Sage: This week’s episode of Boarding House no. 24 had an insane amount of ‘헐’ moments followed by ‘오모’ and ‘오 마이 갓’ which then gets pursued by a resounding ‘ 아이고 진짜?!” and ‘어떻게?!” Only for that to happen all over again. Do Hee and Dong Joon get really close, right before we find out about the reason behind Do Hee’s Illness while she’s on a date with Jae Hwan. And Bang In and Hyun Young get ousted by Kwang Kyu right before they sleep together in their drunken sadness. Join Aunnie, Zombie, and myself as we attempt to salvage a burnt lucky wood piece.

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Aunnie: It was quite the episode, wasn’t it? I’m not sure what surprised me more, the fact that Bang In and Young Hyun slept together or the fact that Daddy-To-Be was an absolute jerk in this episode.

Zombie: Are you really surprised that this drama’s worst character proved himself to be this drama’s worst character? Kwang Kyu has proven himself to be a creeper from the very beginning so it only stands to reason that his putzyness would only get worse as this show moves on.

Aunnie: Creeper is one thing, but ultimate jerk-face is another.

Sage: Kwang Kyu was very devious this episode! He kept telling them that he wasn’t doing it to spite them, but I knew he was. He made them feel all bad only for them to have been right in the first place. That is not cool. As for Bang In and Hyun Young, I knew they were going to end up together sooner or later, I just had no idea that he would lose his virginity to her.

Zombie: Again, when a character is as unlikable as Kwang Kyu, you know he’s going to be unlikable throughout. Sorry but we all know how I’ve felt about this guy from the very beginning, at least now I’m justified in my dislike.

Aunnie: I was just beginning to warm up to Sam so I’m kinda sad to see that she’s not going to be Bang In’s secret destiny.

Sage: Sam was getting to be pretty cool. That is until I found out she was two-timing him to begin with. Her having Sa Eun play her mother was hilarious, though. Their friendship is another one that was unexpected.

Aunnie: I loved that scene. Sa Eun adapted so quickly to playing mother and her quick fire reactions were hysterical. From crying to indignant in a matter of seconds is a hard thing to pull off.

Sage: Not so much when you’re lying to begin with.

Aunnie: Speaking of people who I wish would be in a polyamorous relationship . . . too bad menage-et-trois are so frowned upon because I can’t tell who is better for Do Hee--Jae Hwan or Dong Joon. They both had their moments of complete, awesome, sweetness . . . Sa Eun better step up her game if she wants to win Dong Joon back (not that she’s realized that quite yet).

Zombie: Dong Joon is absolutely adorable and I love that he’s voluntarily taking on the role of friend, rather than setting himself up as a rival to Jae Hwan. He managed to get a confession out of Do Hee and as such, he’s choosing to remain by her side as a friend, rather than trying to force his way into something more. He’s such a sweet gentleman and I’ll be the first to admit that he made my heart flutter first, when he stepped in, after Do Hee and Jae Hwan left, to beat the crap out of that hoser and second, when he conceded the role of Do Hee’s protector to Jae Hwan. Dong Joon has made it impossible for me to not love him, I just can’t ship him with Do Hee. I still believe he’s meant to be with Sa Eun but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Sage: I was very impressed he was able to get her to admit to liking Jae Hwan. But then I started to feel bad for Dong joon, because he liked her just as much as he did, yet it is unrequited. I mean, the girl is completely oblivious to Dong Joon’s feelings. But, I guess that is to be expected out of someone who has been locked up in her room for so long.

Aunnie: That was my reaction at first, as well . . . until the preview. I hope Dong Joon stays on as friend. I was relieved when I realized he wasn’t playing SLS (at least not yet, anyway). Honestly, the part that made my heart flutter was the moment he pulled off the mask and you saw that the hoser got at least a punch or two in. It wasn’t so much that he got beat up that did it, but the fact that he wanted to hide his face from her rather than make her feel worse about the whole situation.

Sage: I personally loved it when he took her out on a ‘date’. It was bittersweet, though because she kept on imagining him to be Jae Hwan. But my heart felt for him when he pulled off his Iron Man mask and he was all beat up. I’ve always liked Dong Joon, but him stepping up like that made me like him even more. You know what’s odd, how Do Hee came to be agoraphobic in the first place. It was no where near what I thought it was going to be like.

Aunnie: I’m please to see that the story line is twisting so that it appears as if Bang In and Do Hee are having an affair--as weird as that sounds--because I want Do Hee to become stronger and to fight back this time rather than being the victim like she was in the past. I’ll be cheering for her in the next episode. The way she talked back to Sam--even though Sam is downright terrifying sometimes--it made me a permanent Do Hee cheerleader.

Sage: We’ll see how that ends next week, now won’t we? They keep pairing Do Hee with so many people, who do you guys think she is going to end up with?

Aunnie: I think Jae Hwan is destined to be Do Hee’s other half because Sa Eun is going to wake up and smell the testosterone coming off of Dong Joon.

Sage: Sa Eun is being stubborn. What with her conversation with Sam, you would think she would’ve changed her mind.

Aunnie: I think she did, she just doesn’t want to swallow that horse pill because then it would mean admitting she was wrong, or maybe even shallow.

Sage: I think she knows she’s shallow, and has maybe even come to like her shallowness. I think that’s why she’s so confused when it comes to Dong Joon.

Zombie: I’m going with Jae Hwan because I refuse to even consider other possibilities. Jae Hwan is my absolute favorite Do Hee ship and my favorite character in general so there’s no way I’m even going to consider anyone other than him ending up with Do Hee, who, for the record, is my second favorite character.

Aunnie: What about our guestimations on who the real kid is? After this episode, I’m hoping that one of them of are his kids. Haha, but my thoughts are still on Dong Joon.

Sage: Now that Hyun Young and Bang In are out of the question, I am going to guess either Sa Eun or Dong Joon. It would be hilariously annoying if none of them were his kids to begin with.

Zombie: I’m going to be the odd duck here and hope that none of these kids are Kwang Kyu’s offspring. Sorry, but I love the boarders way too much to see them stuck with the likes of creeper jerk-face for the rest of forever.

Sage: I hear you there.

How many of you guys have done this while out on a date?

Who else was just as shocked by this week's episode as we were? So much happened that we were unable to even talk about it all in this one post! What are your thoughts on the relationship between Dong Joon and Do Hee? When will Sa Eun realize her true feelings for Dong Joon? And how is Sam going to react when she finds about Hyun Young and Bang In hooking up? Tell us your thoughts below!

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