Welcome back, Boarders, and on this week's Boarding House No. 24, it was all about misunderstandings, misjudgments, well . . . let's just say a lot of mistakes were made all around. Join Zombie Momma, Aunnie, and Sage as we discuss the turbulent characters of Boarding House and why this episode was one to remember.

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So have we decided it’s sibling-like rivalry between Dong Joon and Jae Hwan or are they just purely frenemies? 

Aunnie: I’m going with sibling rivalry because although it’s pretty clear that Dong Joon likes Do Hee, I think those feelings are left over feelings from Sa Eun and he just wants to be in a relationship with someone who likes him--which is Sa Eun, he just doesn’t know that yet.

Sage: I feel like they [Jae Hwan/Dong Joon] could/would be great friends if it weren’t for Do Hee. Maybe when Sa Eun and him get back together they could show brotherly love.

Zombie: I’m gonna go with frenemies. I think Dong Joon is definitely jealous that Jae Hwan is the man Do Hee has chosen and I think it really bothers him that Jae Hwan is such a great guy. 

Sage: I think that Dong Joon is jealous of Jae Hwan too.

Aunnie: I think he’s more jealous of the fact that Jae Hwan has someone, and not because that someone is Do Hee. I hope. That’s how much I hate SLS’.

Zombie: Dong Joon keeps trying to find ways to discredit Jae Hwan and make him look like a bad guy, or a “robot”, as the case may be (and yes, that absolutely kills me, and all you Starlights know why) but the harder he tries, the better Jae Hwan ends up looking.

 Aunnie: I love the Ken-Cyborg references in light of Vixx’s “Error”--they've done it several times already--it also makes me wonder about the Chicago hat considering Vixx's U.S. concert locations. 

Sage: I know, it’s like easy advertising. What was hilarious to me was the way that Dong Joon kept saying he would never ask for Jae Hwan’s help and then asked for it every time. 

Aunnie: Agreed! The Bathroom scene, that is the worst but all of it cracked me up and it also made me wonder . . . who is older. The way Jae Hwan just easily, even if it was begrudgingly, helped him each time made me think Jae Hwan is actually older. He sure acts it.

Zombie: Well if you’re asking about the age of the actors, Dong Joon is older but only by a couple of months. As far as characters in this show, I’m not really sure.

Sage: I thought they were all born the same year, which is why they were there. Except for Bang In. Speaking of which, I totally guessed right regarding who Kwang Kyu’s offspring was.

Aunnie: Sage, stop being so logical, you make me look stupid. Hahaha

Sage: . . . We’ll just act like it never happened. 

Aunnie: Just like a good Maknae. Haha So should we update our guesses on who is the Creeper Spawn? Although, it seemed pretty obvious who the show wants us to believe is DTB's kid.

Zombie: I’m not sure I’m ready to call it, when it comes to Kwang Kyu’s offspring, just yet. We’ve still got a few episodes left and anything can happen between now and then.

Aunnie: I feel the exact same way. I think it’s almost too coincidental for Sa Eun to suddenly find this piece of damning evidence. My money is still on Dong Joon and by money, I mean the few pennies I’ve got in my pocket. Haha Can you see my confidence level on this subject?

Sage: Oh god, I can’t be wrong again. I’m running out of boarders.

Aunnie: You know . . .we could all be wrong, and NONE of them are his children . . .

Zombie: Hey, that’s what I’ve been hoping for since the very beginning! I don’t wish that creeper on any of these boarders!

Aunnie: Somehow I knew you'd say that. Haha SPEAKING of people being related to the creeper . . .have we changed our thoughts on the Sam/Bang In relationship.

Zombie: I’m actually really happy with this developing relationship. [Bang In & Hyun Young] I’ve always had a feeling these two would get together, I just didn’t see how it was going to be possible. Now that they’ve been ostracized by Creeper, that put them on common ground and apparently they’ve got quite a bit of chemistry as well.

Sage: Sam was creepy in the beginning of this episode, but I can understand her mistrust. It’s not okay to cheat, but then I can understand why Bang In did it. Him waking up in the bed with Hyun Young again the next day was hilarious.

Aunnie: Well . . this is awkward. I’m now the only person standing squarely in the corner of Sam and Bang In having babies of wonderful delight. As hysterical as it was with them showing up in bed the next morning, I didn’t feel like Sam deserved that--as horrible as she can be at times. I really like her character. 

Sage: Sam is very entertaining to watch. And I am not an advocate for cheating so I do feel bad that she is getting cheated on, but she should be nicer to Bang In.

