Join the Drama Cub as we navigate our way through all the twists, turns, family secrets, laundry blunders and cliches running amuck during the fourth episode of Bride of the Century.

Wait, half-siblings? not Step-siblings?

Firnlambe: So unless I've misunderstood the proper meaning behind the term “half-siblings”, there should be some sort of biological link between Yi Kyung and Yi Hyung . . . right? so why claim in episode 3 that Oppa had no biological link to the family?

Taleena: I know this is a stretch but with the half sibling reveal is made here, Yi Kyung is wearing a fuzzy white sweater. Almost like...A long haired white cat! Why yes, I can leap to a far fetched conclusion in a single bound! It’s my super power.

Wendilynn: You know what, if it wasn't for you, I’d be missing all the cat references.

Sad Oppa's sad

Wendilynn: My heart cried for Yi Hyun a little. So, we are left to assume that its through their dad that Yi Hyun and Yi Kyung are siblings.

Taleena: A sad and drunken Yi Hyun spills his guts. His mother died tragically clutching candles because he was a typical whiny seven year old. Every year he lays white chrysanthemums down, sings ‘Happy Birthday to Me’ in a sad minor key, and visits a soju tent to wallow in bitter memories. I bet he sticks a candle in a rice cake because a cupcake is too good for the terrible person he is.

Firnlambe: Well this week has been packed full of sad back stories hasn't it? First we have Kang Ju's kidnapping, and now we have Yi Hyun's mothers mysterious birthday death. What's next for our sad cast of characters? That being said . . . I (you guessed it) almost had a mini heart attack when drunk Oppa started making the moves on Doo Rim, thank goodness Kang Ju got there when he did.

Yi Hyun and the case of the suspicious receipt

Wendilynn: Lets make it a little more obvious, eh? I’m not sure the boys down the hall have it figured out yet. I don’t see this going well when Yi Hyun figures out what’s going on.

Taleena: How very Nancy Drew Yi Hyun! Or is he a Hardy Boy? He’s for sure Frank then. Frank was the thinker. If only I read Korean I’d know what that receipt says. An itemized “I’m hiding my daughter and pulling a swindle” shopping list? Most likely the second phone. Honestly! You going to deduct a secret phone as a business expense? I’d audit those books so fast heads would spin Yi Hyun. Hmmm, thinking maybe you shouldn't have left incriminating evidence in the top drawer of your unlocked desk Mrs. Ma?

Firnlambe: Oh but didn't you two know? That's the best place to keep your incriminating evidence! :cough cough: *shifty eyes* I was SO proud that Yi Hyun was quick to catch on. I knew I liked him for a reason . . . and I'm not saying that just because he looks like Hyun Bin in Secret Garden, honest!! . . . ya'll were thinking it, I'm just saying it.

Score one for the underdog

Wendilynn: Score one for Doo Rim. First we have the shock of Kang Ju actually showing up. Then when Roo Mi makes an obvious play, you steal her shoe and throw it back at her. It was the first time that Doo Rim actually looked like Yi Kyung to me.

Taleena: Roo Mi you are such a witch, trying to make Doo Rim embarrassed that workaholic Kang Ju will not drop everything and play Kate to Doo Rim’s Petruchio. Joke’s on you! How many times does Kang Ju have to tell Roo Mi “no”? I would have kept the shoe. I am so petty. Doo Rim is a nicer person than I. I would have stuck the shoe in my purse and laughed while she gimped in one ridiculously high heel to a cab. You would too. Admit it.

Firnlambe: WIN! Not only does Doo Rim skillfully navigate Kang Ju out of an increasingly awkward situation, she successfully smacks Roo Mi across the face. THIS is the "Yi Kyung" I've been waiting for Doo Rim to be portraying on a regular basis. And to be honest, I probably would have kept the shoe too. Our catty "best friend" deserves all this and more. I'm still holding out for Ghostie to step in and scare the living daylights outta her though.

They're always closer than you think

Wendilynn: Hiding close to home when people are looking for a runaway is fine. But there is a don’t go visit your favorite haunts! You don’t go where you may be recognized or mistaken for the doppelganger who is replacing you.

Firnlambe: So close and yet so far . . . I love that Yi Hyun Oppa's hunch about the market was spot on, but I agree that it was really stupid of Yi Kyung to even leave her apartment. Which reminds me, didn't sneaky mom just fill up her refrigerator, why did she even need to leave and cause Doo Rim to chase after her into the middle of the street and channel her inner deer spirit? Now, remember boys and girls, DO NOT channel Bambi's mother and just stare at incoming traffic in the middle of the street.

Taleena: But Firnlambe, how will one ever be heroically rescued if you don't stand in the way of oncoming traffic? It seems Yi Hyun's spidey senses were working well and I just knew that some sales person would say the "You look just like the other girl." Yup, she would have gotten away with it if I hadn't been for those meddling ahjummas.

