Tears, cliches, traps, puzzles and a good punch to the kisser marked our beginning journey into this week's episode of Bride of the Century drama fans. Our hero isn't quite ready to stop suffering and our heroine is not about to give up, but in the end, we get kisses in the moonlight and that's what we were waiting for. Join Firnlambe, Taleena and I as we open up Taleena's Big Book of Theories to talk about episode 9.

Declaring ones love and breaking a man's heart all in one go! That takes talent!

Wendilynn: Ah the back hug. Our Doo Rim switches it up as she's the one giving the backhug this time all the while Oppa Yi Hyun looks on. Poor Oppa, don't worry, we love you even if Doo Rim doesn't.

Firnlambe: Oppa!!! We love you (and I'm still holding out that you find your own girl somehow . . . so long as it's NOT Roo Mi) But oh the back hug indeed. I was really hoping this drama would "forget" this particular cliche *sigh* alas, it was not meant to be.

Taleena: Confessing while clinging like a monkey to a person's back is standard. If you didn't do that you might be reduced to confessing to a closed door, a screen, some random person whilst drunk in a soju tent, a hidden origami note, or, horrors, FACE to FACE with unambiguous words. Oh! Poor Oppa! His cheekbones are very sad here, it's all they can do to frame the tragedy of his eyes. I love you Oppa, but really - love someone else. If Jin Joo wasn't ridiculously cute with Secretary Kim I'd want to steer her your way.

Get A Grip!

Wendilynn: Its so wonderful to have characters like Joo Jin and Papa Choi. They help haul our heroes back by the scruff of their necks and let them know the reality of the situation. Doo Rim has been lying to the man she loves and Kang Ju needs to man up and grow a pair and they need to face this head on.

Firnlambe: Man if he flips out this bad on just the possibility of the curse affecting them, what's gonna happen to the house when Doo Ri finally spills the beans? o.O

Taleena: We know where Kang Ju got his right hook. Papa Choi wants Kang Ju to man up and deal with the realities of the situation. I think we all need sense smacked into us sometimes to snap out of it. I also think that sometimes men just need the catharsis that a physical confrontation gives. Papa Choi sees his son giving up on the possibility of True Love and knows how aching that loss is.

Oppa taking matters into his own hands.

Wendilynn: I'm glad he's finally wised up to his step-mom and sister. Yes, his heart is hurting but he knows something is not right and he's going to find out what it is.

Firnlambe: Me too. It's about time we got someone trying to make things right in this world, but I feel like he's sorta always known he's just chosen to ignore that little factoid in lieu of protecting his view of his family's image.

Taleena: Frank Hyun Hardy is back on the case. If I were Yi Hyun I'd start auditing the company books so fast. I'd get a forensic accountant in there and follow the money. Cause it is all about the money with that woman.

Beware Deals with the Devil!

Wendilynn: Doo Rim, we know you are willing to do whatever it takes to have Kang Ju. But don't you dare take Mama Ma at face value. This woman is just vile. There is no way she will let Doo Rim come clean.

Firnlambe: Devil indeed!!! This mother may quite possibly win the most evil ajumma award. She's cold and heartless under the guise of looking out for her daughters well being.

Taleena: When striking a deal with the devil remember that devil is not exactly a truthful person. Sing with me now! "The Devil went down to Georgia. He was lookin' for a soul to steal. He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind. He was willing to make a deal." I know who you are Flame Hands. I have my eye on you.

Falling in love or falling into a trap?

Wendilynn: I admit it, I didn't expect to see Kang Ju on his knees for the girl he loves. This caught me by surprise, but I know that Mama Ma is crowing in triumph. She thinks she's about to get all she desires. I really hope Ghostie has plans for this lady and her daughter to get what they deserve.

Firnlambe: You know *hit just got real when your male lead, who's earned the nickname "Ice Prince" gets down on his knees to fight for his girl. I actually found it right up his character's lane, granted if you had told me he would do this . . . . say 4 episodes ago, I probably would have scoffed at you . . . to your face.

Taleena: I am breathless at the gall of Flame Hands putting Kang Ju through the emotional wringer just to set up Doo Rim. I would love to see the psychological pathology on this woman. You get the feeling she really enjoys the power of it all. Her evil little smiles speak volumes.

I love you, You love me.....we're a happy family?

Wendilynn: Well... you're trying to be. Too bad you have to get through the Curse of Death, the Plans of Death and the Bead Bracelet of Doom/Destiny to get there. This drama almost has more conspiracies then Taleena's Big Book of Theories.

Firnlambe: No joke, and Taleena's Big Book of Theories, grows at an alarmingly fast exponential rate.

Taleena: Hmmm. Ways Kang Ju could take care of me. The list seems endlessly delicious; to get there we simply need to pass a test for Ghostie, get past all my lies, deal with two manipulating moms, a catty "best friend", a 30 year old murder mystery, and a heartbroken Oppa with the saddest cheekbones evah! Can do.

