Well, my Drama addicts, did you pick your jaw up from the floor yet? I know mine was wagging pretty good as we got to the end of episode 14 of Bride of the Century. We started out so warm and fuzzy with lots of good sugary coated feels only to end up the last 10 minutes going, "What the heck?! She did not just do THAT?!!" I could spend an hour talking about everything that that we learned in this jam-packed episode, but we're just going to touch on a few main points. Come with the Drama Club as myself, Firnlambe and Taleena open up the Big Book of Theories just to see if maybe we were on to something or not.

Sweetheart Grandma was just introduced to the love of Doo Rim's life only to frown and feel sorry for our dear heroine. She expresses her concerns about the differences in class status and her surgery making Doo Rim desperate, however, I'm thinking that with that hidden shoe, Grandma has other devils in her closet that make her feel responsible.

Taleena: K Sister and I paused the episode here and jumped around for a while. After we calmed down enough to talk we consulted the Big Book of Theories. We knew from previous episodes that Doo Rim's family was somehow connected to the Choi family curse and even speculated that Granny was a previous bride. Was she Papa Choi mother's rival? It's Papa Choi's Mother who bequeathed the "Joseon shoe" to Kang Ju's mom, along with the charge to maintain Ghost House. What was the wrong that Granny Salt committed? Was she a bride that ran away? Did she help the scheming of Papa Choi's mother? What do you think?

Firnlambe: My vote is on that she ran away. It seems the most logical of the choices. Plus it would explain why she is so sensitive about the Choi family name.

Wendilynn: This drama holds its secrets so close to its chest that it takes X-ray vision just to get a glimpse of them. There are just so many different ways this could go.

First rule in getting rid of blackmailers, remove the secrets. The only way Kang Ju can have the woman he wants is to bring Granny Pit Viper's misdeeds to light. This not only gives Granny relief that her burden is told, but allows the family to finally be honest with each other. Dad is informed of things he already knew and we see true repentance in Mama Choi.

Taleena: Honesty, as they say, is the best policy and TRUE Repentance is freeing. We have a saying in my family, "_____ did it." When dealing with the consequences of our own behavior we confess we have done it to ourselves. Eat too many servings of dessert and give myself a stomachache? Drink too much coffee and scrub toilets crazily at midnight because sleep eludes me? (Yes, I have done both things as an adult. Dessert and coffee are my vices.) I have to look at myself in a mirror and say "Taleena did it". Now that accountability is appropriately apportioned I can get on with moving on without wheezing about it all day.

Firnlambe: I love Kang Ju so, so much more after this scene. It proves how ridiculously smart the man is. And it shows us that he's prepared to put everything on the line for Doo Rim.

Wendilynn: It also shows that he is not afraid to face problems. He doesn't have that ridiculous puffed up view of reputation that traps so many of our would-be heroes and heroines. Also, if they tell the press first, then the money grubbers can't hold the knife to their necks anymore.

Kang Ju is one step ahead of the jackels, proving he's one mean hunter on the Savanna. Mama Flame Hands finally gets held responsible for her increasing list of mis-deeds. It boggles my mind that these ladies look to blame everyone else when they initiated the substitute bride program.

Taleena: "B...bb..but they didn't tell us the family secrets and hurt our PRIDE! They have money that I want, and power that should be mine. Surely, that justifies every action and misdeed." - Mama Flame Hands. "I'm not a shadow!!! *crazy laughter* " - Yi Kyung

Firnlambe: I was jumping for joy when the cops busted into the home. This woman deserves all this and more for what she's done to Doo Rim, Yi Hyung, Kang Ju, and yes . . . even Yi Kyung. Although I did feel bad for Oppa, it was probably quite hard watching the woman who raised you for 20 something years get hauled away in cold steel.

Wendilynn: Both Mothers have expressed the idea several times in this drama that with money and position there is no accountability. That they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Thank goodness this drama believes in karma.

When all hell is breaking loose, nothing is more relaxing than some sweetened rice drink and some hard boiled eggs with loved ones. Add in some adorable cuteness with selfies and a strategically placed pillow and the audience is lulled into a false sense of happiness and joy that all is right with the world.

Taleena: Hairy legs and a Princess Leia towel is always a winning combination. I am disappointed in the Sauna's menswear. Usually, it is a bright color and a little more fitted but this was boring khaki with a. .. pocket in the front? The frumpiness of this ensemble is hard to comprehend. Did wardrobe spend all their money on high water pants and fuzzy cat sweaters?

