Welcome K-fans to the Bride of the Century Drama Club for episode 11! You thought getting through the wedding night would be the hard part? Now these ruthless ladies are really getting to work. Hospitals, hospitals galore! Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, chases, escapes, true love...and Kang Ju brings me flowers. Those are for ME - Flame Hands doesn't deserve them.

One Last Thing to Say


Taleena: If Granny Pit Viper were like other Grannies this is what her last gasp would be. Instead Yi Kyung is going to be handed blackmail material. I feel it in my bones.

Wendilynn: What good are grandbabies when you're not there to spoil them rotten? This series has been amazing in how it loads the bad guys with all the information they need and then some. Roo Mi and Yi Kyung are gifted by the evil bad guy gods.

Firnlambe: No joke. How about we let the baddies gather their own dirt via their own means from now on shall we?

No, I Have Something to Say

There is no tiddle toddle nor pibble babble in Pompey’s camp

Taleena: Roo Mi is meddling again and isn't Mama Kim very interested in what she has to say. All the ladies are showing their true colors now. "And the darkness inside you, Can make you feel so small, I see those TRUE colors shining through!" A Cyndi Lauper song for all seasons.

Wendilynn: Mama Kim is not happy that Yi Kyung is still alive! How dare she survive after all the work she went through to kill her?

Firnlambe: Well At least Roo Mi is staying true to her original character. There's nothing I dislike more, than a character that magically goes through a massive personality change. That's gotta count for something right?

I see a Bad Moon Rising

I see trouble on the way

Taleena: When a few sketchy guys are just loitering around the junkyard in the dark of night, it's time for Oppa Hardy to spring to the rescue! Oppa Hardy the super sleuth! Sketchy guy pay no attention to the loud clanging noise of Oppa Hardy knocking things over in the junkyard. I'm sure it's just some random cat. Oppa less talking more rescuing. You can always have a heart to heart later! Doo Rim, do you need a frying pan for your super kick butt powers to materialize? Sketchy Guy says, "Look what the Pee Cat drug in!" What? He didn't say Pee Cat? Well he did in my MIND. Bwa ha ha!

Wendilynn: Hey, Doo Rim has scratches and a banged up knee and she's passed out. There is no way she went quietly into that back seat. Its almost a shame that Roo Mi actually did something right in tattling.

Firnlambe: So . . . . remember what I said about disliking magical character changes? THIS one probably takes the cake. Yes Doo Rim obviously put up a fight, but now she's so distraught that all she can do is helplessly cry "OPPA!!!" :facepalm: It's crazy, crazy I tell you! If Doo Rim is gonna try to kick some butt, I'd rather we all get to enjoy it on screen, rather than being let to believe it to be so.

Blackmail in Black and White

Journaling: what every bride does the morning after she gets married. What, YOU didn't journal?

Taleena: You know it's serious when they flashback in black and white. So, so, so Papa Choi's first love passed Ghostie's test. Not a huge surprise. Really, though, if I were Papa Choi, giving Kang Ju the wink to run off with "Yi Kyung", I'd steer him away from spending the bridal night in that cabin. The ill-fated cabin of star crossed lovers. You've never heard ghost stories spring up around Elvis' Chapel of Blissful Love in Las Vegas. We all know that kitchy-ness is to Ghosts as Holy Water is to Vampires - it just drives them away. Really, I am not sure Mama Flame Hands wouldn't shrink from kitch like the Wicked Witch from a bucket of water either. Vegas baby!

Wendilynn: Well, she did have to go to the market to replenish supplies they obviously ate up. So that honeymoon wasn't totally a waste. Clearly, something made them hungry.

Firnlambe: Awww man . . . I was really pulling for Granny Pit Viper to have just stumbled upon the scene. It would have been nice for at least 1 member of that family to be clear of any wrong doings.

Hey Kids What Time is It?

Hospital Time!

Taleena: Oh, OPPA! Taking a beating, landing in the hospital, in a coma because otherwise we would have your loving, calm understanding straightening everything out in no time. Will he wake up? Will he have AMNESIA?! A brain cloud? Place your bets folks! On the inside rail at 2-1 we have a lovely little filly called Amnesia. Also favored is Renewal of Love at 5-1. And our long shot, at 250-1, is Falling for a Cute Doctor!

Wendilynn: I wonder how Mama Ma is going to respond to this? Her plans were totally blown because someone couldn't get with the program.

Firnlambe: Oh I can only imagine how Mama Ma is gonna respond, most likely she'll either flip or not care at all. And Taleena, my vote is with a brain cloud, but that's only because I absolutely DESPISE the Amnesia clique in a Kdrama.

Taleena: Brain Cloud is running at 3-1 odds Firnlambe.

You Sly Dog! You Got Me Monologuing!

....Will Eventually Come Back and Ruin you? Will Do!

