Now that you have been filled in on our leads, a dating agency wouldn't be complete without the clients (and we have some top name guests in the first 4 episodes). [tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E01.130527.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_000077610 We were introduced to Gong Min Young through her client, played by Ji Jin Hee, who is in love with a ballet teacher, played by Lee Chung Ah. Chung Ah's character; however likes the waiter at the restaurant, a cameo by Choi Won-young. As our first drama clubber mentioned, class means everything is Kdramaland and Min Young is given the ax at her job for setting up people in two different classes. Don't feel too bad for her client, he still thanks Min Young for helping him get over his love of 3 years and hopes she finds someone who's passionate like her. In dramaland, the two leads with complete opposite personalities will eventually be together. It's inevitable. Things start to look up for Min Young when she's offered a job at Cyrano Agency and on her first official day the agency has a new client, Dr. Jin (Ha!) who is a veterinarian. He has been in love with a librarian for 6 months and checks out books just so he could have any kind of interaction with her. Oh yes, he fell for her when he saw her feeding some stray cats. Aw! [tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E01.130527.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_001631029 The agency goes through what seems like an elaborate scheme to get Jae In (Lee Yoon Ji) to notice Joon Hyuk (Im Hyung Joon) and make him seem all mysterious like, it totally works! Oh Byung Hoon, you are one smart cookie aren't you? Jae In is into detective novels so she's very suspicious of strange activity whether it's at her job or at the train station. Their first operation is almost a bust when Jae In goes to tell the police, but Min Young is quick thinking and pretends to faint. [tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E01.130527.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_002491822 Our potential couple almost had a run in when Jae In's "pet" cat Phillip gets sick and she has to run to the vet. That would be great IF her hero wasn't a vet, but alas he is and this would have been potentially dangerous to the mission. You know, they can't get paid. I actually love this part because Min Young is so panicked and actually gets Seung Pyo aka Master (which is what I will be calling him from now on) to aide her in chasing the taxi down in order to prevent the target from meeting her admirer too soon. These two mesh so well, it's cute and I love how he just breaks all traffic laws to help her. Master, why are you so mysterious? [tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E02.130528.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_000721020 Crisis averted and our lovely target is unaware of what's really going on so Min Young takes it upon herself to ease the librarian's mind and tells her that the real doctor is taking good care of the cat. New plan: have Jae In witness a "drug" exchange and make her really suspicious then have Joon Hyuk save her from being run over by Moo Jin's motorcycle. She then asks him out to dinner, which shocks Min Young but not Byung Hoon. The two have dinner and Joon Hyuk suddenly leaves, leaving Jae In to her own imagination. This woman has quite the imagination by the way, complete with a fight scene. I guess sometimes that can be more interesting than reality. [tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E02.130528.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_002184248 I guess coming up with elaborate plans to get someone to notice you is eating away at Min Young and she decides to go rogue. Ooh So bad! Byung Hoon is one step ahead of her and then fires her. Dr. Jin and Jae In end up confessing their feelings after an "explosion" in Master's restaurant, Joon Hyuk saves her. Episodes 3+4 give us a new client, fangirls prepare: It's SHINee's Taemin and he plays an idol student, Ray, who has a crush on the class president. One problem, Se Kyung likes Cyrano's maknae Ah Rang. She confesses, but since he knows Ray's feelings and he's never been in love, he rejects her. [tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E03.130603.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_001540438 You see, Se Kyung doesn't care too much for idols but they go ahead with the mission since Ah Rang assures everyone he's okay (Byung Hoon and Min Young overheard the confession). They send a hoard of fangirls to Ray and have her see what he goes through, I'm guessing that was it. I thought it was just fan service to see Taemin sweat. Nevertheless, she starts to think more about Ray while questioning her still there feelings for Ah Rang. The sweet maknae thought she hated him and looks uneasy. [tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E04.130604.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_000788587 Next step in the plan: Ray confesses he has a crush on a girl in his school, but she doesn't like him...on TV. His fans; however aren't happy and demand the school be changed into an all boys school. Haha, the life of an obsessed fan. I love how Min Young goes inside the classroom and makes it appear as if Ray is going to drop out due to the fan issues. This gets Se Kyung to jump up and run after him, but there's a problem that Ah Rang notices: There's reporters looking for him hoping to catch his crush. Her being a minor doesn't matter I guess, as long as they get the story. Ah Rang tells him and Ray ends up leaving before trying his confession again. Then before we know it, Ah Rang tells her this may be his last chance and kisses her!  He finally realizes his feelings after she said something, but what about baby Taemin? [tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E04.130604.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_002651548 What are your thoughts on Taemin's appearance? Oh, our noona hearts!   More Dating Agency: Cyrano Drama Club Posts: Episodes 1-4  [ Part 1 ]            [ Part 3 ] Check out the Dating Agency: Cyrano Drama Clubber’s individual blogs: Fanserviced: Shai: Cindy: