Zombie: So this week was full of suspicions and jealousy and a spontaneous group outing that was kinda weird yet it somehow still managed to shed some light on the “who’s my kid” mystery and gave some of our boarders the chance to reveal their true feelings. I’d say, all in all, this was a pretty productive episode of Boarding House No. 24.

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Sage: Last week I totally thought Hyun Young was his daughter. It seems like every person i guess to be his offspring they manage to prove me wrong on. Now I am going to have to make a completely new guess. Besides that, I totally enjoyed this episode seeing Dong Joon get in the way of Jae Hwan’s advancements like that was hilarious. Also, Kwang Kyu’s and Bang In’s suspicious behavior was a little over the top. Having him dress up as a girl was just plain weird. I realize a lot of kpop guys can get away with doing that but Hyun Tae is not one of them. But, like I said he was very helpful when it came to Kwang Kyu’s mission to finding his real offspring.

Aunnie: I’m glad we’re making a little headway on figuring out who are potential offspring for our DTB however, watching DTB and Bang In interact this entire episode makes me kind of wish Bang In hadn’t been taken out of the running because they are so alike! As much as I like Dong Joon, and I do, I do not approve of this SLS path they’ve given him. Hopefully it won’t last more than a couple episodes before Sa Eun and Dong Joon wise up and realize their destiny’s!

Zombie: I don’t really get why Bang In had to dress up like a girl in the beginning of this episode… Was there a point to it beside the writers just trying to be funny? I think it was so they could meet in secret and discuss their plans but really? They couldn’t just meet at a coffee shop or something normal like that? I guess nothing Kwang Kyu decides to do will ever be normal so I’m just gonna have to deal with the weird and move on. I did like how Sam finally calmed herself a bit this week. I guess someone decided that if she’s going to stick around, she’s going to have to be a likable character, otherwise we’re all going to start chucking our computers out the window, every time she shows up.

Aunnie: Agreed! I liked this side of her personality. She’s still overbearing but it’s almost endearing now. I loved the scene where Sa Eun is about to threaten Bang In but Sam put an immediate end to it and then Bang In scooted closer to her for protection. Maybe there is hope for them yet!

Sage: She was very calm this week. So calm, that when I first saw her I almost didn’t recognize her. I thought, “Who is the new girl?” That is until she grabbed Bang In and dragged him away. Speaking of out of character, Sa Eun was also acting very weird this week. Her jealousy so was so apparent with the way she was dressing and whatnot, but I still felt really bad for her with the sweat stains. Though, I don’t really understand why it’s that big of a deal. It’s natural to sweat. Also, Dong Joon didn’t even seem to recognize what she was doing. So, it was all for nothing but her own embarrassment.

Zombie: I don’t think Dong Joon had a clue that Sa Eun was trying to impress him. She went about it all the wrong way and came off as weird and stuck-up. If you’re going to try to impress a guy, you should at least make sure he’s paying attention to you first and I’m sorry to say but dressing up the way Sa Eun did, didn’t catch his eye in the least. She should already know what Dong Joon is interested in and she would have been better off just wearing that track suit the entire time and spending her time innocently flirting than trying to dress like an heiress and singing opera.

Aunnie: Agreed. Sa Eun kind of annoyed me this week. She was going waaaaay out of her way to impress someone who could care less about being impressed. That glitter skirt . . .dress . . .thingy was just ridiculous. Why would you wear that to an outing? Why would you even pack it?

Sage: But the butt thing was funny though. It seems like Bang In is always ruining people’s moments though. What with the way he was picking on Hyun Young and now Sa Eun. You know who else I felt bad for this episode? Jae Hwan. He was trying so hard (in a different way from Sa Eun, but almost just as bad) to get next to Do Hee and nothing seemed to work. It was hilarious the way they looked at each other in the bathroom while they were peeing, but him wiping his hands on him was disgusting. Even with all of that, I do have to say Dong Joon and Do Hee were adorable together. Them sleeping with their heads together was too cute.

Aunnie: I had a mild heart attack during the bathroom scene between the boys. I’m a germaphobe so the very idea that someone would wipe their pee-tained hands on my shirt is completely deserving for a butt whooping!

Zombie: At least Jae Hwan’s failure had more to do with Dong Joon getting in the way and Do Hee being too shy to say anything, than his own foolishness. He did try (repeatedly) to get next to Do Hee on the way to the campground and he did try to spend time with her but Dong Joon keeps messing things up. I know it’s because he thinks Jae Hwan is harassing Do Hee but it’s still kind of annoying. It’s not that I don’t like Dong Joon and Do Hee together, because I do, but only as friends.

Aunnie: This is one of those times that I just wish Kdrama characters would remember to use.their.words. rather than waiting for an opportunity to present itself. I kept hoping Jae Hwan would just burst out that he liked Do Hee however, in hindsight, probably know the best course of action considering she’s an agoraphobic.

Sage: I was doing the same thing!I can tell you this, I did not expect the love triangle to be between Dong Joon, Do Hee, and Jae Hwan. But I do like Dong Joon and Do Hee as friends, they have so much chemistry it almost seems as though it comes naturally to them. Also, you can tell Dong Joon doesn’t dislike Jae Hwan despite him getting in the way and thinking he was harassing Do Hee. It was very nice of him to bring him into the tent after he got drunk like that. Though, I could’ve done without him smelling Kwang Kyu’s dirty underwear and then putting them on him after he thought he peed on himself.

Aunnie: I honestly couldn’t figure out what the point was of smelling someone else's underwear--whether they were clean or dirty. Why would you not take the time to find his bag??

Zombie: Yeah, that’s just gross! At least Jae Hwan has the good sense to change back into his own clothes before he went after Do Hee. Speaking of which, that was my favorite part of this entire episode… That one brief moment where Jae Hwan and Do Hee finally got to be together and they finally got all of their misunderstandings straightened out and they finally got to demonstrate their feelings to the other. Hooray! I absolutely love that Do Hee had the courage to give Jae Hwan her lucky bracelet and I loved that he gave her his sweater and I loved that they walked off screen, being the most adorable semi-almost-couple in the history of Drama Land. Well, pretty darn close anyway.

Sage: That was adorable. I see that Do Hee has become a lot more outspoken and outgoing than she was in the beginning. I like that. I just couldn’t help but feel bad for Dong Joon. I had no idea he liked her that much and like that. The way he looked at them in the end was so sad.

Aunnie: Usually in Kdramas, I get annoyed with the female characters that “don't know” they’re liked by multiple people but in this case, it’s totally understandable that she doesn’t realize that Dong Joon likes her because she hasn’t the experience to know what that would be like. In one sense, I like that Dong Joon is her eating-friend and Lord knows she needs protection but I don’t like the fact that Dong Joon is a SLS because, well, it wasn’t needed as a plot development. Why do writers always feel the need to put an SLS in their story?

Zombie: I’m not too worried about Dong Joon, he has Sa Eun after all. He just doesn’t realize it yet.

Sage: I wonder if he is going to be too hung up on Do Hee to even realize Sa Eun’s subconscious advances. You know what they really need? Heart rocks. Those seem to mend relationships perfectly.

Aunnie: I think Sa Eun needs to do what she’s best at . . .being blunt, and honest and saying “Dong Joon, you’re my style” and kissing him silly. I could stand to see them kiss again . . . I mean . . . I wouldn’t turn away the screen or anything. 

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