Taleena: That is the problem with these villains, they don't know the meaning of modesty. A little graft, a little subtle blackmail - she would have had her construction company up and running and lived a life free and easy. Instead it's big expansive power grabs, ALL the money and oh yeah do my dirty work. Moderation even in villainy Flame Hands. Moderation is the watchword.

Wendilynn: I hate these two women. I really do. Neither are apologetic. Neither feel they have done anything wrong. They carelessly through away other's lives and all they can think of is how to wrangle money and position from each other. Seriously?

Firnlambe: Can't we just Willy Wonka our way though the computer screen and kick both these mothers in the face? Because, I'm not gonna lie, that would be stupendous. (yes I'm referencing Disney, and no I don't regret it)

How Many Times Can You Poke a Bear?

Before the bear takes a swipe back?

Taleena: Roo Mi is using her powers for good! Is this the begin of Roo Mi's character rehabilitation? Also, no matter how many times you wear the fluffy white cat coat you will always be evil Yi Kyung. You don't fool me!

Firnlambe: Oh the character redemption phase. It's a blessing and a curse. I think I was secretly waiting for Roo Mi to reach this phase. because I was very happy when she started to slowly turn thing around on the Jang family.

Wendilynn: I guess technically a character can learn and grow. That's supposed to be what Kang Ju is doing. Roo Mi never sees herself in the wrong though. Not much to learn there.

If you Give a Ghost a Chicken Leg . . .

. . . she's going to want some beer to go with it.

Taleena: Oh Ghostie all in black! I am guessing that only Doo Rim has seen your red wool coat. The Softer Side of Ghostie! Ghostie still has her agenda. I am guessing she wants to take down Mama Flame Hands. Also, Korean Harry Potter? What makes you think a ghost is necessarily A) honest, 2) direct, thirdly, trusts you and in conclusion: cares what happens to someone other than the family she watches? Big Book of Theories says Ghostie will be involved in the surfacing of Doo RIm's Grnny's shoe. All I can say is: better put out some great Ghost food. I hear they really like Boo Berry Cereal.

Firnlambe: I can't help but feel sorry for this man, It's gotta be tough when you are constantly at your wits end wondering if your personal "Lady in Black" will come back and give you information worthy enough to earn you some cash. I don't think I would be able to handle it.

Wendilynn: It must be very frustrating when all your hard work to find the appropriate bride seems to go down the drain. But then again, you did warn her that this would happen. Is she really as disappointed as she seems? And you'd think that he'd treat her better considering how much info she gives him to make money. Come on boy, feed that ghost. Um...exactly why do eastern ghosts need to eat anyway?

Morgan Oppa, Cuervo Oppa, Beam Oppa

the oppa that fights for me, the oppa that handles all my legal work and the oppa who loves me.

Taleena: Kang Ju and I both break for Soju tents. And garage sales. You can find the most AMAZING things at garage sales, but usually you have to beat off the senior citizens who are buy Mancala for their social club and thrifty moms filling up bags of baby clothes for a dollar a pop. If I ever went to Korea, I would love to poke through the roadside recycling bins for the awesome shoes K Dramas have assured me get thrown out when girls break up with chaebols. It happens ALL the time. Would K dramas lie?

Firnlambe: I love how Kang Ju is slowly piecing everything together.

Wendilynn: Nothing like a Soju tent to make one feel better. Those must be really magical places that just absorb bad memories because it seems like that's where everyone goes when they are feeling bad. Of course, they could also be excellent places to catch a liar in action.

By Your Mango Cake Will Ye Know Them

Aww! She looked so cute with a frosting facial.

Taleena: Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who? Kang Ju is not only handsome but smart too! He didn't need the bead bracelet to help him out at all! He had a niggling feeling about her and kept testing and testing - with helpful flashbacks! - and wouldn't you know it, but her unnatural disdain of cake was really what gave her away. Let this be a lesson to you all: when a handsome rich man gives you cake - hork it all down right away with the back of a knife.

Firnlambe: How did Mama Ma and Yi Kyung fail to realize they would need a super crash course in how Doo Rim acted when she was with Kang Ju. They spend 11 . . . . 11! episodes preparing for this switch and they blow it in one night. I mean, if I was planning on switching doubles back to normal, I would drill the double for all the juicy details before I cut her loose.

Wendilynn: Cake and blood sausages. Oh and missing rings and that cool exterior that lacks all human warmth and love. Also, your "character" had sex. "You" are no longer a virgin, exactly why are you acting missish? I'm sure cake wasn't the only thing that "You" handled. If you're brave enough to sacrifice another's life for your own, then act your part if you don't want to give yourself away.

What do YOU think K Fans? How long before Papa Choi finds out? Can Kang Ju ever eat mango cake again? Will Oppa have amnesia? Will Mama Flame Hands ever be rid of this meddlesome double? And what, WHAT is Ghostie's next move? We want to know!

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