Firnlambe: Glad I'm not the only one who had the Star Wars references floating around in her head. But anyways, back to the scene . . . which was ADORABLE!!! I'm glad the writers couldn't stand not letting Lee Hong Ki's inner aegyo to shine through. Between bribing the small child into leaving so Granny could take a nap, to selfie shots, and the misunderstanding between Granny and Doo Rim/Kang Ju I cant decide which was my favorite section.

Wendilynn: "You're Grandma is very understanding" I LOVED that line. Loved Loved Loved it! Of course, does Granny already know about the wedding night?

When there is no hope..beg for help. Unless you've already been nasty and mean calling someone the daughter of a murderer. Mind you....Mama Flame hands has done the same thing to her own daughter and I can't help but be on Mama Choi side in this particular conversation.

Taleena: I understand Mama Choi's impulses to want to make Yi Kyung grovel but it is bad policy. You can only kick a person so much when they are down before they lash out spectacularly, and we all know that Yi Kyung made the trip to Crazy Town last weekend.

Firnlambe: Yeah plus I don't think she's quite ready to check out of the local "Crazy 8 Motel" either. I can only imagine that things will only get worse for Yi Kyung from here on out.

Wendilynn: I really think that Mama Choi was also trying to help Yi Kyung because she does understand the position she is in. Yes, she was giving her a necessary set down, but she also knows that her greed is what fed her own Mother's actions. Yi Kyung could have told her mother that they needed to quit.

It's been a bad week for Yi Kyung. She is showing herself for the pathetic character that she is, blind in her need for revenge. Unwilling to see that she started this whole mess. Unable to accept compassion and growing more desperate. She was warned by Ghostie and her brother, but she fails to listen. Someone's house is sitting on increasingly shifting sand.

Taleena: This is what the Book of Romans calls, "heaping burning coals on their head." "Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone...If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." (Rom. 12:17-21) Boy howdy, if that person can't repent, their own hard heartedness will drive them bonkers.

Firnlambe: I think at this point crazy is a massive understatement for Yi Kyung. She's hit the ceiling and since she has no where else to go she's falling like a hot sweet potato. It allllllmost make me feel bad for her, but then all I had have to do is remember what she's been trying to do and all those sympathetic feelings are gone.

Wendilynn: A person with no compassion herself can't understand it in others. When you only look on others as competition for position, it means your grip on reality is slim at best. She could have retreated to the safe embrace and love of her brother. For all that they complain that he isn't on their side because he's only a half sibling, they also don't consider him part of the family either.

Ghostie is making her move. Both Kang Ju and Doo Rim are being alerted through dreams that the other is in danger. That danger is real, serious and increasingly insane. What does our ghost know about intentions?

Taleena: Ghostie sees a chance to have it all done with once and for all. I'm thinking Ghostie does not have the same concerns as us mere mortals. She is driven to protect the Choi house and expiate wrong doing of some kind. Danger, schmanger! What is important is Ghostie's agenda! Take the Bead Bracelet of Doom Doo Rim - it is your DESTINY.

Firnlambe: Ghostie is starting to confuse me a bit here. Does she want Doo Rim to go to Kang Ju? Or does she want her to just stay put? Because I would want a little more detailed specifics other than "Your man is in danger" . . . danger? like he's going to meet his doom? or his company is on the verge of collapsing? what? If I was Doo Rim I would be going crazy over all the informational holes.

Wendilynn: She clearly is keeping a close bead on things. (pun intended)

How does that classic blunder go? Never mess with a Sicilian when death is on the line? Where's Vizzini when you need him? I'm also noticing that Yi Kyung was holding a blue pill. Just whose glass is that going into and who is going to be facing reality? What twisted revenge does Yi Kyung have up her sleeve now? Just who does she want to make suffer?

Taleena: What was Kang Ju thinking to share a candlelit glass of wine with Scheme-y McCrazyPants? Weh? WEH? I really thought she was going to go Lucretia Borgia with a poisoned ring. If reading mystery novels has taught me anything it is that poison is ridiculously easy to get. I imagine that goes triple for a country that has traditional medicine shops everywhere. By golly if she can't ruin their happiness by framing Kang Ju for attempted murder she can plant guilt and suspicion for even more rumors for the next generation.

Firnlambe: o.O one measly pill in her wine glass and suddenly she's at deaths door? Just what kind of little blue pill of doom did she find?!? Because that's absolutely ridiculous.