Zombie: I’m not going to be an advocate for cheating either but I don’t really see Bang In and Sam’s relationship as an actual relationship. When you force yourself on an unwilling partner, it’s not really a relationship and Bang In has been trying to find a way to make Sam see he doesn’t like her from the very beginning.

Aunnie: I can see that, their relationship has been pretty rough thus far but I’m mostly basing my answer off the fact that she chose “love” over money in the last episode and to me that’s pretty awesome of her.

Sage: Can’t we have love and money? Speaking of which, Sa Eun can’t get married to that other guy. It would be stupid of her!

Aunnie: Once she lets it slip to the rest of the group, Dong Joon will pick up his big boy panties, realize Do Hee is TOTALLY the one for Jae Hwan and he’ll scoop up Sa Eun and whisk her away to a cave in the forest and feed her nuts and berries until Stockholm syndrome kicks in. That’s happily ever after . . . right? 

Sage: Love is all about eating nuts and berries in the forest (preferably naked, but that's up to you). You hit the nail straight on the head (especially with the thing about Stockholm syndrome, let's just hope it kicks in before the drama turns sour). I just wish Dong Joon could also realize that he still has feelings for Sa Eun.

Zombie: I’m pretty sure Sa Eun is going to see the error of her ways before it’s all said and done. She’s got that pesky Dong Joon tugging on her heartstrings and he’s not one to be easily ignored. I have a feeling it’s all going to work out between those two before the 

Aunnie: Just had to sneak that 'error' in there, didn't you? >*< Haha! Also, why are there no flashbacks to that kiss, I just realized? That was a spectacular kiss!

Zombie: Kiss? Kiss? Do we finally get to talk about that kiss? Oh wait, were you referring to that soccer net kiss? Dang it! I wanted to squee over this week’s kiss!

Aunnie: Haha, we’ll get there, we’ll get there.

Sage: I, personally, think there should be more kisses all around. Everybody should just stop and kiss. Is that hippie of me, or what?

 Aunnie: Anyone who has watched Kdramas will say there needs to be more kisses all around. And Some . . . should just be scrubbed from the archives.

*cough* ahem *cough*

Sage: Oh gosh that kiss was terrible. (Forgive Me)

Zombie: Please don’t get me started on the awfulness of the kisses in that drama! Let’s move on to happier places and better kisses. Like the one today! Please! Please! Please! It was such a great kiss! So sweet. So tender. So passionate. So perfect. Oh my gosh! 

Aunnie: Like Jae Hwan kissing Do hee? 

Sage: Is it me, or did Jae Hwan kiss like it was not his first time? He was supposed to a dating virgin. I am thoroughly unconvinced.

Aunnie: *laughs uncontrollably*

Zombie: All I can say is, the girl who gets to wake up to kisses like that every day is going to be one lucky lady. Whew!

Sage: Lets get another kiss between Dong Joon and Sa Eun and Do Hee and Jae Hwan then who cares if Kwang Kyu doesn’t find his long lost son or daughter.

Aunnie: I have the urge to create a poll asking which kiss is better--the kiss between Dong Joon and Sa Eun or the kiss between Jae Hwan and Do Hee! Someone . . .create this now!

Sage: I know right? Can I say, I loved the way Do Hee got over her past with the butthole from her old office. Not only that but it was super romantic the way that Jae Hwan was trying to get him fired.

Aunnie: I’ll be excited when we see a more outgoing Do Hee! I mean, she was agoraphobic when we met her and fell in love with her character and now she’s going to go back out into the world. Good writing, Kdrama writers!

Zombie: Jae Hwan’s a doll and I’m so happy Do Hee found a way to get over her fears and on with her life. Well, I’m not sure she’s moved on just yet but she’s certainly made a new start and I’m really excited to see where her story goes.

Sage: It would be weird if she got over it completely and that quickly, especially since it was so intense right before that.

Aunnie: It wouldn’t be too far-fetched of this show to do it that way though.

Well Boarders, what did you think of this episode? Love lines have been clearly drawn and set in stone-ish. Do Hee has finally been able to overcome her past, Bang In and Hyun Young have found solace in each other and we're one step closer to figure out who the mysterious Creeper Spawn is! Do you think it's Sa Eun? Do you think Dong Joon will come to his senses and try to win Sa Eun back? But the big question is . . . what kiss was better? Let us know in your comments and don't forget to share this page! We'll see you next week!

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