Shock, hurt, accusations, false pretenses, tantrums, jealousy and one sassy grandma filled episode 12 of Bride of the Century with lots to watch and some quirky moments of humor. We've known that all hell would break loose when Kang Ju finds out the truth and this episode doesn't prove us wrong. What it does, though, is turn our expectation on its ear by then calling our hero a spoiled brat. Add in one sassy grandma and some salt and there are moments of levity to balance out the anguished heart break. Come with the Drama Club fans, as Taleena, Firnlambe and I open the Big Book of Theories on another episode.

You're really bad at charades

Wendilynn: When you use a body double, make sure you know all her secrets before you try to kill her off so she can't speak. That way your very confused groom can't trip you up by testing out all their "special" spots. Really, how dumb can you get? Kang Ju is understandably confused, worried and getting angry.

Firnlambe: Maybe they missed that particular lesson in their "Evil Family Schemes" class? . . . *sigh* you just can't find smart villains anymore

Taleena: What can she do other than laugh maniacally, rub her hands together and declare, "I'm the Eeevil one!" Yi Kyung, you should have leaned into that kiss, honey. When you are married, you have no excuse for shrinking away in maidenly confusion.

Et Tu, Brutus?

Wendilynn: Kang Ju is on the hunt for answers and of course you ask your wing man who knows everything. Roo Mi has been the possessor of way to many secrets and she lets Kang Ju know that its a Pandora box of misery waiting for him. Who do you trust when everyone is in on it and the wrong girl has the ring?

Firnlambe: I didn't want to, I really didn't....but I like this Roo Mi, she knows she's done Kang Ju wrong, and she's really trying to make up for it.

Taleena: I like this Roo Mi! She is still herself, catty and a bit sly, but she is telling it like it is, giving fair warning. Roo Mi in morning Doo Rim take warning, Roo Mi at night Doo Rim's delight? She's fickle!

The shocks keep coming

Wendilynn: Kang Ju has finally tracked down his missing bride. As we suspected, the food Secretary Kim has been eating was the clue. Once he finds his lady however, all is not right with the world. Doo Rim fakes a haughty attitude and pretends that greed is her only motivator. She is pushing him away trying to lesson the hurt he's going to feel. Girl, that never works. Pissing him off will only lead him to stewing about it for days.

Firnlambe: In case you're wondering, this is the look of pure and utter betrayal, Poor Kang Ju . . . I mean obviously things will all work out ok, but does it have to be so painful to watch him be agonized over it all in the meantime.

Taleena: I called it! Called it from the time Kang In noshed his way through Kang Ju's lunch box. Big Book of Theories is highlighted and underlined! Hello Kitty Bar-B-Q! That is one pink mama she is shoving sweet potatoes into! Also, I have to ask: does it flood in Korea a lot? - because both Choi boys are strutting in the high water pants these past two episodes. Maybe if I wore kickin' Beatles Boots like Kang Ju I'd show them off with high waters too.

You're in so much trouble

Wendilynn: Kang Ju is now confronting his Mother. Long past due. The lack of respect for life these women have shown has long erased any sympathy I had for them. I don't envy the position she finds herself in. Mom killed someone; Son now knows you for the schemer you are; Husband is going to really hate you when he finds out. It's really not been her week.

Taleena: No, no, no! Papa Choi is the only one they should be reaching out to! It is not the crime, it is the cover up that gets you. Papa deserves to know. He's got the power and clout to TAKE STEPS. Mama Choi can honestly say she just found out. You have a limited window for coming clean and not digging yourself deeper. USE IT! Why do they never listen when I yell at my screen? Wae? WAE?!

Firnlambe: I feel no sympathy for her. . . none, zero, zilch. If she wants to win her husband's heart at this point, she needs to learn to let go of her pride. How she cannot see that is beyond me.

The bottom of a Soju bottle will not bring forgetfulness

Wendilynn: In the previous scene we've just seen Kang Ju act spiteful and immature and ask Roo Mi to marry him. She says no because she knows that Kang Ju and Doo Rim really do love each other and its only a matter of time before Kang Ju realizes that fact. Kang Ju admits that he can't forget how wonderful Doo Rim was and that hurting her only hurts himself, but boy, getting drunk is not going to help. I guess even chaebol's cry in their sleep.

Firnlambe: We knew Kang Ju had to have a drunk moment at some point in time. I'm just super glad it was done in a cute fashion. Side note, does anyone else like Kang In with black hair instead of the blonde? No? Just me?

Taleena: Restless Heart had a song about this: "When he cries..bum bum.. at night, and he doesn't think that I can hear him. When he tries...bum bum.. to hide all the fears he feels inside..." One - good for Roo Mi! Turning down that sad, pathetic proposal. You are a precious person Roo Mi. I may not like you, but everyone deserves to be loved for themselves. You have shown a lot of growth these last two episodes keep it up. Fighting! Also Kang Ju, the only way you can forget is Amnesia. Amnesia is the horse I am betting on for Yi Hyun Oppa so suck it up and keep on trucking. You are the Hero, them's the breaks.

