Welcome fellow addicts to the second week of Bride of the Century. Last week hooked us with lots of questions and a frisky ghost, and this week kept it coming. Episode 3 gave us kisses, cake, double crosses, jealousy and best friends to the rescue. Join Taleena, Firnlambe and I as we puzzle out what is really going on.

We have Dad talking to his former Father-in-law on what is the 30th year since his first love passed away in a car accident. Dad is reminiscing on how his daughter may have had a little prescience about her impending death.

Taleena: I have a feeling Papa Choi’s lost love is the key to some mysteries about why the Ghostie has chosen Doo Rim to break the curse now. That’s assuming that Ghostie is benevolent which, until I see otherwise, I am. A big, rich, powerbrokering family has plenty of enemies without assuming that a malevolent ghost is responsible for everything. I think Ghostie is a convenient scapegoat. JR Ewing could tell you about making enemies.

Firnlambe: So obviously the first wife knew something was amiss with this family, seeing as she was talking about spreading her ashes the day before her wedding, but I don’t think she is some sort of “key” to the whole mystery. I’m not thoroughly convinced Ghostie is benevolent, or a scapegoat. I’m gonna go with she’s more along the lines of “I’ll do whatever I have to, to make my goal a reality.”

Wendilynn: I'm also not sold that Ghostie is good or bad. What we have so far is too questionable. The downside to pining for someone for 30 years is that it leaves a mark on those who you couldn't love when you should have. I can only imagine the pain his wife has been dealing with knowing she isn't loved by her husband.

There is nothing like friends who come to the rescue when one is in a difficult situation and then sit with you in a dark room to discuss what’s been on our brain since last week.

Taleena: Jin Joo is a friend indeed. Strategic dousing, good advice and a boatload of theories. Almost as many theories as in my Big Book of Theories. I see she is on the seperated at birth secret adoption band wagon but not the reincarnated twin bandwagon. I have a feeling Jin Joo will be the watcher’s advocate. Get in there Doo Rim and snap that man up! Better than being the Friend of Bad Advice- I’m looking at you Monk from Gu Family Book.

Firnlambe: It’s nice to see Doo Rim have someone she can be herself around, and NOT get in trouble for it. If the writers hadn’t added in Jin Joo’s character, I think us viewers would have gone crazy because of too many theories and no characters to share the feels with.

Wendilynn: Agreed Taleena, I also think Jin Joo is the “audience response” character. She’s also just adorable. Having a friend on the inside of that mall will be a help I think.

We are well set up for a healthy dose of second male lead syndrome in this drama. Our Oppa is kind, caring and compassionate to Doo Rim’s situation and the stress she is under. He’s charmed by the care she gives his family and it’s just creepy how he’s getting a crush on someone who looks like his sister. No, Oppa, no!

Taleena: I will say this once and I’ll say it loud (OK I feel like I will be screaming this at the screen soon) Yi Hyun : You CANNOT be second banana with a woman that looks like your SISTER. Don’t care if she is full, half, or step. Don’t care that Doo Rim is not blood related. It is seriously creepy. I can not say it enough. It is creepy. It is one thing when two non-related, mostly grown people’s parents meet and marry. It is a WHOLE other ball of wax when you have grown up in a sibling relationship with someone. Ew, ew, ew!

Firnlambe: Yeah, thats pushing it, even for Kdrama land. But, cue Second Lead Syndrome (SLS) because as much as I hate the concept, it strangely works. But dear God, the harp-y, angel music was overkill. I mean, I know he’s figuring out he “likes” Doo Rim and all, but I wish it wasn’t done in such a cheesy manner.

Wendilynn: The harp-y, angel music when she came through the door was hilarious. This show adds odd moments of comedy that I really enjoy. This story is such that you aren't really expecting it and it adds that light touch that this show needs.

Sorry Doo Rim, but those beads of doom are a dead giveaway….literally.

