Alright Drama Clubbers! This week on Bride of the Century episode 10; secrets are blown, true love is found and family members have started pulling the skeletons out of their closets for all to see . . . So it's time to put on your big girl and big boy suits as we try to muddle our way through the intense informational waves of happiness, secrets, lies, and betrayals.

I spy, with my little eye . . .

Taleena: Roo Mi can’t see Ghostie. Not that she ever had a chance but that means Roo Mi will never have a chance at being Kang Ju’s bride. Even Ghostie doesn’t think she is important enough to scare off.

Firnlambe: I agree, with her being unable to see Ghostie, things just got a whole lot easier for kicking her out of the picture for good.

Wendilynn: Its very telling that Roo Mi is only left to guess what is going on. If she had been a real threat then Ghostie would have taken steps when she was a child and a frequent visitor to the house. it also shows that Kang Ju really has never had feelings for her even when they were children.

Can you hear the sarcasm seeping out of her bulging eye sockets? . . . Cuz I certainly can.

Taleena: Roo Mi just has to stir the pot. First Bride? You witch.

Firnlambe: So, if there was ever a moment when you wanted to just kill all remaining hope of getting together with the "love of your life" that was it. Also does anyone else have an issue with this woman's eyes? They always seem to bulge out a teensey bit when she gets either excited or snooty.

Wendilynn: This is called "being spiteful" children... now repeat after me... Good... this is what you do when you want to burn the rest of your bridges.

"Shot through the heart...but you're too late, Darling you give love a bad name"...Does..anyone else hear this..? Just me...? *Sigh*

Taleena: That hug is giving Oppa a bad feeling. It’s a little too intimate.

Wendilynn: Goodbyes are always obvious to the person receiving, not so much to the person giving.

Firnlambe: This is really quite mean of Doo Rim, she knows how Oppa feels about her, and she still goes ahead and only thinks about her own selfish desires.

'Til death do us part, you say?

Taleena: I, DOO RIM, take thee JEREMY. Honesty is what breaks curses Doo Rim! The Light Beads of True Love mean they are well and truly married. Now for Nookie! Getting married on the DL means they don't have to do the chicken dance at a reception, right?

Wendilynn: ROFL!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who said that line too. And as a wedding DJ... I can say they have escaped the chicken dance, the macarena, the hokey pokey and dancing with that creepy uncle who can't stop oogling your dress.

Firnlambe: Good to see we are ALL on the same page with this scene, this is probably the least awkward wedding ceremony I've ever seen. Well except for the ending, with the shiny floating lights.

Is this a trick question?

Taleena: Where did he fall in love with her? Standing over the cat grave is my vote. That is romance right there: holding a kitten, digging a grave, standing in a creepy ghost house. In a Pee Suit. K Sister says "the smell of romance is in the air"

Wendilynn: Its all those outrageous moments that caught him well and good. While I'm tempted to say it was the tomato, I really think that first kiss when she trips is what made him twitterpated first.

Firnlambe: oooh all the possibilities, "Yi Kyung" has made so many memories with him I'm sure it's hard for him to choose only one. But I'm with Wendilynn on this one, I KNEW Kang Ju seemed to enjoy that first kiss a little tooo much.

Me thinks Grandma isn't as aloof as she lets on . . .

Taleena: Granny having Joseon dreams of Doo Rim. Holy Moley Granny has the other shoe! Was granny a bride? Was granny’s sister a bride? Big Big of Theories needs an update!

Firnlambe: Wait, so now what? Granny shouldn't have this shoe . . . right? But based off her dream it seems that Doo Rim's family has been involved with this curse the entire time. Note the 1st bride in the "dream". We saw this exact scene in episode 1, and as one Drama Club reviewer mentioned, its the same face (yet again) as Doo Rim and Yi Kyung. I sense a new chapter to Taleena's Big Book of Theories in our near future.

Wendilynn: I swear this show has so many conspiracies. I just about fell on the floor when I saw that shoe. So you have Twisted Grandma Choi who had the diary and a shoe which she bequeathed to Second wife. We know from the preview for next week that Murder Grandma has the torn page and you have Sweetheart Grandma with another shoe. They all have a piece of the same puzzle. What do these ladies know?!!

Knocking . . . apparently it's not for everyone

Taleena: How many people can bust in on a honeymoon? Aren’t they worried they’ll get an eyeful of something they do not want to see? It's not all cheerful romps through haunted woods and the Cliffs of Insanity ya know.

Wendilynn: It feels like a pack of wolves waiting to eat their latest kill. Thank goodness Ghostie and Oppa Hyun are on Doo Rim's side.

Firnlambe: Oppa doesn't care about such "trivial" things as unexpected eyefuls. Oppa is in full blown Secondary Lead Hero mode, all he cares about is getting his love out of there safe and sound. I think he would have burst in on them even if there was a sock on the door.

Probably not the best way to start this conversation . . .

Taleena: Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t make vague hints. You are not a ghost or fortune teller - it is possible to use declarative sentences. Stupid Phone. Granny Pit Viper is in the hospital asking for Doo Rim? I don't have a good feeling about this.

Firnlambe: WOMAN!!! Just spill the beans already! You know you have to say it anyway, its best to do so when its just the two of you. No interruptions, no whispers from the peanut gallery. Just you . . your lies . . . aaand a furious husband . . . . . . ok, I can see why she hesitated.

Wendilynn: Hey, give the girl a break...Its hard to speak up when you know that the other person is going to really hate you for awhile while they process the truth. Until they get to the point when they realize it doesn’t matter, its going to really suck. However, I think that if she had spoken up, he’d never have let Mama Ma take her away.

The first step to recover is admitting you are a stalker!

Taleena: Oppa is watching this may save Doo Rim’s life. "Private Eyes are watching you, they see your ev'RY move."

Wendilynn: Oppa Hardy to the rescue. Those Hardy boys are always good in a pinch.

Firnlambe: I was reeeeeally hoping Doo Rim would bust out her Tae Kwon Do and kick all those thugs to the curb. We know its possible, it's been done before.

Let the "Groom Test" begin!

Taleena: And here is where the bead bracelet comes into play. Just in case he hadn't noticed the bracelet before, it is a good thing Doo Rim left it on their marital pillow earlier by way of reminder.

Wendilynn: Just how observant has Kang Ju been? I know that the series has made those beads very very obvious and Kang Ju isn’t exactly stupid. Just consider the cake scene. There is a warmth and intimacy to Doo Rim that Yi Kyung can’t match. This is why you have to make switches before they take them to bed. Besides the whole "virgin" factor, love making is pretty individual.

Firnlambe: And lets not forget another telling piece of jewelry . . . . their wedding rings. Even if Kang Ju doesn't piece things together from the missing bracelet. I hope and pray, he's not so stupid as to miss his wife's missing wedding band.

Well, did you make it through the storm? Relax while you can. You're safe while in the eye of this Kdrama storm, but next week the emotional storm starts back up in full swing. Will Oppa find his other half? Does Kang Ju leave Doo Rim for good? Does Roo Mi get a second shot at love? or will Yi Kyung finally get the match up her scheming mother always wanted her to have. Gather up your theories, and let us think about what may happen next in the comments below.

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