Greetings Angels! Are you all ready to watch Young Soo and Gi Tak over the next 2 days from Heaven as they try their best to right their wrongs for 2 more crazy months down here on earth? Join DeShonda, Marakeshsparrow, and Firnlambe as they discuss all the crazy situations our dead companions get themselves into while posing as Hae Joon and Da Hye of episodes 1 and 2 of Come Back, Mister.


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Marakeshsparrow: Well, ladies--I have to say, I think we are in for a treat with this drama. It’s already had such an original, humorous start. I get the feeling this is going to be a break from the typical Kdrama mold. For one, our main characters are dead (technically) and only have 2 months to make amends in the human world, which doesn’t leave much time or possibility for many of the usual tropes. I’m already loving how these two “screw-ups” have gotten a second chance, but in guises they weren’t expecting. What were your first impressions of these first two eps?

Firnlambe: I just about died when our dead leads woke up in their new bodies. I knew Rain’s character was going to be priceless, but I was not expecting such a splendid performance from Lee Min Jung and her impersonation of Kim Soo Ra’s gangster character . . . granted I was already in tears because of the windblown hair after jumping from the train, but that’s besides the point.

DeShonda: First I am in love with Rain, I love his character and he looks handsome as always. I really am enjoying the concept so for of our characters getting a second chance in their new bodies as well. I already had more than a few laughable moments while watching and I am looking forward to many more laughs from this amazing cast.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes, yes, and yes! I was right with you both in my high expectations for Rain--he’s always particularly good with comedy even though he’s such a stud muffin. But Lee Min Jung definitely impressed me, and I actually found myself more interested in the Hong Dan/Han Gi Tak storyline just because it’s such a crazy change for a rough around the edges thug to have to learn what it’s like to live in a woman’s body. I loved “his” attempts at walking in high-heels, and how he imagined he would still fight vs. the reality of fighting in an untrained body. I pretty much loved every moment Hong Dan/Gi Tak was on screen and am wondering how it will play out with his first love, Yi Yeon, now that he’s also a lady.

Firnlambe: While I am looking forward to watching our lovable Thug live two months as a woman . . . . . hold up . . . my brain is sidetracking me from my original thought process--if the boys have to live on earth for 2 months, what will Gi Tak do once he starts to have “women issues” that is a monthly occurrence after all. This is a serious issue and if the drama doesn’t address it I will be immensely saddened and will lose faith in the writers. I’m telling you, that is so much comedic gold for the show.

DeShonda: I can tell by watching the first two episodes that my favorite characters will be Hong Dan/Gi Tak as well. One of my laughable moments was when “he” was trying to walk in heels also. It reminded me of when I first learned how to walk in heels and I was just as clumsy and awkward. I was also wondering how Hong Dan/Gi Tak would handle the “female issues” as well. He is really in the early stages of getting used to his new body. It is going to be very interesting to watch and see how that is handled. I am looking forward to the character development of these two because being a female is not always as easy as it may seem. Our Gi Tak has a lot to learn about being a female.

Firnlambe: Now while the Hong Dan/Gi Tak line is going to be interesting, I have a feeling the Young Soo/ Hae Joon is going to be heart breaking. Here he has this rocking body and he can’t even really interact properly with his wife. This is a recipe for disaster . . . at least with Gi Tak he was never married to that Yi Yeon woman.

