agree! They weren’t as adorable as Dong Joon and Sa Eun which surprised me because last week I’d become very invested in them BUT they have good potential--I mean, he hasn’t stopped and asked her to remove that ridiculous head gear that doesn’t hide her face at all during day hours.

Aunnie: Yeah, all swooning stopped as soon as the cliched Kdrama “fall on each other” thing happened. Let’s be serious, I’ve never fallen on someone like that, ever but people in Kdramas seems to be doing it all he time. I’ve learned to never get caught in the acidic rain in Korean, never even maybe bump my head in Korea and now, never trip--you’ll never know where you land!

Zombie: I like that Jae Hwan is totally cool with Do Hee just being Do Hee. He doesn’t care that she’s got pictures of food all over her room, or a row of wigs or an octopus hat (which I still want, btw). He just goes about his business and lets her go about hers. I love that he’s so comfortable around her he’s cool with falling asleep in her room but I love even more that they’ve already had a “moment”. Eeep! I’m super excited to see where things go with these two. I’m expecting good things.

Sage: It was kind of weird though, when Jae Hwan found Do Hee’s business card and he fell on top of her in that very k-drama way, her hat got in the way. Which made the scene less than shocking or sexy. I would’ve been totally swooning if that hat wasn’t there though.

Zombie: I swooned anyway. Hat and all. Really, the only two that didn’t have me swooning this week were Bang In and Hyun Young. Seriously, Bang In needs to just stop with the torturing of Hyun Young. Maybe he doesn’t like her that much but that doesn’t give him the right to make her life miserable. He totally deserved to be slapped with those pancakes.

Aunnie: Bang In is a jerk and I’m glad to see he’s going to get his own story arc next episode but other than that, the man is insane. His face when he was blowing up Materialistic girl’s world was downright demented.

Sage: Bang In is creepy. And very mean, which is why in the beginning I said that he was DTB’s son because he’s creepy too. He just totally ruined everything Hyun Young had going on, which leads me to believe there is a possible pairing. Also, did anybody else find it weird that Jae Hwan just so happened to run into Hyun Young before she got her surgery and she was being picked on?

Aunnie: I watched that scene and literally went “Huh . . . I wonder when that’ll become relevant” because as it stood in this episode, it was a pretty weird and randomly placed scene. I half expected Jae Hwan walk back into the scene and stop the bullying but he never did. I honestly have no interest in Bang In’s love life--that may and probably will change BUT as of now, he’s just a douche that needs to be taken down about 8 pegs and to realize that purposefully hurting people’s feelings is Not.Cool.

Zombie: I have a feeling all of these boarders are going to be connected in some way before the end and I’m pretty interested to see how this plays out. Will their connections have some significance in the final outcome of this story? I don’t know but I think it’ll be fun to watch and find out.

Aunnie: I was happy to see Material Girl got some action--albeit, a little sad action--this week. However, she still annoys me but now I know why she is the way she is so it goes a long way in salvaging her character.

Sage: It’s understandable why she does it, but her “friends” weren’t worth it. They spit on her shoes and they know she’s broke even if they don’t say it! Not cool, boo boo.

Aunnie: Her friends, at least to me, were a lot like her. In the sense that they’re all materialistic but it helps knowing that she’s not really materialistic, but she’s just after what those materials will bring her--respect. And absolutely agree, her friends were not worth it. If, after I’d fixed my teeth, I would have ditched those girls as soon as possible.

Zombie: I’m pretty sure those “friends” are the same ones who were picking on her in that flashback. Hyun Young would do well to realize those girls aren’t friends and they’re so not worth her time.

Sage: I figured the same thing, Zombie. They were using her in the past and they are using her now. I’m glad, though, that in this episode I have more to say about her than she just likes to spend her tuition on expensive bags.

Zombie: Hyun Young is slowly growing on me but she still has a long way to go before I can bring myself to cheer for her. Maybe once she grows a brain and stops trying to fit in with a crowd that’s so not worth her time, I might support her but until then, I’m not going to concern myself too much with what happens to her.

So what are your thoughts on this week's episode of Boarding House No. 24? Did you have as much fun on Dong Joon and Sa Eun's date as they did? Was that kiss not one of the best ever? Are you finding Do Hee and Jae Hwan as adorable as we are or would you rather see these boarders coupling up in different ways? What about DTB? Is he really as creepy as Zombie thinks he is? We'd love to know what you're thinking so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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