Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 15 - Master begging I was really enjoying this drama, I really was. And then I hit the final two episodes… and all I ended up with was frustration. Okay, I’m not being totally fair. I did like some parts of the conclusion to this drama but mostly, I just wanted to smack the writers. I mean, it’s saying something when I enjoyed reading and writing our Drama Club posts more than actually watching episodes 15 & 16 themselves (not that this isn't super enjoyable, of course!). Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 16 - Master is the man I was left with mixed feelings but ultimately, I was unsatisfied with how things finished. I still like the drama and it IS worth watching but I found the final two episodes to be weak and out-of-character from the rest of the series. For most of Dating Agency: Cyrano, it was a cute and heart-warming comedy but the final two episodes were darker and not in a good way. What did I like? Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 16 - Master being stabbed Master! He really loved Min Young and was so true to her from almost the start. That didn’t change in the final episodes when he stayed the course of being clear about his feelings and wanting Min Young to be happy. I could have done without screaming, “No! Master! Behind you! And there’s a blurred knife again… no!! Master!!” and crying but I absolutely loved his character from start to finish. Yeah, he ended up being noble but only after he realized he was going to lose anyways. Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 16 - Moo Jin found Hye Ri Moo Jin and Ah Rang. I love their characters in a platonic, big-sister kind of way. Moo Jin, you’re the best! You grew as the series progressed and went after the girl. Ah Rang, you were so consistently cute and the perfect cheerleader for the team. Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 15 - Hye Ri I liked the Hye Ri storyline, it made sense with the rest of the series. She was just misguided and motivated by love. Her character was consistent and the storyline fit. And I love how Moo Jin found out about Hye Ri and confronts her in such a gentle manner to show her she was mistaken about what happened with her brother. Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 16 - cute gangsters The two “gangsters”. Master’s two sidekicks were so cute throughout… loved them with the balloons and in costume during the final scene. Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 16 - Byung Hoon I almost liked you While I found too many holes in the creepy/crazy Hawaiian shirt dude’s scenario, I love how it let Master shine as the hero. Plus, after Master was stabbed *cry*, it was the first time in the show, I felt for Byung Hoon (when Min Young reacted to Master being hurt). My thoughts at the time “Aww… Byung Hoon, you’ve finally admitted your feelings to yourself. Why can’t you be a man and admit them to Min Young? That’s why I can’t feel for you. None of this, “I can’t be a good man for you.” Crap. Just tell her and let her decide. She’s an adult. Ya!” What didn’t work for me? Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 15 - creepy Hawaiian shirt dude Hawaiian shirt dude – he was super creepy, in both actions and facial expressions (good job by the actor), but I wanted more explanation on why he was after them. Plus there were random little tidbits thrown out that just muddied the waters – like one of the guys in the head gangster’s group saying he was a detective/cop. Umm… okay but nothing came from it. Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 15 - creepy dude is a cop A bomb?!? Really??? Was that necessary? I mean, holy cow! There’s a bomb strapped to Min Young and set to blow up her and the theatre. Creepy Hawaiian shirt dude took a leap off the deep end and is completely nuts. When they show the car, creepy Hawaiian shirt guy is driving but when they show it stopping next to Min Young, Hye Ri is driving. This was never explained and drove me nuts. Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 16 - Ah Rang was cute They make Ah Rang confess to the high school girl and Byung Hoon confess to Yi Seul. Okay, I can see how they might know about the high school girl but how would they know that Byung Hoon wrote that letter??? Everything is coming full circle too much – Master finds out that Byung Hoon set his brother up with Yi Seul. Which ties into my previous point? How did creepy Hawaiian shirt dude get the letter? Conclusion Dating Agency  Cyrano   Episode 16 - Min Young Okay, I absolutely loved Fanserviced’s chart! It rocked. And it summed up my feelings in a lot of ways. I enjoyed Dating Agency: Cyrano, up to episode 15. And then it tried too hard. Min Young's comment to Byung Hoon also says a lot. I think the writers took the easy way out. It’s a good drama but I was hoping for a great one. What did you think? 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