Marakeshsparrow: Awww, I felt so sad in the moments when Young Soon/Hae Joon saw his wife working at the department store. You could see how much he loved and missed her, and yet from her POV, he’s a complete stranger. Even the fact that he’s totally gorgeous wasn’t enough to tempt her to give him the time of day. I wonder if that will change? Even so, it will still be tinged with sadness because it’ll be like she’s found someone new, since she can’t find out that he’s actually her husband returned from the other side. I’m wondering what will happen if people find out their true identities? Maya made it clear that they’ll suffer a fate worse than hell--whatever that means. I guess I don’t really understand how they’re ever going to make amends if they can’t divulge their true identities or interfere with the world of the living…

DeShonda: Young Soo/Hae Joon pulled at my heartstrings as well. I do love the relationship that Young Soo has with his family in general. He does love and adore his wife, but I also enjoyed the interaction between him and his daughter. It’s obvious that the daughter adores Young Soo. Now I agree with both of you that things could get a bit messy for Young Soo/Hae Joon if his wife begins another relationship with someone else. It appears that someone may have a crush on his wife already. We will have to see how this develops in future episodes.

Firnlambe: Yeah I get the feeling Young Soo’s second in command may have had a crush on the wife for a while now. And if the preview is anything to go by, I see Hae Soo (because typing out all of their names is tiresome, hence I combined them) is going to see his daughter being ridiculed by the president and lose his cool. Which will only add more confusion to who is going to be the new manager since Maya causes some mayhem during the “Epilogue”

Marakeshsparrow: I think I’m a bit confused on the other elements of the story. The first thing that threw me a bit was the issue with the rice cakes that Young Soo’s wife accepted--I’m guessing that was some kind of bribe? But for what? I don’t know if I missed something there. And meanwhile, the president’s son is Yi Yeon’s ex-husband--but why is he so determined to drag her name through the mud, even going so far as setting a trap for her and Gi Tak? Since he’s also an important figure in the department store, I know Young Soo and Gi Tak’s lives are connected (which would explain why their connected in death as well), but I guess I’m still not very clear on how all these ends tie-in together.

Firnlambe: First, I’m fairly certain the rice cakes had money in them and were given so this company could take over a certain spot in the mall. As for the who set the trap I thought it was her entertainment’s president giving her trouble since Gi Tak beat him to a pulp when they were young, but I've been wrong before so I'm not certain. The only thing I’m totally confused about is how their deaths could possibly be connected.

DeShonda: I was wondering the same thing about the rice cakes but I figured it was some sort of bribe as well. The trap I was confused about, but what you mentioned Firnlambe makes sense to me. As far as the deaths of our two main characters, I am not sure how they are connected as well. So many questions we have yet to have answers to. I guess it’s too early to figure out the connection as of right now.

Marakeshsparrow: I thought it was the ex-husband who was behind the rumors of her and that male model… Didn’t she sign with that new entertainment company after Gi Tak’s death? Regardless, that president is seriously shady. I wonder what the whole story is there and what exactly went down when they were young. And that doesn’t excuse the ex-husband either! He seems to be one nasty piece of work! Using their son to blackmail her in different ways. I definitely have a lot of questions. Especially as to why the ex-husband/president’s son is also the half-sibling of someone who looks exactly like the body Young Soo woke up in. How did Maya not see that coming before hand?

Firnlambe: Well Maya did state that no one has ever jumped out of the train bound for heaven before, so I'm sure she's a bit more flustered than usual. I'm curious how this story line will pan out since so many people have seen him and already assume he's the new manager. But since we are on the topic of that particular family . . . I am absolutely loving the chairman and his apparently psychic counterpart. Her yelling out his internal thoughts was hysterical.

Marakeshsparrow: Haha! Right? I’m definitely wondering what the story is behind that. Does she really speak for the president? Or is she just saying what she wants? Either way, the president doesn’t seem to mind. I wonder if he’ll be able to tell that his son returning from America isn’t really who he says he is...

Well, there you have it. Hilarity was handed out in spades as Gi Tak and Hae Joon try their best to adjust to drastically different bodies, but will our heroes be able to right the wrongs that are keeping them from ascending into heaven? Or will one of them conduct the blunder of a lifetime and have all of the unspeakable horrors Maya keeps referencing thrust upon them before their precious two months on earth are up. Don't forget to let us know how you feel about Rain's comedic return to the drama scene in the comment section below . . . we love to interact with our readers. See you guys next week.

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