Taleena: OK. Doo Rim is channeling me right now. I would enter a cake eating contest just to eat the cake. I love cake. That cake is not even that big, what an inch high and at most six inches in diameter? Give me a coffee and I could polish off that baby. OK, I’d be running off the calories for a month, but it would be worth it. Why are you using forks? Just eat! It’s like this tiny Korean woman has never seen a State Fair pie eating contest before. Double points for smearing the frosting on your face to hide your identity. Frosting is tasty. Towel please! And Bead Bracelet of Doom!

Wendilynn: You’re cracking me up Taleena. LOL!! Covering one’s face to escape detection can be a clever idea, until the beads that our dear ghost has MADE SURE our hero recognizes is seen on your arm. I’m thinking this will be Jang Ju’s way of telling our doppelgangers apart when he tries to extricate himself from the confusion of having two Yi Kyungs.

Taleena: I think you are right Wendilynn. Bead Bracelet of Doom is going to tip Kang Ju to the real truth of the switch when the personalities go bonkers.

Firnlambe: Bead Bracelet of DOOM!!! Why you make it so difficult for Doo Rim to convince people shes not "Yi Kyung" when they glance at her? Wae?!? :sigh: These damn writers are dead set on killing my nerves. It's really starting to bug me that Doo Rim can't keep her personality in check. Please tell me I'm not the only one feeling this frustration, I mean she's impersonating such an important public figure that she should be thinking about her image 24/7, and she just doesn't. But I will admit, it was super sweet that she did the contest to win her real grandmother a new TV.

While I was not inclined to go for twin theory (I like the doppelganger idea more) it seems that it’s alive and well after all.

Taleena: They are NOT full siblings?! Twin theory powers Activate! Plus, Pee Kitten, whom we learn is named Coco, was in the carrier all day! Poor Pee Kitten: only pulled out to be cried upon. More random thoughts? I want Mrs. Ma’s ombre fuzzy coat; it looks so soft and warm. More and more Wendilynn, I am going with the cousin theory. I think Doo Rim’s dad and Yi Kyung’s dad are related in some way.

Firnlambe: OMO! A+ and a Gold Star to those of you who called the plot twist of Yi Hyun Oppa not being biologically related to Yi Kyung . . . that thought never even crossed my mind. Looking back, its now blatantly apparent to me. How I missed this I will never know. I felt so sad for Coco, that poor cat must have been so lonely all day long.

Wendilynn: If twin theory is real, I’m for them being split when parents died in car crash when they were young. Which means the possibility of Grandma and Mom not being their real family also may be real. Cousin theory is also an intriguing idea as well.

I get that she loves him. I do… I just will be happy when Miss Jealousy is not working with Kang Ju any longer. Did you really think that posting the video would help your cause at all? Maybe you need to keep your options open and start taking little brother a little more seriously?

Taleena: Please, oh Please Kang Ju! Find another secretary. How many women do you need hanging around making a play for you, over and over and OVER again? I am always amazed at the poor strategy of these catty women. Keep your friends close and the woman whose-man-you-are-stealing closer for effective sabotage, right? Ghostie was watching Roo Mi fall all over Kang Ju at the funeral. I think that Mrs. Choi nee Kim favors Roo Mi though, and is willing to offer up “Yi Kyung” as ghost fodder.

Wendilynn: It all depends on how Kang Ju feels about her, what he knows about the family curse and if our ghost is a friend or not. I wouldn’t put it past our ghost to start terrorizing Roo Mi if she gets in the way. I think I’d like to see that. Of course, considering how hard the ghost chased away Yi Kyung, the fact that she hasn’t chased Roo Mi gives me pause too. I agree that she knows how Roo Mi feels but hasn’t yet felt the need to chase her off is weird. I used to like Mrs. Kim but not anymore. I originally thought she was one of those loving mother types, but this episode killed that one

Firnlambe:*Raises hands above head in victory* YES!!!! Send the conniving fiend away…...far away. I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever...you reap what you sow, jerk. If Ghostie decided to terrorize Roo Mi I would be 100% behind her.

Ah, jealousy. The downfall of many a young chaebol as he falls under the spell of the girl who won’t kiss his butt like she’s supposed to so that our young hero is proven right that all women only want him for his money. Personally, I think the ghost had a hand in this situation and I really enjoyed little brother playing cupid.

