It's the final episode K-Fans. *sniffle* I hate it when an awesome drama ends. To celebrate it's awesomeness, we here at the Bride of the Century Drama Club have decided to change it up and give you an inside peek at our conversations. You are V.V.I.P.s now. Claim it. Join us as we open the Big Book of Theories for the final time and judge just how accurate prognosticators we are.

Taleena: So ladies episode 16? I must admit I was hoping Oppa would find a nice girlfriend.

Firnlambe: ME TOO!! The writers really dropped the ball on that plot point. Poor Oppa is left to watch Doo Rim come back, with a son, and can only give the gift of a spa package.

Wendilynn: I don’t think Oppa had a chance to get a happy ending for himself this time around. They didn’t even give it wriggle room.

Taleena: OK we'll start from the beginning and when we get to the end we’ll stop. :)

Tree of Loneliness, no longer quite so lonely

Taleena: Doo Rim runs away to Holland in Korea.

Wendilynn: Well in reality, the beginning of 16 is really starts with Mom and Dad burning the diary and coming to realize that they really love each other and do not hold the past against each other.

Firnlambe: which was super sweet, I’m glad Mama Choi was able to get past the . . . well past. We knew Papa Choi had already come to terms with everything when he found out about Granny Pit Viper. And yet he still tried to keep everything under wraps for Mama’s sake.

Taleena: Yes, Papa Choi is awesome sauce upon awesome sauce. This is really a nice change of pace because usually the rich powerful dads are hung up on well, riches and power, and it’s the working class dads that are wonderful. How much of that is informed by seeing your own parents unhappy or uncomfortable in their relationships and realizing money isn’t everything?

Firnlambe: Agreed, If only Kdrama land did this more often . . . . I wouldn’t end up yelling at my computer nearly as much.

I'll Be Your Sweet Potato Redux

Wendilynn: This drama really allowed for repentance and forgiveness to take place. Which we see when the Choi family is now all together, eating sweet potatoes and kimchi.

Taleena: I have to say I loved, loved LOVED happy warm Kang Ju. I loved him in the mall calling that lady, “ahjummah” I loved him brushing off the model with his wedding ring, loved. I really appreciated the lack of board room maneuvering that usually happens in chaebol land. You know, sometimes you don’t care how many shares or percentages of shares every family member owns.

Firnlambe: Warm fuzzy Kang Ju was indeed a treat to watch, but it was also a bit bitter . . . which was to be expected I suppose, but when he found the lost child and then had the vision of Doo Rim I almost started to shed tears . . . . . like it was really close there friends, and that's saying something because it takes a LOT for me to reach that point in a drama.

Wendilynn: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who got misty.

Taleena: I got misty when Doo Rim was talking about sharing the same sky. The little half prayer for him half conversation just kind of choked me up. K Sister and I looked at each other and said, “When a man starts dreaming about progeny with a particular woman, his bachelor days are long gone.”

So You Want to Marry a Choi Brother, eh?

Wendilynn: Speaking of love, I loved how Kang In got Roo Mi to the psychic. She’s all business about finding Doo Rim and he’s all telling her to notice the gem beside her.

Taleena: Better Kang In for Roo Mi than Oppa! Kang In seems as if he has the mischief to deal with Roo Mi and her attitudes. He obviously had the “noona crush” on her all while she chased after his older brother.

Firnlambe: So, SOOO true! I wanted Oppa to get a girl, but I was gonna be majorly miffed if the writers had paired those two together. So I’m super glad this scene happened. Side Note: does anyone else think the actor who plays Kang In looks much better with his black hair, as opposed to his blonde?. . . no?

Wendilynn: Hands down, better!

Taleena: Between Jeremy, I mean Kang Ju :), and Oppa it was kind of hard to notice the good looks of anyone else.


Firnlambe: Speaking of Oppa . . . I still claim he’s Hyun Bin’s long lost twin.

