Welcome to episode five of Bride of the Century, Drama Fans! Are you ready? We have suspicions galore and truths to ferret out. Tender moments to flashback to, sweet potatoes to eat and cat references to hunt for. Join Firnlambe, Wendilynn, and Taleena as we open up the Big Book of Theories and speculate to our hearts content. First though, we have a kiss to relive.

Thar' She Blows!

Roo Mi is hard at work trying to catch her White Whale - She just knows Yi Kyung is not the same and it is obsessing her.

Taleena: Oh Roo Mi! You keep going down this road it will be your downfall. It's not so much the fact that you know something is different and you are trying to find out why, rather, it is the manner you go about it. Taking secret videos and leaking them, browbeating hapless employees, cattily sabotaging any relationship you can; if K Dramas have taught me anything it is this: be kind to everyone.

Firnlambe: This woman drives me up a wall. More so than Doo Rim's "Yi Kyung" . . . and if you've learned anything about me during these last few weeks, that's saying something. Roo Mi should really stop while she's still in Kang Ju's good graces. Not only will this all viciously backfire on her, she's gonna burn any bridges she's made with the Choi family over the years. Not that I'm complaining, cuz she TOTALLY deserves it.

Wendilynn: She's a piece of work this one. The fact that she has known Kang Ju her whole life and he isn't in love with her should speak volumes.

Aw! You Can Be My Sweet Potato

Kang Ju and his father also notice the difference in 'Yi Kyung' and are happy for it:

Taleena: It is interesting to see Kang Ju interact with his father in this moment of intimacy. To those whom Kang Ju trusts and loves he is warm and tender, smiling and making jokes. It is a real contrast to his "ice man" persona with everyone else. Even his closest non family friends: Roo Mi, Secretary Kim, and the housekeepers there is still a vast reserve that is not on display here.

Firnlambe: While I do love his "Ice Prince" persona, I love'd seeing how Kang Ju is different in front of those he truly cares about even more, plus it was super sweet to see him showing off what he learned from "Yi Kyung". I like how Doo Rim has the ability to seamlessly incorporate herself into the lives of people she's come to know without even trying.

Wendilynn: I loved this scene. This is where I really fell in love with Kang Ju. Its also our first solid clue that both father and son have had their heart stolen by Do Rim.

We Haf Vays of Making You Talk

Ooof! Punching the jaw like that will really hurt your hand, but heroes don't slap like girls:

Taleena: Kang Ju is going to regret that. He is so wrapped up in fear of betrayal from his kidnapping as a little boy it's all he can see. The fact that he was even willing to "let it go this once" is an indication of how much he likes Secretary Kim. Remember, cigarette girl got kicked out for smoking on break against company policy.

Wendilynn: I'm thinking Kang Ju is not going to react well when he finds out about the substitute Yi Kyung switch. I'm pretty sure he's going to view it as a massive betrayal. Just proving again how all they want from him is his money.

Firnlambe: Oh the "Yi Kyung" switch is for sure gonna be tough to watch. I don't know why, but I have this little feeling that Kang Ju won't hold the switch against Doo Rim. I think his actual love for her will let him get past that hurdle right away.

The Case of the Missing Ring

The Game is Afoot Watson!

Taleena: Nancy Doo Rim is on the case! I just want to know, would Nancy Drew drive a pink and white Hello Kitty Roadster? I know I would. Oh the sleuthing I could do in a Hello Kitty Roadster. Not Jin Joo! Say it aint so! I guess it would be a powerful temptation to make some quick cash if gangsters were after you. You wouldn't always have a handy frying pan to fight them off with.

Wendilynn: Never discount what happens in desperation. But Jin Joo has a good heart, she's worth believing in.

Firnlambe: I found it adorable that Kim Oppa didn't even want to bring Jin Joo's name up for speculation . . . . could we be witnessing the birth of an adorable supporting cast couple? Now the scene where Doo Rim confront the gangsters, was great! I can't stress enough that I love Doo Rim's ability to get her point across without speaking any words. All she really had to do grab one wrist and our mindless thugs have a "light bulb" moment of terror.

Then the Guitars Kicked In

The Guitars of Imminent Threat are warning you Doo Rim

Taleena: K Drama Life Lessons tell us that Honesty is the Best Policy. I know you are trying to save your friend's job Doo Rim, but you should never have stopped Jin Joo's impulse to confession. You are already so deep in the Mirey Pit of Lies that you should grasp at all opportunities to be honest. That way, when the tears and recriminations come - AND THEY WILL - you can say "But Oppa! I was truthful about everything else! I needed the money to take care of my poor old Granny."

Wendilynn: Roo Mi really sets this one up well. She suspects the relationship between Yi Kyung and Jin Joo, she just saw them on the CCTV. It was almost too easy.

