Hi everyone! Well, Fanserviced talked about the characters we’re getting to know in Dating Agency: Cyrano and then Shai gave a great recap to the first 4 episodes so we’re all up to speed. As for me, I’m a closet romantic so watching Korean rom-com dramas is all about the interactions between the characters and how quickly I get sucked into the story & emotions. I was already excited for this K-drama because of Lee Jong Hyuk and how much I liked him in A Gentleman’s Dignity, my favourite K-drama from 2012. So I was ready to be swept away! What about you? Why did you start watching Dating Agency: Cyrano? So what did I think? Did I get sucked into the story?

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I love random English in K-dramas… it's weird but true and I often giggle like a schoolgirl when I hear it. “Stop” – repeated a few times in episode 1 – made me giggle, for probably the first time. And since laughing is good for the soul, we’re off to a good start.

And then I started to like the characters… you see, I always know I’m going to like a character when I hear them give themselves a pep talk and Min Young gave herself one. She might be naive and just a little clueless but she’s also earnest, cute and a romantic. I just know I’m going love her. So, my first impression after episode 1 was that it’s a dating agency meets spy ring show and the characters were starting to grow on me. Intriguing… I want to see more! Plus the library scene was hilarious so I’m hooked. And then episode 2 sinks the hook deeper… I’m wondering more and more about the characters, or at least most of the male ones. Why are they “robots” about love but running/involved in a dating agency? Umm… Master, the restaurateur is the loan shark? Really? Hmm… I just know this is going be interesting, plus it elevates him above the normal “2nd lead” dude. I want to know more about him, I really, really do. I can’t stop watching, I want to know everything. Don’t you just love it when you’re on the edge of your seat, wanting to know what happens next? Okay, I was a little slow when I was watching this episode and it wasn’t even late at night because I was thinking “it’s like he’s setting the scene in a play”, referring to Il Rok and then I smacked myself on the head. Duh, theatre producer… of course, he’s setting the scene.

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I’m not sure I liked the almost “requisite drunken scene” where only Min Young is drunk & makes the others uncomfortable. But loved her imaginings of how things will play out, so cheesy yet realistic… I can picture a girl with thoughts exactly like that. Oh wait, I’ve done it. ^^

And the story continues… Hmm… liking how each episode isn’t a complete story but continues the dating match-up from before. It would have been too predictable otherwise. I found the scene for the vet-librarian a little far-fetched but liked how normal she seemed at the end. What did you think of it? And then the cutest dating match-up ever starts… aww… I’m such a sap for romance, I was grinning like an idiot and I’m not even a big SHINee fan. Like Shai said yesterday, Taemin from SHINee guest stars as a high school trainee who’s in love with the class president.

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This was the first love/dating match-up that really dragged me in. Before I was just enjoying getting to know the main characters – trying to figure out why Il Rok seems so cold & logical (odd for a theatre producer), liking Moo Jin’s serious but sexy smile, smiling at Ah Rang’s cute and earnest character, and wondering what’s exactly is up with “Master”. But the love triangle between the trainee, class president and Ah Rang… now I’m hooked.

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But it’s not just about the client’s (the young trainee) story, we’re also getting to know a lot of back story about Il Rok that makes him more real. And I’m all about the people, the characters… it’s why I watch Korean rom-coms… well, that and the hot guys… and I’m a romantic sap… and they’re so cute!! Okay, there are a lot of reasons and Dating Agency: Cyrano is hitting a lot of my buttons. How about you? Why do you watch K-dramas? Who’s your fav character so far?

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...Aaaand the drama just keeps getting cuter in episode 4. Yep, I’m definitely getting emotionally invested! I smile when they do, sigh at the cute/romantic moments, and frown with them too. Plus, there was the requisite “arm grab” that you see in just about all Korean dramas… hmm… wonder if it happens in real life? What do you think? What were your favourite moments from the first 4 episodes?

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