Well K-Fans, our long week's wait is finally over and we are loving the final episodes of Bride of the Century! Finally, we learn the true events of Ghostie's vendetta, the fatal love lives of the Choi family men, and how you get to Crazy Town. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and I as we laugh, cry, and look carefully for Cat Clues in episode 15.

Never Accept Jewelry From Married Men

Especially not under Cherry Blossoms

Taleena: OK. I think I have this straight. 100 years ago Ghostie was a maid in the Choi family house. Her best friend was Doo Rim. Doo Rim's mom was Flame Hands, who was herself the right hand maid servant of the Lady of the House. Lady of the House can't have kids and Great Grand Pappy Choi had a little somethin' somethin' with Ghostie. I know the Choi men are fatally attractive, but that is a recipe for epic trouble.

Wendilynn: Oh yeah, epic pile of trouble. Ghostie, named Star by her lover, was a deaf woman who saved the Lady of the house and was in turn brought in and given a job. Now we know where the Love Beads of Doom/Destiny come from and why she loved Doo Rim so much. I had a problem with the costuming of this flashback. For a hundred years ago, our Lover is dressed rather contemporary.

Firnlambe: Well if you think about it, 100 years ago was only 1914, so it's not like it was supposed to be in the 1800's. But man, these writers sure didn't want us viewers to even be able to fathom the intimate ties everyone had in their past lives. I NEVER would have pegged Ghostie to be a mute of all things, nor did I guess that Flame Hands herself would stoop to actual murder.

Hallo, My Name is Inigo Montoya

you killed my father, prepare to die.

Taleena: Worse and worse! Choi men are not only fatally attractive but so loveable you will give up well planned vengeance killing. Killing with an acupuncture needle too. *shudders* No needles, no THANK YOU! I have never had acupuncture so I can not testify to it's efficacy; the following statement is not a slam on acupuncture. I just can't imagine a time where I say, "I have a huge headache, let me stick a bunch of needles in my wrist." It seems the cure is almost as bad as the problem. I think I'd rather swill tea by the gallon and knock back the ginseng. Also, I want that butterfly candlestick that is in the love nest.

Wendilynn: Well, he was cute! Too bad that "love and cherishing" didn't last past the first suspicion. I just was not expecting this story line at all. This drama did such a great job of keeping its secrets until the moment it felt darn good and ready to give them up.

Firnlambe: I'm on the other end of the spectrum, I found Great Grand Pappy Choi to be a bit of a mismatch for her. Maybe because he seemed too . . . . . I don't know, "Old" maybe. *shrugs* anyways it just felt off. But I'm right there with you on the acupuncture :shudder: needles belong outside the body not just beneath the skin.


Lady MacBeth has a soul sister.

Taleena: Flame Hands actually has an elegant little plan, you know, for being utterly monstrous - not just a homicide, but an infanticide too. Thank Goodness for Doo Rim snatching up the CUTEST baby, my goodness the cuteness!, and running it to Great Grand Pappy Choi. And what does she get but a swift boot by the Lady of the House, because henchwomen are disposable.

Firnlambe: I loved that she was actually shocked, shocked when she was told to scram. Hopefully Doo Rim was allowed to stay, if nothing but for the sake of saving said adorable baby . . . though I doubt it.

Wendilynn: That baby was adorable. I guess we know where Kang Ju and Kang In got their looks. No wonder Ghostie was so attached to the Choi men and invested in their happiness.

I'll Never Take A Nap Again!

I'll stop drinking wine with your evil twin!

Taleena: 22 minutes in we finally pick up where we left off last episode - watching Lee Hong Ki snore cutely in a car. Run, Kang Ju run! Wail, Kang Ju wail! Now wake her up with True Love's kiss! Darn it! It happened in my mind.

Wendilynn: This is a Kdrama, you're only allowed one true love kiss per series and we've already had several. LOL!!

Firnlambe: It doesn't help that we've been like extra . . . extra spoiled, in the sense that almost all the kisses the drama blessed us with were not just the "here let me smush my face against yours" kind of kiss.

Being Evil is a Hungry Business

Strangling someone means the calories don't count.

Taleena: I think she's eating fava beans and a nice Chianti. Hungry and hungry but you can't get full? Can't fill the emptiness of where your heart and morals ought to be with that steak there. Here's a hint: I think you are the Baddie. When you want people to rot in darkness forever, you definitely are the baddie and have your ticket to Crazy Town.

Wendilynn: Nothing like announcing to your family you've jumped off the deep end. The horrified look on Oppa's face says it all.

Firnlambe: Dude, you know you've earned your own personal one way ticket to Crazy Town when you start shoveling food into your mouth like you're a 16 month old baby. Trust me on this friends, I work in the daycare field, and if you don't have a child of your own or you don't have a baby sibling . . . . that is what they look like when eating lunch. Particularly if they need to use a utensil to eat the food, like with spaghetti or a hot-dish/casserole.

