Well, K-Fans we are in the final four episodes! I loved, Loved, LOVED this episode. Why? Because everyone did what I told them to. That's right, every time I shouted advice at the screen the characters took it! Okay, okay they didn't kiss near as much as I told them to, but other than that it was one big festival of truth telling and using words! Ghostie is back! Bead Bracelet of Destiny! Lee Hong Ki with a kitten. Everything is better with a kitten. Let's get down to it!

If It's not One Thing...

...It's your mother.

Taleena: Let's have no more secrets. We are currently free in this series of amnesia, and everyone should take this time to be lucid and truthful. Let's begin with the biggest here. Kang Ju's Granny killed someone and now the Gold Diggers from Heck are trying to blackmail their way into riches. You might be villain if your back up plan is blackmail. Kang Ju finally is in on the news that his Mama is being blackmailed. While he and his mother want to protect Papa Choi from more heartache over the truth of Granny Pit Viper, we in the audience at least know that Papa Choi already knows, having followed up with the Chauffeur.

Wendilynn: Kang Ju is finally caught up to speed with all the secrets. It will be good when they finally bring in Dad because he will be a good help to the family. He knows about Grandma and hasn't told his wife or treated her badly, so he must not be holding it against her. Also, thanks to knowing how evil Yi Kyung really is, he can move forward without any qualms for her feelings. I'm sure he was feeling a little bad because of the whole ghost/rumor issue and how his mom was using Yi Kyung as the sacrifice bride. I didn't realize he was trying to see both sides when all this finally came to light. He is like... yeah, I don't have regrets now. lol

Firnlambe: I'm really happy with the way things have progressed within the family. Granted it was a little rocky at times, but that makes this process that's coming to fruition all the more sweeter. Mom and son are on the same page, and Dad is too (even if the rest of the family doesn't know it yet) . . . now see what I'm really curious about, is what's Kang In reaction to all this? We've seen nothing from him for at least 3 episodes. Lil' brother is gonna be in for some massive family surprises whenever he finds out.

The Raw Deal of the Series Second Male Lead

Not only are you not going to the girl, you have a tragic back story AND an E-VIL step mom.

Taleena: Having realized that your step mom and half sister are villains of the worst sort, been turned down by the girl you have fallen for, rescued said girl during her honeymoon from ruffians sent to kill her, and gotten beaten into a coma for your troubles; you must now endure your step mom's callousness harangue. Yes, Oppa, why do you have a moral compass? This is his biggest failing in Mama Flame Hands' mind. She invites Oppa to loathe her? Why yes, thank you, I will loathe you.

Wendilynn: We learn just how truly good Oppa is in these episodes. He has the worst fate. At least Yi Kyung and Mama Flame hands deserve what is coming, but Yi Hyun does not. They are still his family and he tries his best for everyone. The boy's soul is just golden.

Firnlambe: *wails* Opppppaaaaaaaa TT.TT I'm glad you were our beacon of light in this sea of corrupt darkness . . . and if nothing else, you deserve to miraculously snag the girl of your dreams (not counting Doo Rim of course) because after all the crap you've had to endure This SLS DESERVES to have a happy ending of his own. I believe!!!! Come on writers!! we have 2 more episodes . . . you can make it happen

The Reward for a Job Well Done

Is a Stained Tie? Wha?

Taleena: Sometimes I don't think I have an ounce of sentimentality. This supposed to be touching and all I could think was: buy him a new one Doo Rim! He was in a coma! He deserves a new tie for his troubles! Heck, buy him the same one without bloodstains! A bow tie and matching little lapel flower. Some of those snazzy high water pants all Chaebol's are wearing these days. A pink and white Hello Kitty themed something. I feel deep, deep, deep in my soul that somewhere in Korea there resides a shop which sells Hello Kitty neckties. Tangent - when will US hospitals get gowns with backs on them? I was waiting with bated breath for Oppa's backless hospital gown (get your mind out of the gutter!) to see if it looks as dorky on Oppa as it would on anyone else. No dice! I demand Korean style hospital fashions for the US!

Wendilynn: Korean hospitals still believe in modesty... American hospitals aren't as bothered by those scruples. Mind you, when I was in the hospital for 7 days, I was very happy those gowns were as loose as they were. I'm with you on the tie... what do you mean you gave him back the stained tie?!! I think she does buy him shoes later, though, doesn't she?