Wendilynn: I just don't understand who she thought she was punishing by killing herself. It just doesn't make sense to me at all. Its like in Pride and Prejudice when Jane is heartbroken by Mr. Bingley seeming disinterest and her mother says, "Well, I hope she dies of a broken heart and then he'll be sorry" (paraphrasing) WHAT?!! Exactly how does that work?

What is up with grooms sleeping on the job? Ghostie goes to all that trouble to spook him and then puts him to sleep. Thankfully, he's sleeping because of Ghostie and not the drug Yi Kyung swallowed.

Taleena: Ghostie puts the men to sleep to keep them from stepping in potentially physically harmful situations right? That is my guess. Ghostie is done pussyfooting around it is time for Ghostie to kick it up a notch.

Firnlambe: Well she certainly has a plan, I'll give you that much . . . . how effective it ends up being for all parties involved has yet to be seen. At least we know she cares for Kang Ju and Doo Rim enough to keep their love safe . . . at least I hope that's what she's trying to accomplish.

Wendilynn: By this point in the episode I was on the seat of my chair going, "What is going on?"

Mama Ma has lost it in her grief. Blaming Doo Rim for her own greed. However, is that really Doo Rim she has within her grasp? Nope, its our Ghostie who has been impersonating Doo Rim. Ghostie can now have retribution for what she suffered. Wait....what? Ghostie is not the bad guy? Mama Ma hurt Ghostie?

Taleena: I see Yi Kyung is not the only one who boarded the train to Crazy Town. Why is Doo Rim so passive? She has frying pans literally ALL around her aaaannnnddd That's GHOSTIE! I guess Ghostie had to let Mama Flame Hands get a good strangle on so she could do that nifty face shifting thing. Ghostie has been planning this for a long time and she is going to unfold the dramatic cues they way she has envisioned darn it!

Firnlambe: I guess the crazy gene is hereditary *shrugs* but I was totally NOT expecting Ghostie to possess Doo Rim, That was a nice twist, plus this opens up a whole slew of new chapters in the Big Book of Theories. Next week is gonna be a doosie that's for sure.

Wendilynn: I think Doo Rim is sleeping too. Clearly Ghostie was impersonating her and laying a trap for her murderer. I guess that would make scaring Yi Kyung off a very personal issue.

When I saw this scene, I was in shock. Mama Ma is strangling Ghostie who has just given birth. Then she goes after the newborn. Taleena's theory about a good sister and a bad sister may have some merit. And then who rushes in......DOO RIM?!!! They were all family in the past life?!! Who? What? Where? How?!!

Taleena: AHH! AHH! Too many revelations. Can't process, can't process! New theory. NEW THEORY! Granny Salt and Doo Rim are descendants of a cadet branch of the Choi family?! Big Book of Theories looks to be right when it forecasted Ghostie as the original wronged Bride. Holy Moses, but I never thought Past Life Flame Hands would stoop to attempted infanticide. Saved by Doo Rim? No WONDER Ghostie likes Doo Rim and has given 80 bazzilion chances with the Bead Bracelet. My brain is buzzing! Buzzing!

Firnlambe: THE FEEELS!!!! THE FEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLS!! I did not see Doo Rim being there in the past, I'm going to guess that that was Granny as a young one.

Wendilynn: It took me almost an hour for me to recover from this final scene. I was shouting at my screen, "No way!. NO No NO way!" I was NOT expecting everyone to be in on the past life story. The only problem with that potentially being Sweetheart Grandma is that this happened 100 years ago. Grandma isn't quite that old. But this does explain why Ghostie is attached to the first born males. What do you bet that the baby is her first born and she came back to make sure he was safe and it stuck that way. I bet when Kang Ju was kidnapped, she had all sorts of feelings rush in because of how she died herself. Gives a new perspective on how she felt about the kidnapping.

Firnlambe: Ahhhh good point . . . . well then at least past Doo Rim is related, we know that much. Unless the writers are going for the reincarnated bit instead.

I don't know about you, but I CANNOT wait for next weeks episodes. "Lucy? You got some 'splaining to do!" We here at the Drama Club are not ready for this to be over. Taleena's Big book of Theories is nearly bursting and it's getting heavy. So tell us Drama Club addicts, what are you're predictions for next week? What is the connection between Ghostie, Doo Rim and Fire Hands? How will Ghostie finally have peace? And will Oppa ever be able to smile again?

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