I am not afraid of you!

Wendilynn: Kang Ju goes to the hospital and sees Doo Rim caring for Yi Hyun while in a coma. He confronts her and she finally snaps back. Tells him to live a better life without her to get revenge. Calls him a spoiled brat and to grow up. Yay, Doo Rim! You tell him, girl! She is not afraid of him and only took the insults earlier because she felt she deserved them. She calls him Ajusshi because he told her not to say his name and he’s mighty insulted by it. She explains she’s not about to call him Oppa. lol Flabbergasted, Kang Ju can only stare in shock. LOL!! I love her. The little stamp of Kang Ju's foot at the end of this scene just takes the cake.

Taleena: Finally! I was afraid the gash on her leg at the Junkyard of Mob Hits had drained all the fight out of Doo Rim. She's beginning to sound like the girl who'd hit you with a frying pan again. Kang Ju likes her spunky attitude though. He needs someone to bring him down a haughty peg or two. Doo Rim yelling at him restores their emotional equilibrium.

Wendilynn: You're right Taleena. Doo Rim chewing him out gives him some much needed grounding.

Firnlambe: Agreed. I was really getting tired of that new meek and timid Doo Rim. We fell in love with her strong character for a reason, dear K-writers. Don't try to change a good thing.

I Hate you but I'm still jealous!

Wendilynn: Its hard being jealous of a guy who got hurt doing something brave for the girl you're in love with. I loved how Kang Ju stopped Doo Rim from giving him a bath. And then he gets all upset that she doesn't notice him leaving. Yeah, he hates her...we can tell.

Taleena: Men's emotional content is hashed out with a good fight. It is telling, isn't it, that Doo Rim is the only one at the hospital? AND she is the one paying for the extra care attendant. Cold, cold fish are his step mama and half sister. Brrrr! When he falls asleep? Adorbs! Stalking your wife all day is tiring business.

Firnlambe: I love it when a male lead can't let go of his jealous ways, even when claiming he hates the woman he's getting worked up over. Its super endearing to me as a viewer. Now what I'm really looking forward to is Yi Hyun and Kang Ju's inevitable confrontation. ^-^ Now that will be fun to watch.

This means War!

Wendilynn: Kang Ju has made his decision and not showing up for the news conference is going to have some unhappy consequences. I don't think Mama Ma understands the tiger she's letting out of the cage.

Firnlambe: Mwhahahahahahahahaha!! I'm so ready for Kang Ju to kick Mama Ma to the curb. And, not gonna lie, if Roo Mi was his "commanding officer" in this war that would be spectacular. ^-^

Taleena: Kang Ju pulls a Yi Kyung and no shows! Ha! Sauce for the goose! Quick stop to see Papa and then head to Vegas! Do it! You can! Break free of the machinations of Flame Hands and her manipulative spawn! Run away to America! We love you Li Hong Ki!

Only the truth can set us free!

Wendilynn: Time to bring Dad up to speed. Kang Ju is ready to confess how he really feels and do what is right. Now, if only he could convince Doo Rim.

Firnlambe: With Dad in their corner they would be able to stand a chance, but nooOOOooo, Doo Rim is stuck in this "things are only right if I'm suffering for it" phase. *facepalm*

Taleena: Dad! Dad! Dad! At least Kang Ju has sense enough to lay his cards on the table.

Oppa's been waiting all series for this hug!

Wendilynn: Oppa is finally awake and Doo Rim is enthusiastic about her savior waking up. What does this spell for our leads now? Does Oppa finally get the chance he's been waiting for?

Taleena: NOOOOOO! I yell in my best Luke Skywalker imitation. No, no, no! Stompy Foot! She still looks like his sister! Oppa, I beg you. Find a cute physical therapist. Every cheerleader I went to high school with wanted to be a physical therapist. I'm sure it's the same in Korea. They are cute and peppy! And anyone who could maneuver the cutthroat politics of high school cheer squad could deal with your evil step mom!

I know she looks in a mirror and asks who the fairest one of all is. I know she hands out apples by the bushel full and has a pet crow. I know she LITERALLY has a henchman on speed dial, but an ex cheerleader could stand up to her. Listen, Oppa! Listen!

Firnlambe: Well, I'm just glad he wasn't sent into amnesia mode, that would have been unfortunate. Honestly, I'm pulling for the "Oppa knows you still love Kang Ju, So he'll try his best to fix it behind the scenes" scenario.

Now fill us in Drama Club readers. What did you like this episode? What made you cry? What made you mad? What made you laugh in spite of yourself? Should Oppa go find his cheerleader? Does Grandma need more salt and who should she throw it at next? Will Papa Choi finally get brought up to speed? Will heads roll? And will Kang Ju finally wear pants that touch his shoes? What are you expecting for next week based on the previews we've seen so far? Come help us fill up Taleena's Big Book of Theories with your own input.

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