Taleena: It’s the cheekbones. My goodness you could cut yourself on those cheekbones. Still even though Oppa ends the episode so far in the FriendZone he is getting pedicures with Doo RIm, I am pretending he met a nice physical therapist, or maybe a pharmacist working at the Looney Bin where his step mom spent some time. I am thinking pharmacist for sure. She’d have a good idea what kind of medication to leave Flame Hands on.

Wendilynn: Next one . . . we’re going on tangents. lol

Taleena: Don’t tell me I’m the only one to make up long extravagant stories about how these people live their lives..

Wendilynn: We have the red ball of yarn. ROFL . . . oh you're not. I’m just thinking space and we have much to still talk about.

Zis, Ginormous Ball of Red Yarn?

Taleena: The PEE CAT Yarn??!!

Firnlambe: Awwww I miss Pee Cat . . .

Wendilynn: Well, the ball of red yard we never got to see Pee Cat play with, since it was used for the proposal, but I’m sure glad they used it to find each other. And those tears . . . that scene was so emotional. You had no doubt those two people loved each other deeply.

Taleena: Again, Wendilynn, these people all have very detailed lives inside my head. Pee Cat played with that yarn, Doo Rim stroked her and thought about Kang Ju holding that cat so cutely.

Wendilynn: You're right, even though Pee Cat hasn’t been showing up in the last episode, you know he did play with it.

Taleena: You are spot on. This was such a great scene for the feels. I was laughing about the Hello Kitty Scooter. Was a little worried at the appearance of a mild case of 360 degrees disease. But then they saw each other and the play of emotions! Aw! So perfect! Happiness, disbelief, longing, relief. Lee Hong KI is so good at making the tears swim in his eyes. I really wanted a kiss - for Doo Rim. ahem.

Firnlambe: The woman loves her pink and white that's for sure. But I was getting so frustrated at all the near misses they kept having. They were like 50ft away from each other and at one point I'm sure Kang Ju looked directly at the back of her head.

Taleena: Yeah Firnlambe, that is 360 disease. If they would just look carefully in 360 degree arc they will see who they are looking for. It’s epidemic. It is spread by lovers in Incheon Airport, and is exacerbated by a painter's cap.

Firnlambe: See I’m learning new Kdrama diseases with every new show. Second Lead Syndrome . . . 360 disease . . .

Wendilynn: And who says we don’t learn nothing from Kdramas.

We Are Family!

Taleena: Focusing, I liked how Doo Rim had a “papa board” for Kang Rim. And while cute, that little sucker was chubby!!

Firnlambe: It was nice to see that because of the board, Kang Rim was able to at least kinda recognize who Kang Ju was. He was even saying “Dad! Dad!”

Nothing Bad Ever Comes from Spreading Baseless Rumors

Taleena: Granny Salt was a Bride! Thanks Big Book of Theories, you got that right! In fact, she's the bride from the beginning episode. It seems her running through a haunted forest a night was the right call. I think it was interesting that Papa Choi’s dad was the one that started the curse rumor. That Ghostie had nothing to do with the curse!

Wendilynn: It was nice to have that explained. I imagine that when Sweetheart Grandma ran off, Grandpa Choi continued the rumors he began so that no one would know his bride had run off with another man on his wedding night. Although I think Ghostie had no problem using it to her advantage since she’d been around for so long. She was clearly manipulating things, for instance like what she did to Doo Rim and Yi Kyung so they would look like twins.

Firnlambe: No joke, Grandpa Choi would have to keep the rumors going, if only to save face . . . being apart of a wealthy family from the 1900's is tough business. I will admit though, I literally jumped off the couch and did a victory dance when I found out my divine ghostly intervention theory way back from episode . . . 2 I believe . . . was indeed correct. But now I’m curious as to how she was allowed so much power over the living? Changing babies appearances at will, popping in and out of pictures . . . heck, even talking to the living with such clarity is a rarity . . . (heh that rhymed)

Yeah... About That Whole Murder Thing

Taleena: Yes, sadly the twin theory with Doo RIm’s folks was wrong. The little baby with the crazy faux hawk hair was adorbs! The reincarnated part was right! But I was surprised it was Mama Flame Hands. I was pleasantly surprised at Mama Flame Hand’s repentance. She had been so cold and bitter. I guess 2 years of medication in the funny farm is enough to make you see the error of your ways. When she couldn’t tell the difference between Yi Kyung, Doo Rim and Ghostie? Pretty awesome. Also, how bad was it when every time Yi Kyung was nice, Mama Flame Hands was convinced that it was Doo Rim? What a check on Yi Kyung’s character! Ouch!

