Episode 1 of Bride of the Century was a lot of heavy lifting to get everyone introduced to the setting and characters, but now the real fun begins in episode 2. Get ready for an intense trip as Doo Rim brings her poor person duffel bag to Yi Kyung's house.

Speculation is in the Air

Yi Kyung's mother is wondering if her husband stepped out on her, the girls look so much alike. But Yi Hyun oppa insists that Doo Rim's family was thoroughly vetted.

Taleena: Brother dearest seems to be quashing my secret twin theory but I have another! Reincarnated twins. Oh yeah let that sink in. It could happen, this is KDrama.

Wendilynn: I'm not buying the twin story, but it's KDrama Land, I've been wrong before. Hard to forget giving birth to twins though, you'd think mom would know. hehehehehehe What i want to know is why does our Ghost want Doo Rim over Yi Kyung. A sacrifice is a sacrifice, right?

Firnlambe: Oooooh, reincarnated twins would be a goldmine for Kdrama writers everywhere! Personally, I'm going to go with the theory of divine intervention. She can't possibly be a twin since the genetics won't allow it. And while reincarnated twins would be awesome, I doubt the writers had even thought of that twist. So the only option left is just divine luck :pause: ooooo or ghostly luck!! Omo! What if Miss Crazy Ghost had a hand in how Doo Rim got her strikingly similar looks? It would certainly explain how she knew where to find her in the countryside. Plus, I wouldn't put it past her.

Bead Bracelet of Doom

Doo Rim drops the bracelet, Kang Ju finds it with some ghostly help, and Doo Rim recovers it again.

Taleena: Do NOT lose the Bead Bracelet of Doom! It levitates across the floor y'all. I know when a bracelet slides across the floor and taps my shoes, I pay attention. Then very quickly leave. Whistling.

Firnlambe: OK, who else had a mini heart attack when Kang Ju entered the salon? I know I did. I had to pause the episode and pull myself together, all because my nerves couldn't handle it. Also, I can't figure out this Ghost lady. Obviously she's looking out for Doo Rim so she doesn't meet Kang Ju before she's supposed to, and she obviously wants them to end up together. But sometimes it doesn't seem as if she's no doing it out of hate.

Wendilynn: I too had a heart attack in the salon, but the bracelet thing gave me something to think about. I love how Jin Sung can play both Doo Rim and Yi Kyung with such conviction that I've never really thought they looked alike. Their mannerisms are so different; from the way they walk , the looks on their faces, to how they react. the actress looks so different to me in each role.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

In this corner, weighing in at 87 lbs . . . Doo Rim! And in the other corner, weighing in at 89 lbs . . . Salon Ahjumma! Ding, ding!

Taleena: Don't get in the way of a poor girl and her money. I laughed and laughed as she chased after make-up ahjumma, shrieking at the top of her lungs, "yah!" in the restaurant lobby. Kang Ju's initial dismissal and subsequent light-bulb of recognition was gold. Plus, I want Doo Rim's green coat with the gold braid. In my mind, it looks awesome on me.

Wendilynn: This made me laugh so much. That Ahjumma deserves a good whooping, now don't get me wrong, but aren't you supposed to be there to impress the parents? It's not a good time to side trip through the WWE. Then when she realizes that Kang Ju is there, she tries to play it all cool. Such good comedy.

Firnlambe: OK Doo Rim, keep it under control. You can't go causing scenes while disguised as Yi Kyung. At this point, that would be pure torture for me to watch :pause: Of course you do it anyway, why listen to those who know what's good for you? She's in a situation where not a soul can know who she really is and here she is running around the lobby like a crazy lady :face palm:

Who Doesn't Stumble into a Kiss?

Remember that time when you stumbled in your high heels and a handsome, rich man kissed you? Yeah, me neither.

