A devious ghost, feisty women, sneaky plots and a man who's cold enough to get his own winter storm name, collide in Bride of the Century. Join us, Taleena, Firnlambe, and Wendilynn, as we dive head first into this delicious drama.

Hello! Firnlambe here ^-^ And hopefully you all are as pumped up and ready to dive right into things with Lee Hong Ki's return to the small screen as the three of us here at the Bride of the Century Drama Club are.

Taleena: I love the KDrama version of the rags to riches story: poor girl knows the value of work and virtue, meets rich man defensive to the world, love ensues. Throw in a ghost, some look a-likes, and family curse and I am THERE.

Wendilynn: Seeing Jeremy be a jerk has cracked me up from the beginning. Its why I signed up to watching this one. Thankfully, he is so good that I quickly got into character with him. When I realized that our Doo Rim is our bodyguard friend from City Hunter, I was happy to see her again and see she still kicks butt.

Lets talk about ghosts...

Firnlambe: Well if she didn't already, the obnoxiously loud ahjummas directly outside those rice-paper doors should help change her mind. I mean seriously, I know ahjummas love to gossip and all, but I think this takes the cake for being on the extreme side. Lets not forget that regardless of the "Curse" the two behind the door (which conveniently has holes poked through it) are about to share their first night as newlyweds.

Taleena: This is a KDrama of course there are ghosts. Pro Tip: If you meet a ghost on your wedding night do NOT run through the dark scary woods. The Master’s Sun taught us that snuggling up to your man is the best route.

Wendilynn: Hey, how else can you give lots of creepy exposition without those gossipy maids? Hello Kim Mi Kyung with a cameo. I love her.

Water, cliffs, and ghosts oh my!

Wendilynn: I’m going to be missing our supernatural element with the ending of My love from another star and so I’m excited to see that our ghost story is real. And that our resident ghost has a plan. Anyone else creeped out by that smile under the water?

Firnlambe: ME ME PICK ME!!! It definitely was suuuuuper creepy. The writers for this drama must have taken a page right out of The Master's Sun. This woman ghost is everything you don't wanna run into while underwater. Beauty? Check!, Ability to act as though she hadn't just been in a hanbok underwater? Check! Creepy smile? Check check check!!

Taleena: I hate it when I am trying to save someone and they turn into a water ghost on me. It took me almost the whole episode to realize suicide bead woman was the ghost, even though they flash who she really was in her black get up for us dumb ones.

Bead Bracelets of Doom?

Firnlambe: Ok lady! is that anyway to talk to your savior? She just saved your life for crying out loud :pause: Awwwww man . . . please don’t accept the creepy beads, from the creepy lady, who just happens to disappear into thin air. That never bodes well later on in drama land.

Taleena: Uh oh! Bead Bracelets of Doom. We learned about these in Gu Family Book. I have a bad feeling about that bead bracelet. Firnlambe, word. There is always someone dogging on our heroine’s curves (or lack thereof) and the fact that it is Ghostie is just salt in the wound.

Wendilynn: Sure its good luck.. uh huh… yeah….no.

Do...Do I know you?!?

Firnlambe: This has got to be the most awkward yet, still vitally important staring scene I've seen in a Kdrama yet. Granted, seeing a complete stranger look exactly like your younger sister is bound to make you stare like an idiot.

Taleena: Secret twin! Never put it past Kdramas to have hidden family connections, unspoken secret adoptions, or tragic separation of siblings at a young age.

Wendilynn: Doppelganger R’Us. Im pretty sure this must be a staple store for Kdrama writers.

Putting the Ice in Ice Cream

Taleena: ah KFashion - rocking the turtleneck with the business suit. He needs a little paper flower in his lapel to really bring that added chaebol touch. Kang Joo is not the warm fun oppa we had in Jeremy. Will he ride Jeremy’s Bus of Sadness?

Wendilynn: That restaurant scene was just cold. He also smirks when he’s pulled off one of these things so you know he knows what a jerk he’s being, which makes me think he’s doing it for a reason. And can I just say I’m not rockin the style of highwater pants currently the vogue in Kfashion land. Call me strange but I’m so glad we got past that style here in the states.

Firnlambe: oooooh this was indeed low, but it really sets the tone for Kang Joo’s character. He’s one sneaky cold hearted jerk! Using your lunch "date" to seal a business deal, and to do it without your fiance's consent on top of everything else, takes some guts. It was extremely harsh of you to only give Yi Kyung the necklace when you know she thinks you got her a gift just because. The only saving grace Kang Joo has after this scene is that, even though he is super cold to almost everyone, he still has a small little speck of warmth when he comes home and sees the butler and his wife


Firnlambe: As an avid drama watcher, you are able to pick up hints that less experienced watcher may miss. I loved her face when asked this question. It was like “Crap! How did you know?!?! oh, wait….you’re only joking :phew:”

Taleena: I call Make Up Auntie is evil. No right minded business woman gives away free cosmetics in K Dramas unless they are nefarious.

Wendilynn: Because we have to get our heroine in as much trouble as possible to force her to do something underhanded and against her nature, right?

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire!

Firnlambe: Busted!! *sigh* I had such a hard time with this scene. I have this strange drama habit of not being able to watch crucially important, yet awkward scenes, comfortably. The fact that she’s trying to lie wouldn't have bothered me, but the fact that she chooses to call him just as he steps onto the hospital grounds in front of her, sent me into an “ACK! NO, NOT NOW!!” attack. The only saving grace I had was that we, as the audience, know he was looking for her anyways and so we knew he wasn't going to be upset at her lies.

Taleena: See, she's just not fast on her feet and caves at the slightest hint. If she had just brazened it out and said that she had just seen the doctor it might of worked out. She is at the hospital. She could have just left the hospital to use the phone. Right? I can't believe I am advocating lies here. Kang Ma Roo's rule number 1 - always be honest. If Nice Guy taught me nothing about KDrama, it is be honest!

Wendilynn: Isn't that the way it always works? You go to lie for the first time in your life and they are standing next to you watching. But at least he has the right girl now.

Ghosties in the Mist, er Mall

Firnlambe: ok, this ghost is obviously targeting our leading couple. I just wish I could figure out why. Is she looking for specific souls to keep her youthful appearance like the uber loud Ahjummas said at the beginning? or is she only looking to select someone worthy of taking her place as the rightful first wife to the first born son?

Taleena: We knew she wasn't house bound but good golly I didn't expect her to be stalker ghost in the mall. Maybe she is an FT Island super fan. We all know how crazy fans can get.

Wendilynn: those are really good questions Firnlambe. She is clearly invested in this process and exactly who becomes her next target. I also feel that she has some type of affection for Kang Joo. He spends time in her house, it means something to him. We got that flashback of Kang Joo being trapped in a room. I’m thinking we’ll get more later of what happened in that room.

Well, what did everyone think? Did it live up to your expectations? Did it fall short? Let us know what you loved, hated or couldn't handle in the comment section below.

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