Sage: This week's episode of Boarding House No. 24 was all about relationships. Relationships coming together and relationships officially breaking apart (maybe). We learn a lot about our mystery girl Min Do Hee and why she is so afraid of people. And Li Bang In gets a girlfriend whom he is terrified of and may or may not be his cousin (awkward). Join Zombie, Aunnie and myself as we dance around in backward bear costumes to Tiny G.

Aunnie: I have mentioned that since last week I've come to really like Bang In’s character--aside from the fact that he was a complete knucklehead last episode. His over-the-top acting, for whatever reason, makes me laugh. You never quite know what you’re going to get out of him so it makes his unpredictability funny.

Zombie: Oh gosh! The bear suit was so embarrassing! And how the heck does Bang In go from getting the crap beaten out of him to ending up with the scariest “girlfriend” on the face of the planet?

Sage: It’s a mystery to us all. I mean, give him a break, he didn’t know it was on backwards

Zombie: I kind of have to wonder about that, really. I mean, how could you not know that suit was on backwards? Isn’t it kind of obvious? Tails usually go in the back. Just saying…

Sage: Not when you’re a guy. LOL. Speaking of guys, in the beginning of this episode, Jae Hwan was being a bit selfish. I was thoroughly annoyed with how he wasn’t considering Do Hee’s feelings and why she wouldn’t/couldn’t go to his work function with him.

Aunnie: Not gonna lie, that irked me too. She seemed so vehement at first that even I took pause and said “Hmm . . . why?”

Zombie: I understood his desperation, after all his job was on the line, but you’re right, he wasn’t being very nice. However, his jerk-face mode totally switched to knight in shining armor when he realized Do Hee was in trouble and I just loved that! These two have totally won the #1 spot in my heart, they’re just adorable!

Sage: I know, right! They were just too adorable! It seems like piggy back rides aren’t just for drunken mishaps. I honestly thought he was really going to kidnap her and take her to the function. I was like, really? But then I like how they twisted it-- it put my faith back into Ken’s character (and was it just me, but he was really good at playing a jerk?!). The whole box-tv thing was very creative. It gets very tiring trying to hold up a cell phone.

Aunnie: I like all of those scenes. It says a lot for their connection; he was completely okay with bashing her recluse-party and getting into her business and while it bothered her, she wasn’t really putting up a fight towards getting him out of the room. She’s agoraphobic but comfortable around him . . . ? That’s pretty astounding.

Zombie: For a second there, I was afraid that Jae Hwan really had broken into Do Hee’s room just to drag her off to his work event but as soon as it was revealed that he was actually carrying her to the hospital, all sins were forgiven. He’s suddenly the hero and I just loved the way Do Hee looked at him when he brought her that newspaper hat to wear home. He’s such a sweetie and Do Hee’s smitten. Hooray!

Sage: I like that she was actually able to look at him when she can’t look at anybody else. That’s sarang if i’ve ever seen it.

Aunnie: I definitely had a swoop of feels in their moments towards the end of the drama (post-sickness, I mean.)

Zombie: Yes, I like that too. A whole lot actually, but I’m trying really hard not to let my Do Hee/Jae Hwan feels get the better of me. So let’s talk about Dong Joon and Sa Eun’s breakup for a bit, shall we?

Sage: Let’s! I thought it was a bit weird how they showed him walking around all solemn in the beginning. But then when they went back and showed those exact scenes over again with how he really reacted (with seeing those couples breaking up over and over again) it was hilarious. He literally can’t look at rope or anything resembling it without wanting to bite it.

Aunnie: Really? I thought those beginning scenes were hilarious mainly for the fact that he kept seeing this couple fighting but when they went and showed the flashbacks, those scenes were even more funny.

Zombie: I really feel bad for Dong Joon. I know he and Sa Eun only went on one date but he obviously fell hard for that girl and I really admire him for trying to handle this breakup well, even if he failed miserably.

Aunnie: I think it’s more sad because we thought he was going to be a tool in the beginning and he turned out to be this great guy who can kiss extremely . . . well . . . I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?

Sage: It is sad. Who would’ve thought he’d be so hopelessly romantic? I still hope that he and Sa Eun can reconcile. We’ll ignore the fact that he attacked Bang In’s mesh underwear while they were still on him.

Zombie: I think it’s just best if we ignore the fact that Bang In bought mesh underwear in the first place. Ick! I really do hope the two of them can reconcile in the very near future because I’m convinced they’re perfect for each other but what do I know?

Sage: Maybe he’ll get a girlfriend, making Sa Eun all jealous and realize that she really did like him and not just for his “money”. I can only hope his girlfriend (if he gets one) isn’t anything like Park Sam (Bang In’s cousin/gf).

Zombie: Oh my word! That girl is downright terrifying!

Sage: She actually had Hyun Young rubbing her shoulders! I couldn’t believe it. And the way she kept on popping up after they tried to throw her in that cab?! That is downright impossible (it makes me wonder if she has an artifact).

Zombie: She has to have something, that’s for sure. I was beginning to wonder if she didn’t have clones of herself hiding everywhere or something. She’s just creepy! (Kinda like her uncle… Go figure!)

Aunnie: You know . . . so is Bang In, you may be on to something there Zombie BUT with the fact that the next episode seems to really shine a light on DTB and Bang In’s relationship so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t the DTB’s kid.

Sage: I was thinking the same thing too! (Which kind of puts a bummer on my whole theory)And when she was fighting him she got straight-up ratched. Throwing dirt and going straight for the goods is not a nice thing to do (especially when he was so positive he would win based on his “20 years of experience”.)

Zombie: Well she’s obviously not a nice person, so what do you expect? I’d be really happy if she never showed up again but I’m afraid that’s not actually going to happen. She’s far too obsessed with torturing Bang In to let him go that easily. For once I was cheering for Kwang Kyu, just so I wouldn’t have to put up with any more of Sam.

Sage: I was too but he didn’t even get to defend himself good. Though it was highly entertaining when the “fight” was over and he told Bang In to figure it out by himself (paraphrasing). Bang In’s face was one of pure terror.

Zombie: Oh golly! I felt so bad for Bang In at that moment. He’d put all his faith in Kwang Kyu and all he got was a whole lot of nothing. Poor kid!

Aunnie: And to think it all started because he didn’t have the common sense to check the label on the costume, His dancing in that scene was pretty funny.

Sage: And for somebody he claims is his son in the next episode. Tsk. Tsk.

So, Boarders, what do you think of this week's episode? Was Bang In's girlfriend as scary/annoying to you as she was to us? What do you think of the relationship developing between Jae Hwan and Do Hee? How are your feelings on how Dong Joon recovered from his break up with Sa Eun? Based on the preview, do you really think Bang In is Kwang Kyu's son? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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