Oppa Hardy putting the puzzle pieces in place

Wendlynn: Finding that second phone is the last piece of the puzzle for Oppa Hardy. All the pieces fall into place as he realizes Step-Mom and Sister are not good people and his insider informant is really working for Mama Ma. A little footwork provides the last of the evidence he needs. Yes Oppa, Doo Rim really is in that much trouble.

Firnlambe: I think she skipped the kiddy pool and dove right into the deep end of "Doom Lake", unfortunately she decided to jump in with no support or emergency flotation devices to assist her when she needed it.

Taleena: Oppa Hardy realizes the extent by which Doo Rim has been duped by Mrs. Ma. Time to go outside the company to find the depths of her skullduggery Yi Hyun Oppa. This is the time when Korea’s lack of private detectives is very aggravating. My mind has already put Oppa in a fedora, back lit behind a desk. Slinky nightclub jazz is playing as a femme fatale with Veronica Lake hair lounges in the doorway. "Oppa," she says, "I need help." Oppa pulls a bottle of soju from the bottom of his desk drawer. "I don't help Dames anymore. Not since my heart was broken by a little thing called Doo Rim." Hong Sisters - Make it HAPPEN!

Vows of Love?

Wendilynn: Now that our heroes are on the same side, its time to figure out how to survive the wedding night. Kang Ju wants to protect the owner of his heart and Doo Rim just wants more than one night in his arms. Frankly, I don't blame her, I wouldn't mind more than one night myself. *chuckles*

Firnlambe: I don't see how this would make the curse less effective towards her, regardless of if they were married in front of many people or if they had no witnesses. To me a curse is a curse and that's all there is to it.

Taleena: Maybe not putting her on the family registry? Doo Rim is a good girl, I can't see her living in sin. Quite frankly I can't see Jeremy, erm, Kang Ju living in sin either. He is not Jang Dong Gun from Gentleman's Dignity to develop a crush and have a bit of fluff on the side. Props for having an honest conversation and exploring your options.

Red Yarn and Bead Bracelets....purrrrr-fect for kitties and romantic evenings.

Wendlynn: With death hanging over their heads it's time to confirm that their hearts are one and nothing is going to separate them. Kang Ju comes up with a creative proposal and we get a kiss scene that rocks. Only pee-kitty could have made this scene any more adorable.

Firnlambe: RED STRING OF FATE!!! It ties us all together this was a sweet moment for Kang Ju, I wonder how much effort he put into it himself with out the help of other staff in the mall.

Taleena: Every time I think I am reading random cat allusions into this show they pull something like this. Metaphors, clues, whatever you want to call it I know the writers putting them there for ME. Some scenes in K dramas are the perfect picture of Romance with a capital R, for example, in Lie To Me when Kang Ji Hwan gives her dinner at the resort with a GORGEOUS gown, rose petals pathway and private table. For me, the kiss under the full moon in the darkened mall rotunda deserves the capital R.

Roo Mi Sees All

Wendlynn: Thanks to Doo Rim inability to not chase Thief Ajumma anytime she sees her. Roo Mi got some information she really didn't need to know. This puts Roo Mi in a position to catch Doo Rim and Yi Kyung in the act. Yi Kyung allows her claws to show thinking that Doo Rim will quiver when Ghostie finally makes herself known. Little does she know that Ghostie has plans of her own and Doo Rim is not nearly the wilting flower that she is.

Firnlambe: !@#)(*!!! well Eff. This won't bode well later down the line . . . seriously this woman does not need more ammunition for her "lets target all the warm and fuzzy feeling within a 5m radius"

Taleena: Roo Mi does get an eyeful. Whether she has the capacity of thought and emotion to understand all of it? Questionable. Yi Kyung thinks she has a trump card in Ghostie. Oh Yi Kyung you have no clue that Doo RIm is Ghostie's handpicked bride for Kang Ju.

Ghostie reveals herself

Wendlynn: Finally Doo Rim is going to know what everyone else already knew. With Roo Mi looking on since she followed her, I can only imagine what's going through her mind.

Firnlambe: Ok, after all these years scaring the 1st wives, how is it that you can't muster up the means to wear new clothes . . . it couldn't have been that difficult to find another set of clothes from ghost town.

Taleena: How else, Firnlambe, would anyone recognize her if she changed clothes? I wonder if Ghostie is more involved with Doo RIm and Kang Ju than with any previous brides? I think that she is. I have a feeling we are going to have mysteries solved that only lead to more mysteries. Just the way I like it.

Well K-Fans, we here at the Drama Club are thanking our lucky stars that episode 10 is just waiting for us. Pop your corn, grab your dried squid, put a straw in your tiny yogurts and let us know: Who will soothe Hyun Oppa's broken heart? Will Ma Flame Hands keep her bargain? Will Roo Mi's eyes pop out of her skull? Will Doo Rim and Kang Ju run off to Las Vegas and be married by Elvis?

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