Episode 6 of Bride of the Century had a lot going on, from the return of the runaway bride, evil mothers, oppas falling in love, dads catching on, and our ghost returning the tossed Beads of Doom. Come join Taleena, Firnlambe and I as we puzzle and laugh about what took place this week.

:Which Yi Kyung are you?:

Wendilynn: Roo Mi has set her trap well, but it doesn't quite come off as she wants. Clearly Roo Mi believes that there is a look alike and this neatly puts that fire out for now. I was suspicious when "Yi Kyung" sat down at the piano and there were no Beads of Doom on her wrist.

Taleena: Oh such prosaic explanations! I was so sure it was Ghostie stepping in and playing piano for Doo Rim. What else is a ghost supposed to do in the long centuries? That is a lot of time to fill and you have plenty of time to learn skills like piano playing. You can't steal brides and rattle chains ALL the time.

Firnlambe: I was so relieved when it turned out to be Yi Kyung . . . but then I had a "Light Bulb" moment. What happens now? Yi Kyung is back, Doo Rim will leave, Kang Ju is sure to notice the difference . . . right?

: And we know what cards you're holding and we don't like them one bit:

Wendilynn: The mothers in this show are just EVIL. The casual disregard for human life that both Mama Ma and Mama Kim are showing towards everyone is disturbing. I don't care if you're trying to save your daughter's life, sacrificing another isn't justified. And if I was Kang Ju's mother, I'd probably be tempted to tell my son to live in sin and never officially marrying the girl he loves. Why would I destroy my son that way? What is up with these ladies?!!

Taleena: "There, there honey. I'll be sure someone is unwittingly duped into dying for you. Just think of all the lovely money and you'll feel better." Aish! This is why Ghostie has stepped in I tell you - both Moms are just Eeeevil! Yi Hyun so nosy with your questions! Can’t you just be happy that Yi Kyung is back and not be so question-y sheesh! Stop getting up in your step mama’s grill yo.

Firnlambe: But Oppa is our beacon of truth!! Without his guidance where would we be amidst the twists and turns this drama? No seriously . . . this man is probably the only one besides Doo Rim that has a shred of decency among the main cast.

PeeCat Visits the Mall!

Firnlambe: *SQUEE* so freaking cute!!! . . . Coco . . . I meant Coco is the one that's cute ::cough:: Yes . . . that is what I meant.

Taleena: Pee Cat! erm..Coco! We missed you. Tangent - when I was a kid we went to the Oregon Zoo (once known as the Washington Park Zoo) every Freebie Tuesday and spent forever in the monkey house because my mom was obsessed with lemurs. Now don’t get me wrong, lemurs are fine, but there is only so much looking at lemurs a person could do. Being a compulsive reader, I read over and over on each visit about the monkeys, chimps, that learned sign language and lived at the zoo. One was Coco. To me, Coco will always be a sign language-d enhanced chimp. Did I mention these chimps had died a long time ago and I found this to me hugely, morbidly fascinating? Or that these were my first long stretches of contemplating death - pondering the passing on of Coco the Sign Language Chimp. Could it be that the writers of the K Drama knew that I associated the name Coco with death? That the name Coco is in fact a secret clue to me and me alone? One I can now share with you my friends? That Pee Cat is now a harbinger of Death? Pee Cat = Death Angel? I really have got to step away from the Big Book of Theories and slow down on the coffee folks. Still, Lee Hong Ki with kitten is Adorbs!

Wendilynn: Peek a Boo, I see you! Pee Cat = Death Angel. You may be on to something, after all, Yi Kyung is deathly allergic to cats. lol

:SHARING?!! Doesn't this go against the Heartless Boss code of Conduct?:

Wendilynn: Of course, you did accuse him of theft and send him to jail, I guess sharing two sweet potatoes is the least you can do. That cute happy look at the end of this scene was adorable too.

Firnlambe: Omg, while the face Kim oppa makes when given the sweet potato is priceless . . . Kang Ju smile of expecting happiness and the misunderstanding that he wanted more is even better

Taleena: Note: the second sweet potato is for Jin Joo. It seems Kang Ju is not slow about some things.

:We are given many clues of where to look for our Ghost's identity:

Wendilynn: Who is this woman indeed. The Fortune Teller tells us to look hundred's of years in the past. This picture was of Kang Ju's Grandfather's wedding. The questions are piling up and there are many cracks and crannies to look under.

Firnlambe: I'm thinking she's the very first bride to die. And that she is just waiting for the right bride to come and take their rightful place as the 1st wife. At least, that's what I'm hoping is the case.

Taleena: I spy with my little eye, someone who begins with the letter “G”! Inevitably we will see Ghostie photobombing an old family painting or ink drawing. She'll show up in old diaries. Ghostie is everywhere! Ghostie has to be a former Bride. Right?