I Don't Need Any of This

just the ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote control, that's all I need. And these matches.

Taleena: Mama Choi clears out Ghost House of Ghostie's shrine stuff, packs up her roller bag(s) thank goodness for servants, amiright?) and leaves the house. So Kang Ju can be happy with Doo Rim. So There! Be happy now. You've made your mother cry with your pick of a bride, but you need to be happy. Never mind that I have given THIRTY years of my life. Went through 18 hours BACK LABOR for you, Kang Ju. You want that girl? Well, I will leave my home to her. I'm sure you'll be happy. She cooks good food and Your Father has been in love with another woman his whole life.

Firnlambe: I'm still holding out for Doo Rim to say something to Mama Choi and convince her to stay. I can't see her letting Father just let her go.

Wendilynn: " The Jerk" movie reference there is killing me, Taleena. Bwhahahahahahaha!!! While I'm thrilled that Mama Choi is recognizing where she went wrong, its still not right to blame Doo Rim and deny them happiness just because she can't swallow her pride yet.

Be Selfish and Resentful . . .

...worked for me!

Taleena: Ghostie is giving some bad advice! It's as bad as that given by every Kim Hee Won character ever! Fortunately, Doo Rim's character is of a higher quality than every other woman on this Drama with the exception of Papa Choi's long lost love.

Firnlambe: I was really disappointed in Ghostie here. After all that time and effort spent on getting Doo Rim to the quality of bride she wanted her to be, it seems utterly ridiculous that she would give such negative feedback. This seems very counter-productive to me.

Wendilynn: Actually, Ghostie is giving great advice. Doo Rim is not selfish and Ghostie knows it. She knows that Doo Rim will give the family the space they need to overcome their issues and come to peace with all the hell the mothers put everyone through.

Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty

Little Ball of Fur!

Taleena: I can't for the life of me think of anytime that Doo Rim sings in this series. I remember Kang In singing, and Lee Hong Ki brooding to his own personal soundtrack. Help me out here, K fans. When did this happen? Also, Doo Rim singing the happy song through her tears was a nice reference to Li Hong Ki's Jeremy singing the happy song through his tears in You're Beautiful.

Wendilynn: I don't remember her singing either, although she may have talked about it. I just loved watching Kang Ju fall asleep with the phone to his ear while his lover talks/sings to him. WE'VE all been there.

Firnlambe: Ooo oo ooo!! I think I know!!!! Doesn't she quite sing while she's cooking . . . but both back in Namhae and while at the cabin she mumbles a little diddy. I mean, its not a full blown solo session, like she's forced into here, but it definitely had a melody.

I Just Realized!

We're the Baddies!

Taleena: And so it begins, Doo Rim's self sacrifice starts the rehabilitation of Yi Kyung. No longer shadow to Doo Rim's light, Yi Kyung wakes up to realize being a Baddie is not the healthiest lifestyle choice and maybe her mom's plan of murder is not a winning option.

Wendilynn: Yay for the redemption of Yi Kyung!! About time she woke up and became sane and realized Mom's psycho example was not the one to emulate.

Firnlambe: Better late then never I suppose. I was nice that Doo Rim's text message was what woke Yi Kyung out of her dazed state. Her (Doo Rim's) super state of naiveté is gone!!! She see's what needs to be done for the greater good of everyone and just does it, no hesitation at all. If only she had been this way always . . . I wouldn't have driven myself up so many walls.

Paging Don Quixote, Quixote...

...you are wanted on the pink and white Hello Kitty courtesy phone.

Taleena: She's in Holland?! Kang Ju will never find her there. Who runs away to Holland? I suppose I can see the attraction: clogs, tulips, cheese. What's not to love? Hollanders, I hear, are a kind and fashionable people. Also, it seems the Haunted Honeymoon Cabin of Love yielded results.

Wendilynn: Well, that's one way to go see the sea. I don't know if she's actually in Holland though. I love how Ghostie really took care of her and directed her through this episode. Ghostie made it clear that she needed to give the family time to heal their wounds before they had a chance to have happily ever after.

Firnlambe: No joke! Plus I hear Holland is quite nice this time of year, perfect place to raise that baby bump without being caught . . . . so does this mean Baby Choi will have dual citizenship? o.O But seriously, I agree on the Ghostie bit. It was nice to see that even through her harsh comments, she had good intentions for Kang Ju and Doo Rim.

One more episode left! Where has the series gone? It was just yesterday that Doo Rim was fishing for Ghosties and Kang Ju was firing smokers! Happy days. What do you think K Fans? Is Doo Rim in the best Dear John letter writer ever? Will Mama Choi be sated with a tuna on white bread, Twinkie and a Tab? Will Oppa wash his hands of the whole business? Let us know in the comments.

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