Dear K-Addicts it's that time in the series. The time where everyone is sad. Yes, even in the most fluffiest of fluffy romances there is a time when everyone is sad, the actors drink lots of water, and there are tears galore. We are almost there. In this episode tears hover. They almost spill over. Sad music plays. Yet, we have this consolation: Li Hong Ki holding a kitten. Savor it folks - this adorable picture can get us through.

Could you resist pinching Kang Ju?

Me neither.

Taleena: Kang Ju needs pinching, and often! The Bead Bracelet of Doom compels her. Doo Rim charms even the possibly murderous Granny with her tasty mandu. She so effortlessly gets under Kang Ju's skin with her teasing, it is clear how much he needs her to bring him out of his shell. Also props to Papa Choi. After learning what he learned from the chauffeur; he sits there and coolly eats his food like it is no big deal.

Wendilynn: Papa Choi is one cool character, but then again, he's been living with the suspicion about his first wife's death for a long time. I love how Do Rim is not afraid of Kang Ju. I started laughing when she pinched him.

Firnlambe: I Just about died laughing at this scene. It really shows the chemistry these two characters have together.

Oppa hears! Oppa knows!

The walls have ears as they say.

Taleena: Be careful when revealing your evil plans ladies. Wedding gift? Yi Kyung will flip her gourd when she finds out it was a little black wisp of lace.

Wendilynn: Life is going to get interesting now in that household. The girl Yi Hyun loves is in possible danger? I don't see this going well.

Firnlambe: Poor oppa, he has the worst timing. Its never good for your mental health when you hear of impending doom on the one you love.

Bus Line is Where Again?

Fields to my left, fields to my right.

Taleena: Kang Ju’s lips say: “Even if the earth split in half I’d never marry you.” Kang Ju’s heart says, “Even if the Earth splits in half I’ll never stop loving you.” Hopefully there is a Hello Kitty car parked the next street over. Even heart breaking declarations will not get you back to Seoul when you are kicked out of your ride. No matter how easy those K Drama actresses make it look, walking miles in high heels is tough.

Wendilynn: Any guy has got to get flutters in ones belly when your girl says she's willing to risk it all for you. However, getting sore feet on the walk back to town might change her mind. lol

Firnlambe: Oh Kang Ju. I know you mean well and all, but lets just skip past this smoke screen you're throwing up, shall we? You love her . . . she loves you . . . What more can you ask for!?!? lets be serious, stop dumping her in the middle of nowhere and grab onto her.

But Hey! I had great Benefits for 30 years

Murder, shmurder! I had regular raises too.

Taleena: He doesn't really know anything does he? Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Bupkis. He's the originally See No Evil this guy. But then he starts randomly phoning Papa Choi with his Classical Music of Sadness. He could have cleared EVERYTHING up 30 years ago during that "Speak now or forever hold your peace" bit when Papa Choi was marrying the daughter of the lady that killed the first wife. Crimin-it-ly!

Wendilynn: Grandma, you are a piece of work, you are. This really lends credence to the idea that not all deaths can be laid at the Ghostie's door.

Firnlambe: Wait, so how does Ghostie factor into this plot point. I thought she was the one taking out the first wives? Which I still think is the case. Not that grandma couldn't have something to do with it, but it makes more sense that she happened upon the scene of the crime since her facial expressions where not of one who just purposefully hit someone with a car.

Bang, Bang She Shot Me Down

Bang, Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down

Taleena: Hyun Oppa goes for it and presses the Giant Rock into her hand. Doo Rim handles this really well. She doesn’t lead him on, but neither does she over dramatically declare that his confession is the worst ever. This is out of the blue for her. She has never noticed his burning looks or treated him as anything other than a big brother. She neither feels obligated to him for the restaurant, nor does she trample his feelings. She gracefully receives them and tells him her own feelings for Kang Ju needs to be sorted out.

While the whole sister thing drives me nutty, I really feel for Hyun Oppa. Really though, he hasn’t thought this one through. Could he possibly marry Doo Rim and interact with Kang Ju and Yi Kyung as a married couple normally? Extended family functions would mean the deception would be front and center. For someone as notoriously prickly as Kang Ju that would be years of uphill battles and strife, even if Kang Ju, Doo Rim, and Yi Kyung did not have emotions involved and it was a purely commercial transaction.

Wendilynn: Love is like that, though, you don't often think it through. Men will do a lot for the woman who makes them feel strong, safe and cared for. I like that Do Rim is honest enough to tell him, "Hey, my feelings are a mess because of this situation. I need time to sort it out before doing anything". That's our straightforward girl!

Firnlambe: Seriously . . . writers, even though I don't find Yi Hyun's attraction to Doo Rim to be "bad" it is awkward (and we all know how I handle those situations) so lets let Oppa get a girl of his very own. He deserves it after all this emotional stress he has gone through these last few episodes.


All Alone in the Moonlight...bum bum bum bum something!

Taleena: Kang Ju does a LOT of night time tromps though Ye Olde Ghostie Estate in this episode. The sweet memories of a cat grave. Where you buried your heart. And heard “Yi Kyung” mention the fact that she was motherless. Wha? That’ll come back at you when you discover Doo Rim's secret.