Firnlambe: Yeah that was harsh. Seeing Yi Kyung become more compassionate towards other, really did bring the resemblance between her and Doo Rim more to the forefront. Which obviously did not sit well with Mama Flame Hands, thank goodness Oppa didn’t abandon the family otherwise Yi Kyung would be screwed . . . she’d get choked at least twice a day, if not more.

Wendilynn: This series showed a great deal of compassion for the Mothers and allowed them to repent and come back from the brink of evil. Sort of the lesson that revenge and greed don’t have to be the end. You can recover and start life again. Maybe to combat the sort of overwhelming idea that the minute you’ve embarrassed yourself you need to die.

Mawaige, Bwessed Awaingment, That Dweam Wif-fin a Dweam

Taleena: Speaking of embarrassed, Secretary Kim was too shy and embarrassed to propose to Jin Joo for, what, a month? The girl literally had to fish it out of his pocket and guide his hand to put it on her finger. Love!! And Jin Joo was so happy with her non stolen ring!

Wendilynn: I loved that scene. The look on Sec. Kim face when she kissed him. Embarrassed and happy all at once. Just adorable.

Firnlambe: The birth of this “adorable supporting cast couple” was just meant to be ever since episode 5 and “The case of the missing ring”. Super happy for them, although Secretary Kim did sit on his hands for a month, at least he worked up the nerve to follow through with his "plan" in the end.

Behold! *I* Am Adorable!

Taleena: Ghostie was hanging out with Kang Rim. I’m guessing she’ll be up to her Ghostie tricks to find him the right bride. Also Kang Ju is going to plant a tree for his son. That means another generation of Choi men can brood cutely under a tree.

Firnlambe: It was absolutely adorable watching Kang Ju attempt to pick out where he was going to plant said tree. And this child . . . . one of the cutest Asian babies evar! He is almost more adorable than the child in Emergency Couple, but not quite.

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

Taleena: OK, OK you were right that Kang Ju fell for her at the stumble kiss. I was so sure it was the cat grave. He hung out there so often. Mooning about, fiddling with the ad hoc grave marker. I tried that stumble kiss thing with the Dear Husband and all he said was, “Don’t kill yourself sweetie.” Yeah, he’s a romantic.

Wendilynn: You could almost see his heart jump into his eyes in that first kiss scene. I was sort of hoping it was the tomato myself. Firnlambe rocks for getting the most theories right.

Firnlambe: What can I say, my brain is just wired for guessing certain writers paths in Kdrama land . . . but seriously, this drama was packed full of so many twists and turns that I’m not sure how my brain pulled so many correct theories outta the crazy hat.

Taleena: Yes, but I get the award for Craziest Theory Correct. Drum roll please . . . I called the CAT METAPHOR! lolz. oh yes Mama Cat Died. Pee Kitten lived, Doo Rim saved them both. The foreshadowing every time Kang Ju held Pee Cat! Cat stuff everywhere!

Wendilynn: Now, you’ve got that right. The Cats as a metaphor for the true story line is a big one. This series kept its secrets so well you could barely make them out, and while they were busy faking us out, they were using the Cats to tell us what was going on.

Taleena: Well I loved this series. It had a great balance of humor and mystery. I always love it when people actually USE WORDS. The only thing I would change is Oppa’s raw deal. Poor Oppa, hopefully soon you’ll be a series lead.

Wendilynn: I enjoyed this one so much. It was so funny and I had a great time with you girls laughing and talking about it. I do agree with you on Oppa’s story. He was gypped.

Firnlambe: This drama made me actually look forward to Mondays, and being able to chat with fellow Kdrama addicts. Plus I’ll miss reading everyone’s additions to the Big Book of Theories.

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