Welcome to level 7 K-fans! Ghostly answers only raise more questions. Kang Ju contemplates his life. We witness the ceaseless whirl of catty women trying to stab each other in the back faster than the others. Hyun Oppa gives up his detective work, just as Papa Choi steps up his. Join Taleena, Wendilynn and I as we puzzle out the clues in this week's episode.

:Ghostie takes the term pedo-noona to new heights:

Taleena: To the pounding drums of destiny we find out the truth of what happened to Kang Ju these many years ago. Ghostie, wearing the Bead Bracelet of Doom/Destiny!, saved Kang Ju! Snap! she has been watching over him a long time! He has drawn her picture. Did he never notice the bracelet? Is she the reason he had never fallen in love? Was he in love with Ghostie? She is pretty good looking.

Firnlambe: I'm curious as to why she took such a strong liking to Kang Ju. As opposed to the rest of the family, who she apparently couldn't give two cents about.

Wendilynn: Rescuing a child from danger is going to build a bond. I also noticed that she was wearing the Bead Bracelet. These scenes really do a good job of showing just how attached Kang Ju and Ghostie are to each other. I think we can all say that it just doesn't make sense that she has it out to make him suffer.

:No, Say it Ain't So! :

Taleena: Pain and sacrifice? Ghosties never spell anything out for you completely do they? Pain and sacrifice does not equal death. Looks like this is a test for the groom - not the bride. Taleena’s Big Book of Theories now says this: Imagine if you will Joeson era twins. One good, one EVIL. Ghostie was a good twin, betrayed and murdered by her BAD twin over the love of a man. Man does not realize that good twin has died and Ghostie curses the house. Not every bride was taken by Ghostie, but some brides fell to genuine misfortune and intrigue of a less supernatural kind. Ghostie watches over the progeny of the house and loves Kang Ju. She determines to break her own curse on Kang Ju’s behalf. Kang Ju must recognise the right twin. Bead Bracelet of Destiny is there to clue Kang Ju into the right twin.

Firnlambe: I'm all for this theory. It definitely makes the most "sense" and lets be serious . . . We've seen weirder in Kdrama land.

Wendilynn: This is a theory I can get behind. By telling him he holds the key to the situation, clearly there is an answer that allows Do Rim to live.

:Now YOU have a friend in the Diamond business . . . :

Taleena: This diamond has so many carats it's almost a turnip, to steal a line from Liz Taylor. Oh Oppa! It’s not going to work. I’ll say it as many times as needed: she looks like your sister! Am I the only one that has a problem with this? Say I met a great guy - funny, sweet, understood the deep well of weirdness that resides in my heart. If he looked like my brother I couldn’t get past it. He could grow a giant Viking Beard - the manliest of all attributes - braided, with beads, and he’d still look like my brother with an awesome beard. I am ranting out loud at my monitor now. Love her, Hyun Oppa, Love her. Like a BROTHER.

Firnlambe: while I'm still convinced they have no biological relation to each other ... I will admit Oppa really went too fast in coming to this decision.

Wendilynn: Well, he's losing her to Kang Ju and he knows it. He doesn't have much time to make his case. Since I can tell Yi Kyung and Do Rim apart so easily, maybe he does to. However, I can't help but wonder if part of his attachment is because of how much he does love his sister.

:Caught red handed there Catty McCatty:

Taleena: Roo Mi, falling for one of the classic blunders. Think it through Vizzini, you clearly can not choose either cup. That makes Li Hong Ki the Dread Pirate Roberts. I can get down with that!

Firnlambe: I would imagine her internal monolog was going "Yes . . . no . . . *sigh* I don't know."

Wendilynn: In my head, Kang Ju was saying, "You *itch" He knew what was up, it just confirmed for him how calculating she is and she is not getting anything from him. She has miscalculated on a massive scale. Considering his parent's marriage, there is no way he wants any part of that.

:Yeobo. . . you best be turning down any more of those free cosmetics:

Firnlambe: I legitly scoffed at my tablet when I saw this, This woman can't go two days without gossiping. I like that her husband's face says what we're all thinking . . . "I know what you did last week, and I better not catch you doing it again."

Taleena: First rule of Ghost House... Still these old family retainers get a lot of latitude. And when our friendly, ginseng drinking butler turns into Papa Choi's heavy later we know why.

Wendilynn: She's such a good hearted person that you know they always forgive her. Its just inconvenient at this particular juncture.

:You got a friend in me:

Taleena: At the memorial tree with Papa Choi. Go Papa Choi tell her everything! Doo Rim needs to know! Aside- she is wearing a black fur collar that reminds me of black cat fur! Mourning her lost love? you be the judge!

Firnlambe: I really like this dad. Kdrama dads are usually a hit or miss for me, and I'm super glad he became a character we can root for. Plus it's nice to see someone in Kang Ju's family that's in Doo Rim's corner.

Wendilynn: Go Papa Choi! I'm glad someone finally clued Doo Rim in. Now, if they would just tell her its for real. Of course, we realize there is no way Doo Rim can walk away from Kang Ju now. Her heart was stolen in this moment as she realizes that Kang Ju cares. Deeply. Sorry Oppa, that ring you bought will never go on her finger now.

:It was Mrs White, In the park, With the Mercedes?:

Taleena: Dark woods to run off into? check Ominous drums? check. Papa Choi sleuthing? Priceless. I see how it works: Spill a 30 year old secret. Get paid off. Time to run off to the haven for all Korean scoundrels, women of loose morals, and disgraced chaebols everywhere- America. Also - Granny Pit Viper is inviting them to a b-day? I say D-DAY! Bets on whether the party is for Mrs. Kim’s crazy great Candy Crush Auntie?

Firnlambe: I'm loving that Papa Choi is getting down and dirty to protect his son's love life. That is what parents should be doing, not plotting murder behind their children's backs.

Wendilynn: Oooh, somebody is in trouble!!

Contemplating long years without sweet potatoes *wink wink*

Taleena: The Choi men rock the turtlenecks and lonely heartbreak trees don’t they? Betting Kang Ju wishes he had Pee Cat to cry on. Flashback! Nothing like the romantic memories associated with cat graves, Pee Suits and sweet potatoes.

Firnlambe: Not counting his super pained face, this was a sweet moment. Topped off by the background track being Lee Hong Ki's voice. It's too bad that this is the only option for him at this point. Our little Ice Prince deserves some warmth too.

Wendilynn: Hong Ki singing his own background song of lament was a nice touch. Very sweet and we fall in love with Kang Ju even more. However, why do couples in kdramas always pull this "I'm going to nobly suffer and break your heart for your own good" routine? Just talk about it! Be a couple! Be a Team! Together you can beat this thing! ARRRGH!!!

Let me LADLE on the charm.

Taleena: Doo Rim you magnificent lady! You need Donna Reed’s pearls. If ever there was a worthy heir of maneuvering through family dynamics with charming aplomb like Donna Reed it is Doo Rim.

Firnlambe: Go Doo Rim for sticking it out through the end, but seriously . . . this dear readers, is the look of pure heartbreak pasted on Kang Ju's face. He's gone through all this trouble to keep her out, only for her to worm her way back in with out a care in the world.

Wendilynn: "I'm trying to save you, you daft woman!" you know that's what is running through his head at this moment.

What do you think? Is Do Rim daft for plunging on ahead for Kang Ju? Can Kang Ju stop feeling sorry for himself long enough to figure out the clues Ghostie is giving him? Will Papa Choi finally get some answers and just whose butt will be kicked? As we approach the halfway mark for this story, what questions or answers have you found along the way?

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