Firnlambe: I had the same thoughts too. At first I thought it was sweet. I was all; Awwww she bought him a new tie online that matched his old one . . . then it was; oh wait, she just looked up ways to get the bloody stains out. I suppose that's sweet too *shifty eyes* Well It's the thought that counts . . . . right?

If I Had to Deal with Yi Kyung I'd Drink Too

Soju is the drink of the hard working plebeian, not the snotty socialite.

Taleena: Well, well look who is now in the Doo Rim line. Roo Mi's redemption is rocking along at a cracking pace now. Roo Mi is suddenly Doo Rim's new BFF? The costumer gave her a nice, fuzzy Pee Cat reminiscent vest. She hasn't stopped being bratty but hello! suddenly she realizes that Doo Rim is much less likely to cut her in a crazy rage than Yi Kyung. Doo Rim is also able to impart hard learned wisdom: losing someone is not the end of life and love. It hurts but you have to keep on living. Doo Rim has lived though harder things than a broken heart and knows that it will eventually be OK.

Wendilynn: I have to say I'm still a little bothered by Roo Mi's nice guy package. Of course, she's no longer obsessed with Kang Ju, so she has perspective now. I like that we finally get a good answer to why Doo Rim is staying away. She recognizes that Kang Ju sees her as the fake Yi Kyung and you can't base a relationship on that. We the audience know that he's moved past that, but she has yet to be told that he knows her for who she is.

Firnlambe: I'm personally LOVING this new Roo Mi. I like how she's seeing Doo Rim for who she really is, and is appreciating it. I hope they do become friends of some sort by the end of this drama.

Don't Be an Idiot!

Or what Oppa would say if he weren't so polite.

Taleena: Oppa rocks the suit and Beanie combo to tell Kang Ju if he throws away Doo Rim to not be surprised if Oppa makes another go at wooing her. So much has happened I almost forget she looks like his sister. This scene illustrates a fine cultural difference between Korea and the United States. In the US, could you picture a hospital just blithely letting a recovering coma patient with head trauma waltz in and out of their care? They would be hedged about with medical personal gravely informing you of serious damage you could do to your person, make you sign 80 million forms and only then, IF you insisted, vehemently, be wheeled out the door in a wheelchair so they couldn't be sued. "Taleena!" you say, "this is TV they wouldn't show that!" Yet I understand from reliable sources (K-Brother currently living in South Korea and a short while ago a patient in a Korean hospital) that you can in fact waltz in and out of the hospital to do laundry, shop at the corner market, or take care of other mundane life chores while being treated at a hospital for a life threatening illness.

Wendilynn: American hospitals only keep you as long as necessary and then they kick you out. Korean hospitals will keep you for two months when you break a leg. Fainting could land you there a week, or at least that's how it works in Kdrama land. I loved the stunned heartbreak look on Kang Ju's face in this scene. He was trying to be brave, but clearly did not really grasp that he was losing Doo Rim. That look is not easy to produce, so kudos to Hong Ki for doing it so well.

Firnlambe: I love how "Hyun Bin" (come on, I can't be the only one to see this resemblance) Oppa goes on this tirade of "Don't regret it if I take Doo Rim away from you", only to have us as viewers know that he would never do such a thing. It's our beacon's little way of saying, you know what, if this is what it take to make Doo Rim happy, so be it.

When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble

Whisper Words of Wisdom - Let it Be

Taleena: Just in case you didn't know Kang Ju, Doo Rim is totally in love you. Doo Rim is following Nice Guy Rule #2, do what you think is best for the person you love no matter the personal heartbreak. In K Drama land this is always paid forward in spades. It may take years, but kindness pays off.

Wendilynn: I loved this scene. Doo Rim still doesn't know that Kang Ju knows her name and loves her anyway. But no matter what false bravado she uses, she is always there or him and the soft comfort of this scene just made me all warm and fuzzy....even with the tears afterwards.

Firnlambe: This was defiantly a bitter sweet scene, but because of this scene this couple could quite possibly be my favorite Kdrama couple of all time. Or at the very least, Doo Rim being my favorite female lead even with her horrid naivety, and if you've been paying attention throughout this Drama Club, that's saying something.

And I Would Wait 100 Years...