Firnlambe: I can't wait for the moment this damn switch is revealed. I want Kang Ju to stop hurting already.

Wendilynn: Breaking up with someone for their own good is always a heart wrenching experience for young heroes.

The koan asks, What's the sound of one man...

C'mon clapping! What were you thinking?

Taleena: Ghostie is getting naughty again. She is wafting in flyers for Doo Rim’s restaurant to our beleaguered medium. This is the White Crane Spreads Farts move he’s doing here. I have got to believe the nervous stomach induced by too many Ghostie visits is to blame. We can all use a little body humor about now.

Wendilynn: Ghostie doesn't leave anything to chance.

Firnlambe: Oh Ghostie, even if you've scared him and possibly his family into doing your bidding for generations, why would you leave anything to this man? To me he seems more crazy than anything else. Side note, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm like 99% sure his temple is the same one from Pretty Man.

Kim Oppa: Korean Bachelor

Our very own rose ceremony!

Taleena: FLOWER BOY RAMEN SHOP! FLOWER BOY RAMEN SHOP!!!! Cha Chi Soo is that you? *squee* When are my flower boy waiters arriving? I am so hungry now! Ramen? RamYUM! Amiright ladies? I get the ramen pot lid. *ahem* Had to remove that from my system. Secretary Kim + Jin Joo = Doo Rim busted sooner rather than later. I love the no drama B line romances that blossom with the lead lady’s friends. Also, Doo Rim has the “feed people” gene that all good restaurateurs have so you knew she would put together a goody box for Kang Ju. Especially now she knows he really his heartbroken about the break up. I would wager good money, and more importantly birthday cake, on the bet that he will recognize the taste of her food. Or I would if Kang In doesn’t scarf it down first.

tangent - Some K Dramas challenge us to try new and exciting cuisine. Ramen, chicken, beer, pork belly these are all easy. Kim Bap, sushi bring them on. Hard boiled eggs cracked on my head wearing a Princess Leia towel? check. Jangjumun noodles still scouting for them. I’ve tried Rooftop Prince’s little yogurts (good) and soju with whip cream. bleeeehhhhhh! With shudders. Soju is for sure an acquired taste I am not sure I will ever acquire. The whip cream blunts the harshness of the liquor but is not what I’d call a natural pairing. The only reason I haven’t tried the red bean ice cream is the fat grams are *really* high on the brand I found. Well, intrepid K-Sister tried sweet potatoes wrapped in cabbage kimchi. K-Sister makes her own cucumber kimchi which she eats fresh and fermented. Our local Korean joint makes a tasty kimchi fried rice and and an AWESOME stone bowl biminbap, the crunchy rice on the bottom is heaven. She ordered some of their cabbage kimchi to go took it home and tried Doo Rim’s recipe. According to K-Sister “The first few bites were not bad, the sweetness of the potato was nicely balanced by the tanginess of the kimchi; but eating a whole potato was a flavor bomb overload.” She does caveat that she used the large American sized sweet potatoes versus the fingerling sweet potatoes shown on the show. If you have any K Drama food suggestions for K-Sister to try let us know in the comments.

Wendilynn: Flower boys? check... Ramen? nope. I cry foul, you can't bring me here without giving me a serving of shirtless Lee Ki Woo! (fans self instead of the wood pile) That food was a clear smoke signal for "Come and find the real me". To bad Kang In waved the smoke away by eating the food. I love Jin Joo and Secretary Kim's little blossoming romance. Its so adorably sweet. Jin Joo needs a man like that. And Oppa doing a love shot with Grandma was priceless.

Firnlambe: I squealed when I noticed where Doo Rim's new shop was located. And I totally called It on the Jin Joo x Mr Kim line ^-^ I'm so glad they went this direction with these two, they make such an adorable couple. Plus I can see it being a good way of bringing Kang Ju and Doo Rim together, even though Kang In foiled the first attempt.

Run Oppa, Run!

Cry Oppa, Cry!

Taleena: Mrs. Ma is never one to let a good disaster go to waste. We are halfway through our drama and have only had two hospital visits so far, so we knew a third one was right around the corner. I am just surprised that she doesn’t have a brain tumor or need a rare type of blood that only Yi Kyung can provide. Kang Ju Oppa will rush to your side. It’s enough to make anyone feel better.

Firnlambe: Awwww he cares (not that we didn't already know this) but If I was Doo Rim, and I woke up in the hospital with the man who said he would never see me again standing next to me telling me my fake mother informed him of my condition. I would have a much different reaction. regardless of if he was the love of my life, I would be concerned first and then profess my love later.

Wendilynn: I had Air Supply's song "Can't live without you" running through my head in this episode. "I can't liiiiiiiiiiive.......if living is without yoooooooou....I can't giiiiiiiive.....I can't give anymooooooore".

Well K- Fans I learned something new in the midst of this sadness: the love shot. Never has been pounding a drink been so romantic. As the B-52s said: "The Love Shot is little old place where we can get together! Love shot! Baby love shot!" You're welcome, now that can be in your head too.

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