Taleena: We are wasting no time in this drama! The classic fall kiss! This is no dewy lip press, barely touching or as my Sis and I call them a "Spirit of the Forest" in honor of Playful Kiss. This is a full on, "I fell and my tongue accidentally got in your mouth." Which, as we know, is better than "I fell and accidentally vomited in your mouth" a la Go Mi Nam in You're Beautiful.

Wendilynn: I loved Kang Ju's shocked expressions. Clearly he's expecting "Yi Kyung" to behave a certain way and she's just not. This is an example of our ghost's interference, I felt. She wants these two together.

Firnlambe: Be still my fan-girl heart!! that was certainly one way to force these two into an intimate position. And is it just me? Or did it seem like Kang Ju actually enjoyed this little snafu for a fraction of a second?

Snooping Again?

Now, where can I find the thing that is going to make me look the most ridiculous when I am caught wearing it?

Taleena: First she snoops in Yi Kyung's room and eats a cotton ball. Now she's snooping, albeit with permission, in Kang Ju's room. Just, DON'T eat any cotton here. Instead; feel free to rummage through his drawers, touch all his suits with matching turtlenecks, put on his fencing helmet (which is probably all sweaty and smells like Essence of Kdrama hero) then proceed to mock fight with a foil. Because, you know that makes you look really cool, like the Dread Pirate Roberts. All while you turn on the Beethoven at very loud volumes.

Wendilynn: My Favorite part of this scene is when he's got her pinned up against the wall and he thinks he's being all bad alpha male, and nope . . . into the wall with you, as you're pushed away. Score one for Doo Rim, we are NOT wilting flowers to be intimidated.

Firnlambe: *ugh* remember how I said I had problems watching crucial, yet awkward scenes comfortably? This one probably was the worst offender I've seen yet. But oooooh the look on Kang Ju's face while he tried to seduce "Yi Kyung". It was superb; smoldering, sexy and yet, still sophisticated, only to be topped off by pure shock. I'm assuming he's probably never been turned down in his entire life.

Every Family Has One

Everyone in Korea has a smart phone.

Taleena: You know crazy auntie is a whiz at candy crush saga. I bet she can get past level 133 with it's dippy loops. Candy Crush!! I will crush you one day. She is only seemingly crazy though. Not Kang Ju's bride? How much you want to bet that a scheming doppelganger switch is the reason behind the original curse? Theories! Get your red hot theories here!

Wendilynn: I loved crazy grandma! Crazy does not mean dumb and she could clearly see those minute differences between our doppelgangers. I hope I'm having this much fun at her age. The snuggle scene though was just precious.

Firnlambe: I'm gonna be this crazy aunt . . . I can see it now . . . only I'll be playing Tetris, not Candy Crush.

Piggybacks and Potty Humor, Kdrama Staples.

Piggybacks are to KDrama as Oranges are to Florida

Taleena: K Addicts, I have a serious question for you. When would you change out of the Pee Suit? Before the nap or after the nap? I would have changed out of those clothes that had even the tiniest brush with Halmoni pee. Surely, somewhere in that HUGE house, there is a set of fresh clothes. But now, Doo Rim not only stays in the Pee Suit and take a nap with incontinent granny. She goes to the FUNERAL in the Pee Suit, and eats funeral food in the Pee Suit. Help me out here folks.

Wendilynn: Hey, they're rich. There could be an emergency fast wash of all clothes in like say . . . . five minutes, right?

Firnlambe: Maybe it's a magical suit that's impervious to all forms of stain? But regardless, I would not have handled that situation neeearly as well. I very well could have dropped grandma like a rock, if she had decided to pee on me.

Don't All Best Friends Back Hug?

Tell me more about this thing called skinship.

Taleena: Well at least Roo Mi went for broke. The tears, the impassioned confession, the back hug! Get it all out now sweetheart, you are not our Leading Lady. AT MOST you are third string after Doo Rim and Yi Kyung - you know, his actual fiance. Still, Doo Rim now knows that Yi Kyung's catty friend is seriously trying to steal her man away. Besties, totes.