...Just to be the Ghost that walked through your door. lai lai lai!

Taleena: Not only is everyone using their words with the living but they are using their words with Ghostie! Doo Rim surrenders the Bead Bracelet of Doom for the second time in a much less dramatic throw-it-in-the-ocean way. 100 years?! The Big Book of Theories is intrigued by this clue. I figured Ghostie was older than 100 years.

Wendilynn: I thought she was older than 100 years too. The thought I had here was that maybe fixing a love match was what she needed to do as penance for whatever caused her to be the Choi Ghost. Thinking of that bad sister/good sister theory.

Firnlambe: I was more under the impression that she has spent this 100 years looking for a way to fix the Choi family's first sons from being deprived of their first loves.

We'll Always Have Cat Graves

...and the light beads of True Love

Taleena: I leapt to my feet, fist pumped and yelled YES! at K Sister when Kang Ju said he married Doo Rim. The lovely montage memory of romantic moments (cat graves! stumble kisses! where's the mango cake?!) was wonderful. And the implied rude gesture along with the smirk aimed at the Dastardly Duo as Kang Ju throws down the gauntlet was awesome!

Wendilynn: This scene ROCKED!! I had so many warm fuzzies and gloating. Yes, that smirk at the end was fantastic. First rule in combating blackmail...tell the secrets!

Firnlambe: And tell them in a big way that NO one can possibly miss. Kang Ju thought this out in the most brilliant way possible, leading our Dastardly Duo along a path they though they were choosing, only to reveal last min that HE was actually the one pulling the strings. Hopefully things only get better for our leading couple from here on out.

Papa, Papa Don't Tell Me No

Mama, Mama sings songs of woe

Taleena: We pause in our episode to highlight how awesome Papa Choi is. Unlike many fathers in powerful, rich, dynastic houses all Papa Choi cares about is that Kang Ju is happy and pursuing his life in an honorable manner. Papa Choi - you have earned your place in the top 5 K Drama Dads list.

Wendilynn: Papa Choi is just wonderful. He's absolutely in the top five Dad's list.

Firnlambe: For sure in the top 5, I'd go as far as to say in the top 3. I've loved Papa Choi since day one. It was really nice to have that one character rooting for the leading couple, even when no one else would.

A Barbaric Yawp

I refuse to be ACCOUNTABLE! - Yi Kyung

Taleena: She's screaming her head off to a Ghost in a mirror, insisting that she is not a shadow, but she's not crazy! I think Yi Kyung has totally snapped. She has gone 'round the bend, gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, taken the 3:20 train to La La Land, checked in at the Rubber Room. Plus, smashing a mirror? That is 7 years back luck she does not need.

Wendilynn: Warnings must be heeded. Especially when Ghostie is involved. Now, one could argue that if Ghostie hadn't scared her off, they wouldn't have started plan substitute bride. We know now that Ghostie was giving Yi Kyung the same threat she gave Doo Rim and all the other first brides in the last 100 years so it wasn't personal....or was it?

Firnlambe: With the way things are going, I wouldn't put it past Ghostie for having a personal edge to all of this, in the mirror she seems to be holding something against someone. Now all we need to do is figure out why.

At Least Doo Rim Wasn't Captured By Huron

When Hawkeye made a similar pronouncement he jumped into a waterfall. I want to see that.

Taleena: I was waiting for Granny to get out her giant bowl of salt. Yay, Kang Ju! I am so glad you had sense enough to take my advice! Yay, Oppa you don't have a brain cloud! Yay for words! Those crazy kids - nothing can stop them now!

Wendilynn: did you notice that awkward look on Sweetheart Granny's face? She recognized his name. She's pretending she doesn't know, but that name rung a bell. This scene was so warm and delicious that I felt I was going to get diabetes just from watching all this sweetness.

Firnlambe: I loved that Jin Joo had the evil "I'll tease you about this later" smirk going on. I also like that Kang Ju is steadily getting more and more comfortable stepping outside his comfort zone for Doo Rim, it must not have been easy doing this in front of everyone . . . especially Granny, who could easily find some salt to chuck at him if he makes one wrong move.

Well K-Fans that's it for this episode. Let us know your favorite truth bomb, Kang Ju memory, and who else makes the All Time Great K Drama Parent List with Papa Choi.

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