Hello, Angels! This weeks episodes were filled with laughter, tears, and chocolate abs! Join Marakeshsparrow, Firnlambe and DeShonda as they discuss our characters as they continue to adjust to their new bodies, find out more about the apparent  "suicide" of Young Soo, have an accidental kiss, and so much more! 


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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DeShonda: Well ladies, these two episodes of Come Back, Mister were HOT! First let me start off with Hae Joon/Young Soo’s Chocolate Abs! That entire scene with Rain was amazing! I watched and laughed throughout that scene multiple times this week. Rain was definitely giving us fanservice and I really appreciate that! There were so many laughable scenes going on this week I couldn’t keep count. Especially when HaeJoon/Young Soo and Gi Tak/Hong Dan were comparing each others bodies….simply hilarious! What did you ladies think?

Marakeshsparrow:Oh...ma...lawd...I was dying during that chocolate abs scene. I actually had to pause and rewind a couple times because it was just too good. He said he wouldn’t be able to go to the bath house anymore because his abs would melt! LOL! Rain was really cracking me up in these episodes, but I have to say our female/male lead Gi Tak/Hong Dan was not far behind. These characters are hilarious and I loved their whole reunion--though did anyone else find it a little bizarre when Gi Tak couldn’t resist HaeJoon/Young Soo’s charms? Hahaha--I guess Rain is just really irresistible.

Firnlambe: I feel sorry for those viewers who say Rain can’t pull off the comedy genre. Because I think he pulls it off spectacularly. Any man who looks like that and still feels comfortable poking fun at his own good looks is a hidden comedic jewel. And don’t get me started on Gi Tak. When he was staring down his boss and getting all threatening--just to flip a switch and ask him all cutesy if he wants some coffee . . . I straight up died laughing.

DeShonda: I agree with you big time! Rain is doing a fantastic job in this comedic role. I am ABSolutely enjoying his character. I must say that I am also enjoying the Gi Tak/Hong Dan character as well. I loved that coffee scene you mentioned. It really had me laughing as well. Everytime Gi Tak/Hong Dan walks in high heels I laugh! I thought it was really cute and funny when Gi Tak/Hong Dan and Hae Joon/Young Soo were in the department store shopping and he was showing her how to walk and act like a lady. That’s another scene that I watched many times this week. I also want to mention that I really am enjoying the young actress who is playing Han Na too. The more I watch this young lady, the more I like her. Children are smarter than adults think, and she is no exception. She knows exactly how her father died even though her mom tries to hide it from her, and I can understand that.

Marakeshsparrow: I agree! I really love how smart and savvy little Han Na is. Even in the first episodes, I picked up on it--she schooled her dad so well. Yes, children are often smarter than adults give them credit for. She even went so far as to do some detective work on her own, finding the necklace her dad bought her mother and confronting the president about it. (On a side note, I don’t care how nasty the president may be, how could he shove a little girl like that when he was in his own department store?) Despite that, and despite Hae Joon/Young Soo’s great comedic acting, I actually think I’m enjoying Gi Tak’s storyline a little more. The fact that he came back in a woman’s body is just so ripe for confusion and comedy--all his old cronies are starting to find him attractive! Ha! And watching him try to figure out how to maneuver in a female body just doesn’t get old. I’m glad he at least has Young Soo on his side now, since that gives him some leverage--what with him being the old president’s “illegitimate son” and all. They should be able to accomplish more with each other’s help--and who wants to bet that their deaths were somehow linked?

Firnlambe: I’m not used to seeing this actor being all evil . . . . miss the adorable secretary from Kill Me Heal Me and the loving father from Heirs //sigh// I agree that it was totally heartless move when he tossed Han Na aside like that. Hopefully Young Soo will be able to bridge things over and get along with her later in the series, it’s too sad that he has to interact with her and not show any love. Also I agree that so far I’m enjoying Gi Tak’s storyline more. I absolutely adored when his body forced him to kiss Young Soo! I get the feeling things like that, and when Young Soo was saying things without a filter, will happen much more frequently the closer they get to their deadline back to Heaven. I won’t bet on their deaths being somehow linked though . . . because there’s no other explanation for them to have such a linked afterlife.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Firnlambe. I was saddened as well watching Young Soo/Hae Joon as he went back to his house and started reminiscing about the time he was with his wife and daughter. It was really touching to watch how close he was with his family. And I almost cried when he was paying respect to himself. For a moment I put myself in his shoes and that was a sad scene to watch. On a lighter note, the kiss between Young Soo/Hae Joon and Gi Tak/Hong Dan had me cracking up. Gi Tak was trying his hardest to fight the feeling, but he just couldn't. I have to agree with you ladies and say that their deaths have to be linked as well. I have a feeling the necklace has something to do with it. I know that there has to be more on how their deaths are connected, I know it will all come together in future episodes.

Marakeshsparrow: I think it must be really hard for both of them to watch how their loved ones are living now that they’ve died. Young Soo sees how much his family is suffering, especially since they believe that he killed himself. And Gi Tak heard how the woman he’s always loved wants to just forget he ever existed. I’m sure she said that out of guilt because she feels partly responsible, but still, it doesn’t lessen how much that must have hurt him. At least he found out that his faithful second-in-command isn’t actually a traitor and is working for that other gangster because he’s trying to discover the truth behind his hyung’s death. And as far as Young Soo’s death goes--did anyone catch how during those testimonials he captured, the taxi driver who’d given Young Soo a ride said he didn’t smell like alcohol but he suddenly had to jump out of the car to vomit? I’m wondering if he’d been given something...I really feel like there’s more to his death than just an accident…  


And that's all for now Angels! Join us next week as we continue to see what antics our hilarious characters get into. How do you think the deaths of Young Soo and Gi Tal are related? Leave a comment down below and tell us your theory. Also let us know what your favorite scene is in this weeks episodes. Until next week!

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