Firnlambe: I was half expecting her to burst into the storage room actually, but I should have known better. Roo Mi is out to spoil "Yi Kyung" in front of Kang Ju, so of course she would set up a trap.

Is the Answer at the Bottom of this Glass?

Nope, but he'll look again just to be sure

Taleena: Kang Ju is too high toned to drink his sorrows away in a Soju Tent. The downside to this is that the love of your life is much less likely to find you and give you a piggyback ride home. Those orange awnings are like a beacon to the lovelorn, like traffic cones staking out where help is needed. Kang Ju is drinking in the Blue Lit Bar of Depression, not a good sign.

Wendilynn: Is that the sound of a heart trying to break? From our cold fish?

Firnlambe: Ahhh drinking away the pain of your "betrayal" . . . If this doesn't scream "I love that woman" to you viewers, I don't know what else will.

Scheming Schemers Scheme

Quick! Who can sacrifice Doo Rim to the curse first?!

Taleena: What is wrong with these people? Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Ma (Whom I just recognized as Flame Hands, FLAME HANDS! from Faith! No wonder I distrusted her right off. This is a Gi Cheol power grab if ever there was one.) and Yi Kyung just cast aside morals with only the tiniest compunction. Double and triple portions of revenge? Yeah, that's healthy. Roo Mi's cattiness looks benign compared to the casual dismissal of life from the other three women. Not that I like Roo Mi or anything but she shows well on the sliding scale here. Plus, Papa Choi's 30 year old suspicions are looking better and better.

Firnlambe: Wow . . . Just, wow. How these woman are able to live with themselves is beyond me. I know you need to look out for family and all but If my mother sacrificed another human just for my benefit I would FLIP on her. I almost regained my hope in Yi Kyung when she was concerned about Doo Rim's life . . . and then she dashed that brief moment almost instantaneously. *sigh*

Wendilynn: These women are just mind boggling. Its as if they've accepted that "somebody" has to die, it might as well be....the really nice girl who is loving and helpful. Karma? Calling karma? Where are you?

His New Name is No See 'Im.

It was a good movie in her defense

Taleena: Yi Hyun- you need a girlfriend that doesn’t look like your sister. Note to self: don’t go to movies with your brother and sit in couples seats, it’s just weird. Kang Ju: if you want her to know it’s you say something. Touch her hand. You could rock the “oops! going for popcorn and cop a feel move.” You *are* engaged. It is OK, we all want you to, even Doo Rim. Also, good on manning up and and saying sorry. This skill is important in a marriage. Women like it. They REALLY like it when you say why you are sorry. Then we know you GET IT and are not throwing us a bone.

Wendilynn: I can only imagine the bitter pill Yi Hyun swallows when he has to send warm and comforting Do Rim into the arms of Kang Ju. And there are whole levels of wrongness in what I just said. I will say one thing in Yi Hyun defense...since I don't see Do Rim and Yi Kyung as the same, I can almost excuse that he doesn't either. Yang Jin Sung deserves some serious credit for playing these girls so perfectly that they don't look the same to me accept in a way family members sort of look the same.

Firnlambe: I found it absolutely hysterical that Doo Rim chose a Horror film of all genres. Then the fact that she doesn't squeal once, only to FREAK out at the sight of Kang Ju was priceless! I did feel bad for our SLS though, poor Oppa . . . unlike the rest of the Drama Club, I don't find Yi Hyun's attraction to Doo Rim, or even Yi Kyung (cuz you know he was by the way he called her "our Yi Kyung") to be bad. It's already been established that they are not related in anyway, which means he would have known this growing up. It's odd though I'll give you that.

Chopsticks, Right?

Maybe Kang In can play the counter melody?

Taleena: Roo Mi just can't help but stir the pot, can she? Setting up the surprise concert, causing Doo Rim to make an emergency call to Yi Hyun Oppa. Oppa and his fabulous coat to the rescue! Run Oppa Run! Those fire alarms sure are a bear to trigger in Korea. Makes you long for than handy red levers here in the US of A. Toddlers + candles = instant fire hazard. Use your resources man!

Wendilynn: Talk about nerve wracking. I can't even begin to count how many times I stopped this episode so I could work past the nerves and agitation each scene came with. There was no way I was sitting through this one calmly.

Firnlambe: OMG if you thought you where unable to sit through this part, think about me . . . I had to stop it a few times, then I had to resort to turning off the volume. lol I don't know why, but it's easier to get through awkward situations if I can't hear what's going on. Then she started to play, went whaaaaaaaaat *insert Dispicable Me minion voice here*

There was so much more in this episode! Yi Hyun Oppa's increasing suspicions of his step mama. Papa Choi taking steps to track down the mysterious phone calls. Mrs. Ma's sinister snake ring! Try as I might I couldn't find one cat themed anything! Help us out K fans! Did we miss anything?

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