Taleena: “Why", Kang Ju thinks, “am I jealous of her brother?!” Why indeed Kang Ju. There is something more than a little funny about Lee Hong Ki looking scornful of a boy band. Hooray for Kang In! Good on Kang Ju for laying a nice kiss on Doo Rim. Good on Doo Rim for closing her eyes and not standing like a plank of wood staring off into the distance, like so many K Heroines do to indicate their virtuous shock.

Firnlambe: I loved the music shift during this scene. It really helped impound the fact that Kang Ju's outlook on "Yi Kyung" is changing. But what I really enjoyed was the fact that they used LC9 as a base for Monstar. It was nice to see the rookie group actually doing something still, even if they haven't released any new music

Wendilynn: I loved that smirk Kang Ju gave after the kiss. I have to wonder if he's happy that he had an excuse to get a kiss without getting a head butt in the process.

We now have a kidnapping by beloved tutor to further scar our reluctant hero, followed by an equally mysterious “escape”. Let’s flip a coin shall we? Heads, the ghost helped him escape, or tails, the tutor let him out of her own accord after being threatened by Daddy. I call heads, what about you?

Taleena: Heads, heads, heads! The Ghost is very active on Kang Ju’s behalf. I think the ghost wants to break the curse and she is manipulating events to make it happen. I think Ghostie found him as a little boy pounding the door he had been locked behind. Flashback! This is why he goes to visit her with incense in episode one. Kang Ju’s Friendly Ghost that is a buddy comedy I want to see. Him and Ghostie solving crime and looking fine.

Firnlambe: Finally, some back-story on Kang Ju!!! Poor mini Kang Ju, this must have been terrifying for him. I wanna go with neither heads or tails and just say that Ghostie was the kidnapper, but logic tells me to call Heads. It would explain why Kang Ju has so much respect for the Ghost House.

Wendilynn: This just confirms for me that there is some relationship between Kang Ju and our Ghost. You don't light candles for someone you don't really like.

Now we understand why Mom went to the fortune teller. Why the ghost told the fortune teller to tell her everything and why Yi Kyung ran away. That would have scared me pretty well. Not really happy with them though, they are knowingly exposing an innocent to potential death. Mrs Kang seemed rather happy as well that Doo Rim would be dying on her honeymoon. Come on ladies…relax…breathe!

Taleena: How far will you go for money? I am thinking the business has failed because Mrs. Ma has been embezzling. Here’s what Taleena’s Big Book of Theories says: Yi Hyun’s mom died when he was seven, and his father remarries Mrs. Ma (who may or may not have her own daughter in Yi Kyung. True, Yi Kyung shares the family name Jung but she may be adopted). When Mr. Jung dies young Yi Hyun takes over the construction business with his step mom’s help and she embezzles to keep up with her VVIP set. This is why she is so set on the golden ticket represented by Kang Ju. I think her plan is to let Doo Rim take Ghostie’s wedding night hit, substitute Yi Kyung with Kang Ju, who is a cold fish, and pass of to Yi Hyun that she paid Doo Rim off and sent her far away.

Firnlambe: Ohhhh Ghostie, revealing all the dirty little secrets to those who don't deserve them. What's your aim girl? But Taleena's Big Book of Theories has a pretty sound one going on there. It certainly does explain a lot of Mrs. Ma's motives. But I think Mrs. Ma didn't plan on Doo Rim owning the Bead Bracelet of Doom. That will be her undoing, once she tries to switch the "Yi Kyung"s back and Kang Ju notices something is amiss.

Wendilynn: Taleena has some great theories in that big book of hers. I just know that I don't trust either of the two moms. They are not nice ladies at all. One just can't help but be on the ghost's side in this story.

What do you think K Fans? How can we square the crush that Yi Hyun Oppa seems to be developing with the sisterness? Where would you send Roo Mi off to work? Are Jin Joo’s theories right? I think I need to settle in and eat some Funyuns in a warehouse with Jin Joo to sort it all out. Do Funyuns taste good with Soju? Inquiring minds want to know.

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