Wendilynn: Can I just say i have no sympathy for our second female lead? Roo Mi clearly means something to Kang Ju, and I'm thinking he knows the family history and doesn't want her put at risk, but she's so two faced about it that I just can't have sympathy. What I find really funny is that Doo Rim is not letting any of this phase her. In fact, later on when Kang Ju is trying to bring it up and make it an issue, she isn't even giving it any attention. You want to be in a love triangle, you go right ahead . . . I'll be standing over here.

Firnlambe: I think those "feelings" he has for Roo Mi are purely from an "Oppa" point of view. It's obvious that she knows enough of his past that you'd be led to believe they'd been in a relationship, but what I thoroughly enjoyed was the look of pure panic plastered on Kang Ju's face once he noticed they had been discovered. I think it said volumes about how he views "Yi Kyung". I mean, why else would he get upset that she's not making a big deal out of it when he tries broaching the subject in the car.

First Rule of Ghost House? Don't talk About Ghost House

Second rule of Ghost house? DON'T talk about Ghost House!

Taleena: First off; stroll right into the ghost's lair, pay no mind to the ominous music or frantic cat meows. Bonus: Cat Graves! Cat graves - so romantic and not at all likely to attract ghosts. Shut UP Stephen King. I sad NO ATTRACTING ghosts with fresh cat graves! See, the kitten - golly that is a big kitten! It's like a smooth version of the dead cat. Wait?! Have I figured out this whole thing?! Is Doo Rim the smooth cat to the ghosties' long haired cat? She has a smooth white cat dongle on her cell phone! Stop digressing, stop digressing! The Kitten! The kitten knows she is wearing the Pee suit! Long live the Pee suit! Later as Doo Rim says, "What's wrong with a little pee?"

Wendilynn: That Stephen King reference is killing me there, Taleena. Notice that Dad obey's the ghost house rule. The ghost, however, doesn't seem to know the rule. lol. Nice interference during the ceremony cleanup. Doo Rim laying on Kang Ju, Kang Ju with matches stuck all over him. It's romance . . . right?

Firnlambe: I adore that Kang Ju is absolutely dumbstruck that "Yi Kyung" is telling him to do things he's never had to do before IE physical labor. And while this is indeed an adorable scene. We have more important things to discuss. *ahem* Lee Hong Ki holds an adorable kitten!!!

That is all.

Snowy Fields and Lost Love

Standing under a tree alone is tragic, especially when it is leafless. The cherry blossoms are gone.

Taleena: Oh the lingering sadness of lost love. Oh the meaningful looks of mysterious men in hats. Oh the sad music which seems to be a traditional Korean version of "My Heart Will Go On" At least there was no icebergs and ill-fated cruise line ships.

Firnlambe: I'm thoroughly convinced that's Choi Il Hwa (Kang Ju's Father) with his first father-in-law.

Wendilynn: Agreed

Bruno Mars Said it Best

Doo Rim, you are wearing white, girl; tomato juice is bear to get out.


"I'd catch a grenade for you (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Throw my hand on a blade for you (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Jump in front of a tomato for you (yeah, yeah, yeah)"

Wendilynn: Awwww, true love. It's messy. More shocked Kang Ju faces. I love that look. Just remember Doo Rim, you don't work for Blue House anymore.

Firnlambe: First things first....how was this woman able to even allowed to throw that tomato? All of these people had more than enough time to step forward and "apprehend the suspect". Second; the look of pure disgust plastered on Kang Ju's face is priceless!! It says "How can you possibly be my fiance?" I can't wait to see what he has to say to her next week! ^-^

So what did everyone think of episode two? Did you sympathize with Yi Kyung and her decision to leave? Do you have any Ghostie plot twists of your own? Are you rooting for the Doo Rim and Kang Ju pairing as well? Or do you have other theories about this mysterious curse? Is granny crazy? Or crazy like a fox? Tell us like it is in the comment section below.

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