Catch me if you can

Wendilynn: She has a valid reason for being suspicious. However, that car stands out like a sore thumb. How arrogant do you have to be to not notice that thing driving behind you?!! I love imagination sequences . . . Kang Ju’s face. I love those faces he makes.

Firnlambe: I don't know about you guys, but I'm fairly certain I would recognize my own fiance's car . . . particularly in broad daylight. And the imagination sequence was perfect, just perfect! The way Kang Ju tried to resist Roo Mi was cute, and the way his feet popped up when she finally kissed him made me *squeee*

Taleena: Pay no attention to the Glaring Pink and White Hello Kitty Car tailing you all the way to your driveway in the middle of nowhere. Ha! another cat reference! That thing is almost as stealthy as the bright pink Mary Kay Caddys - perfect for surreptitiously following someone. Doo Rim’s torrid imagination produces a Spirit of the Forest kiss and the most shocked toes ever. I can totally picture Kang Ju shrinking from Roo Mi and pulling his turtleneck over his mouth though.

Devious Ghost is devious

Wendilynn: I love the ghost hamming it up there as she sneaks away holding the sign. She must really understand Doo Rim’s nature because if that had been me, I wouldn't have gone back inside the mansion, I’d have turned around and driven home. That little jerk could wallow in his own juices till morning. Hmmmm . . . maybe this is why I’m still single? *smirk*

Firnlambe: First things first . . . that fog would not reflect those headlights like it was a scene out of J.J Abram's Star Trek. To me it looks like light is actually shinning towards Doo Rim, but I guess i'm just being picky. Though I do love that Ghostie is just playing with her now. Like Wendilynn said, she must have a real understanding of how Doo Rim's mind works

Taleena: Ghost in the fog! Stay in the car Doo Rim! This is how you know she is smarter than the average bear: she does not get out of the car and run through the dark scary woods. Of course you never trust mysterious street signs that were not there before. Guess who wants them to spend the night together? Ghostie has appointed herself the Chuck Woolery of the afterlife.

Nothing but a towel and the Bead Bracelet of Doom

Firnlambe: What with the jealous looks towards the supposed siblings, to almost frantic 119 calls in the bathroom, Kang Ju keeps having a harder and harder time time bottling his feelings up isn't he. His growing concern for "Yi Kyung" is adorable, but because it's adorable that means it's just gonna be that much harder when Ghostie finally starts her scheming curse train rolling.

Wendilynn: This scene cracked me up. “Keep your eyes closed” . . . “I can’t see anything” . . . “Don’t touch me” . . . " Do You want an X rated film when the paramedics come?” the comedy of this scene is so good.

Taleena: When he first bursts into the room and her modesty is outraged so she covers her face?, not her bare legs! Second, he brings in the jacket and reaches for the towel at her hips? Sneaky! “I can’t see anything?!” Nope, just her knees glistening in the moonlight.

A frying pan is a girl’s best friend

Wendilynn: Hey, it worked for Rapunzel.

Taleena: “Yah!” screams Doo Rim pounding the rice out of the frying pan as she gets ready to lay out some thugs. You know she is about beat you down when she screams Yah! like that. Also, Doo Rim the answer to your earlier question is, “Yes. All men like sexy women. They may not mind us looking like slobs in sweatpants and chunky sweaters sometimes, but you have to jazz it up now and then with a push up bra.”

Firnlambe: Have I mentioned I adore the fact that Doo Rim kicks serious butt when the need arises? Because I do. Plus I thought the scene where she was trying to be sexy by blowing kisses was adorable!!! And I gotta hand it to her, she handled the surprise "Catty Jerk" visit very well.

Cliches!! Get your cliches here!

Wendilynn: There is a charm for Kang Ju here in Doo Rim’s reactions. She is not trying to win him. She’s just trying to not let the engagement be canceled, but she has no feelings one way or the other yet. This allows her to be herself and lets face it, Kang Ju probably sees very little of real human reactions. She is so natural around him that he can’t help but smile . . . albeit unwillingly. *grin*

Firnlambe: Seriously, the cliches . . . this episode was just filled with them. I was half expecting Kang Ju to reach out and wipe away the frosting with his hand. But my favorite part to this scene, was when Doo Rim coolly turned Kang Ju down saying she doesn't see him as a man. It just solidifies the fact that she likes him in my mind, you always push away that which is most precious to you . . . don't you?

Taleena: This is why Kang Ju is an idealized hero. When she announces her intention of eating the whole cake, he is charmed. My Dear Husband, who knows my deep and abiding love for cake, would scoff and tell me I am going to get sick.

Well, how does everyone feel about the way things are shaping up? Do you think our Ghostie is trying to finally break the curse or do think she's in it for Doo Rim's soul? Do you have any more pages for Taleena's Big Book of Theorys? And how about our leading couple? Has anyone thought of a good nickname for them yet? We'd love to hear all about it in the comment section below!

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