: Beware of Ghosts returning Beads of Doom and Promises of dreams come true:

Wendilynn: Doo Rim is sick and tired of the Beads of Doom. Just try and get rid of them, yup, I dare you. Didn’t we have this conversation before? Don’t accept, don’t accept. Oh man…. and wonderful, now we get the ominous warning of doom that the hero/heroine is always asked when accepting “the great responsibility”. Do you accept all the consequences of your own free will? Why yes, I would like to die, thank you for the opportunity! I think I prefer American ghosts… they don’t take corporeal form and climb rocks and give you things you can wear. Korean ghosts are a rather lively group

Firnlambe: No joke, and you should never trust a “woman” who’s wearing the EXACT same outfit she was wearing MONTHS ago when you first saw her.

Taleena: One doesn't just throw away the Bead Bracelet of Doom! The Bead Bracelet of Doom will find you. Doo Rim though made her choice. I am not sure I can call it the Bead Bracelet of Doom anymore though. Even with the whole ominous "accept the consequences" speech I am still feeling like Ghostie is on the up and up. Accept the bracelet Doo Rim, it is your destiny! The Bead Bracelet of Destiny!!!

:Sorry Oppa, you don't stand a chance:

Wendilynn: Our Kdrama addiction has taught us two things very well... Loving Oppa big brothers never get the girl and don't look gift horses in the mouth. Restaurant? Sure his mom wants to "watch out for her". And I'm really 20 with a great figure. lol

Taleena: Pack it in Yi Hyun, she compared you to her DAD. A girl may marry a man like her dad, but you don't want to be openly compared to him. That with the weird sibling look a like is the final nail in the coffin. There is not the GHOST of a chance. Do not attempt to adjust your relationship. She controls the horizontal and the vertical. You have now forever entered, the Brother Zone.

Firnlambe: I'm hoping Oppa gets a girl somehow at the end of this series . . . just as long as it not Roo Mi. She deserves to be forever alone.

:Sure you give up, and those cosmetics earlier were from that warm fuzzy place that your heart has never resided in:

Wendilynn: We learned in episode 1 that you don't trust free gifts, especially cosmetics or lingerie. It seems that Roo Mi has started putting the cursed pieces together and realized she's better off letting Yi Kyung die first. I swear, what is up with these women? No wonder the Ghost wants Do Rim.

Firnlambe: Freebies are never a good sign. Impending doom awaits those who receive them. I hope only Yi Kyung is affected though, our loose lipped maid should be spared.

Taleena: Right? Don't trust free cosmetics that don't come from a new chaebol boyfriend shopping spree. I understand Roo Mi wanting to develop sources in the house. This was a chance for her to show her worth and she grabbed for Sauron's ring of power. Bad show Roo Mi! Mrs. Kim may threaten but I don't think she'd ever get rid of the housekeeper. It must be hard work keeping good staff on at Ghost House.

:Finally Dad starts catching on:

Wendilynn: First there is the phone calls from Kang Ju's Mother's Grandmother's Chauffeur. (Sounds like a line from the movie Clue) Add to that first wife's suspicious death and second wife sneaking into ghost house to read the diary, Dad is finally starting to get a clue. Mama Kim is in hot water as we discover that Kang Ju was also listening in to their conversation. Everything is starting to blow up.

Taleena: It's so awful when kids hear their parents fighting. It's even worse when you hear that your mother is premeditating murder by ghost to set you up with a girl you are not in love with. It is the worst ever when they are doing it in your happy place. Doesn't Mrs. Kim even think about the fact that she is talking about thwarting Ghostie's plans in Ghostie's HOUSE? Hello, that is some bad planning there Hoss. If there is one place not to talk about secret plans it is there. Sheesh!

Firnlambe: I'm curious as to how Mama Kim is gonna try to weasel her way outta this. She's really stuck now that both her husband and her son have basically dropped her like a hot sweet potato.


Wendilynn: How many of you jumped out of your seats like I did? You could tell when he came out of ghost house earlier and was talking to the Housekeeper that he was very familiar with what resides in that house. Watching him run to Yi Kyung's rescue when she screamed and his confession that he's given his heart away and how scared that makes him just made me want to hug him though.

Firnlambe: GHOSTIE!!! you sneaky girl you!! How do you plan on making things better? Poor Kang Ju has trusted you since his kidnapping and now he learns his mother has been preparing "Yi Kyung" as a sacrifice for you. Don't think you will be able to fix this anytime soon.

Taleena: Poor Kang Ju! The unbearable betrayal of his own mother! Confessing to finding his heart and giving it away to a screen? Heart melting. But Aw Snap! Ghostie comes out to play and Kang Ju is not even phased. I knew Ghostie was Kang Ju's BFF! The theories! The theories! My theory cup runneth over!

The Big Book of Theories is filling up. We're only starting to get an hint at some of the answers. Is our Ghostie really on Kang Ju and Doo Rim's side? Will Dad take steps to thwart Mama Kim? Will Roo Mi end up on Ghostie's hit list with Yi Kyung? Just how broken is Oppa Yi Hyun's heart going to get? And is Pee Cat really the Angel of Death? While we wait in anticipation for next weeks episodes, fill us in on what you think is going on.

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