Happy Friday Boarders, that means we've got a whole new recap for you, and let's just say this episode was . . . kind of unexpected. We saw some new relationships being forged, others being tested, and we've managed to remove one person from the list of possible children. Join Sage, Zombie and I as we discuss the topsy-turvy episode of Boarding House No. 24!

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Speaking of relationships being forged, how about that friendship between Sa Eun and Hyun Young? You know . . .before Hyun Young overstepped her bounds!

Sage: Those two are like those friends that start simply because they hate the same things. They are similar in their love for expensive things, whether it be a man or a bag. It was an unexpected friendship that I actually really liked.

Zombie: I thought Sa Eun and Hyun Young were pretty great together, at least while they were carrying on their friendly banter. I liked watching Sa Eun give Hyun Young crap for fishing for a compliment and I thought they were hilarious!

Aunnie: Hyun Young fishing for compliments that Sa Eun had no intention of giving, I silently cheer that Sa Eun shot her down. I feel like at the start of every episode I’m waiting for Hyun Young to give me a reason to like her and she fails every time.

Sage: I hope that Sa Eun realizes that she likes Dong Joon despite his lack of money and that’s why she got so angry over seeing him with Do Hee.

Zombie: I also think it’s good that by bashing Dong Joon, Hyun Young was able to help Sa Eun realize she feels more for that boy than she’s willing to admit. 

Aunnie: Agreed. I very much liked that Sa Eun got offended by Hyun Young for two reasons; 1) Hyun Young needs to Grow.The.Hell.Up., and 2) like you said, it made Sa Eun sit back and take responsibility for her feelings for Dong Joon. 

How about the friendship that budded between Dong Joon and Do Hee? That was quite unexpected! That last scene between Dong Joon and Do Hee and coming home completely obliterated -- just in time to be caught arm-in-arm by their respective love interests. How do you think they will react?

 Zombie: Ugh! That final scene hurt, like a knife in the heart, and I’m really not looking forward to what happens next for these four. I’m afraid these next few episodes are going to be rather painful as misunderstandings get blown out of proportion and feelings get hurt

Sage: I was just so glad to see Sa Eun had feelings and wasn’t just a robot out for money. 

Aunnie: I’m glad that Sa Eun's first reaction to seeing them was anger. That means she feels a sense of ownership--not in the controlling, creepy way, if you know what I mean. And as cute as Do Hee and Dong Joon make as friends, that’s about as far as I want them to go so fingers-crossed that they don’t have feelings for each other after this. I was worried about an SLS especially "Falling in Love" was on her Bucket List. 

Sage:  I think Dong Joon and Do hee are too cute together as eating and eaing buddies (먹친). She was actually able to look at people and go out without a hat on, while I feel like Jae Hwa would’ve just kept her up in the room all her life.

Aunnie: This scene was easier to take--simply because they didn’t kiss. I thought for sure, as they were lying under the stars and Dong Joon turned towards Do Hee, I thought that he would kiss her. However, the look on Ken’s face when he sees them . . . it’s like his heart was crushed.

 Zombie: It’s not that I don’t like Dong Joon and Do Hee together, because they were really stinking adorable this week, but I’ve already got my heart set on Do Hee and Jae Hwa being together and Dong Joon and Sa Eun being together and I really don’t want anyone messing with that! I know, I’m selfish. What can I say? When I ship a couple, I ship them until the end.

Speaking of Dong Joon, how about his history? He was Soccer Pro material before getting injured. He’s not quite the mindless jock we thought he was in the beginning; how does this new development change your opinion of him? 

 Aunnie:  In every episode, I feel more and more bad for this kid. I can't even call him a troll in my head anymore because that seems too mean. I couldn't imagine having to give up on a dream like that! 

Zombie: My opinion of him doesn’t really change much. Maybe he was once pro material but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a bum now. I know for a fact there are about a zillion other occupations a person can have, when soccer doesn’t work out. Maybe he should try becoming an idol or something. (Yes, I just went there.) 

Sage: Idol Dong Joon! I actually think he would be really good at that for some reason, it’s the craziest thing . . . Anywho, the fact that he almost went pro does explain why he’s obsessed with working out. I liked Dong Joon in the beginning despite the fact that he is a little air-headed (eating Do Hee’s candy and lighting her lucky tree on fire was pretty idiotic), so the fact that he was pro-status doesn’t change that.

Zombie: Of course, just because he’s a bum doesn’t mean I don’t like him. He’s actually the most adorable bum I’ve ever seen, but he needs to get over his “woe is me, my life’s a mess because I was treated unfairly” nonsense and get on with his life.

Sage: I agree with Zombie on him finding something else better to do now that he can’t play soccer. If being an idol really is out of the question, I think he would be an ace personal trainer.

Aunnie: Wasn't he going to become a security at the hospital that Jae Hwa's father runs? Also, I'm curious as to why Jae Hwa and Dong Joon don't acknowledge each other . . . they have to know each other! Oh man . . . and Jae Hwa's love interest just walked right back into the house arm-in-arm with Dong Joon . . . 

The biggest thing we can take from this episode, you know besides the love rectangle we were given at the end, is the fact that Bang In is officially excluded from the running of DTB’s offspring pool. Bang In’s decision to lie--is it true that the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

 Zombie: There were no good intentions when Bang In decided to lie about being the son. He was in it purely for selfish, though totally understandable, reasons. Sam is terrifying and I don’t blame Bang In for wanting to do whatever he could to get away from her because I’d probably do the same thing.

Sage: That’s Kim Bang Kwang to you, Zombie. And don’t you forget it. I’m a little bummed that I was wrong in my guess as to who his child could be. Even though I do believe lying is wrong through and through, I can totally see why he did it. I feel he got what was coming to him in the end when he had to smash lips with Sam.

Aunnie: Yeah . . . I don't even feel that bad for him. I thought his intro into the show was hilarious and initially I liked him but now I'm just waiting for him to get a bit deeper. I'm starting to think he's not going to be any deeper than that of a kiddo pool. That being said, totally--totally--understand why he lied. 

Zombie: I will say that I’m impressed by the fact that Bang In let his conscious win out in the end and that he finally fessed up to DTB. I just wish he’d done that sooner because every one of those father/son scenes sent shivers down my spine. Ugh! Even now, just thinking about them, they give me the creeps! 

Aunnie: Haha, I knew it would. I was watching it thinking "I bet Zombie just loves this!" It had me saying "What the . . . " too. 

Sage: I also feel like he will do fairly well as Kwang Kyu’s accomplice in finding his real son or daughter.

So who's next in line for the highest probable candidate for being DTB's kid? More importantly, will Bang In be able to keep his mouth shut about what he knows? How do you think Sa Eun and Jae Hwa will react to seeing their love interests in each other's arms?  Is Zombie right, are we in for a painful next episode? Let us know in the comments below and come back next week for Episode 6 of Boarding House No. 24. Have a good weekend Boarders!

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