If you were left uneasy last week, episodes 5 and 6 should fix that right up. I really enjoyed how smoothly the story is going and how we're not just focused on the client's love problems, but the Cyrano Agents' as well. There are no words for how excited I am to discuss this week's episodes, both were totally funny and swoon worthy. Oh goodness! Hmm...Where to start? I just adore the growing relationship between Ah Rang and Min Young, it's not very shocking since he was the only one who welcomed her with open arms into the agency; even though Byung Hoon was the one who was clearly interested in her. After he kissed Se Kyung then took it back, poor maknae was worried about how his hyungs would see him. I just loved how he kept begging her to not say anything--who else smiled when he kept saying "Noona"? I'm loving how comfortable he is becoming with her, a great noona/dongsaeng friendship going on with them.

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E05.130610.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000590723

The arrival of Yoon Yi Seol was something I wasn't expecting to happen until a little later, but I'm glad that the writers chose to add her in now and possibly diffuse any love that Byung Hoon has left for her, instead of making her some force against them later on. We don't need that, save that for those melos that I'm not watching right now. She seems like she's no threat to whatever our OTP may have, but then again she thinks Min Young is in high school. I really thought it was funny how he didn't tell her what he's really been doing and has to come up with an excuse for his brainstorming board looking the way it does. Our normally calm producer/dating service looked very panicked when both Min Young and Ah Rang walked in. I just loved his facial reaction when she was going to question him.

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E05.130610.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000660026

As I said, aside from the clients, we can see the agents themselves in their vulnerable states. The quiet tech guy, Moo Jin, seems quite flustered when it comes to Hye Ri. I like how he's portrayed and is carried out on screen, his slight movements indicating some type of change within him that he hasn't quite figured out just yet. Aww! He's like a baby learning how to walk. Love is all new to him, but at least he's willing to be more open with Min Young. I mean, actually hanging out with her without Byung Hoon or Ah Rang, even though they're discussing Ah Rang's situation.

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E05.130610.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001009308

I won't tell you how almost heartbroken I was this episode, just know that I didn't realize how much a bandaid meant to an idol in love. Seriously? He kept that thing the entire time and bought one just like it. It's kinda cute and eww at the same time. You can go ahead and swoon over Taemin's face and just bypass the band aide, it's okay. I understand, take your time.

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E05.130610.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002548112

One part I have to mention because it's been made fun of on several occasions with K-Drama watchers everywhere...don't we just wonder if there are any traffic laws in Korea? With all the random U-turns and such in dramas, one would wonder if that reflects real life. Well when Byung Hoon suddenly remembers something and wants Min Young aka his personal chauffeur to turn around, she's not too keen on the idea as you may think. Her reply to this demand is priceless.

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E05.130610.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002644742

I've noticed, Min Young has quite a few flaws and episode 6 added another one: Cooking. Yes, Gong Stone (as Byung Hoon calls her) can't cook despite living alone for five years. According to her, we live in an era where everything is deliverable. She'll get fired by the target before the mission can get to stage 2.

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E06.130611.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002082346

Don't fret, she has an idea. Anyone else think she's becoming more like the boss she despises so much? *Raises hand* This look says it all and Ah Rang agrees with me.

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E06.130611.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002132964

Despite him being all mysterious-like, I love love love Master's relationship with Min Young. I'm not sure what his motives are, but the man knows how to make your heart melt with just one "Min Young-sshi". The writers are still allowing him to mysterious, but we're seeing his softer side come out with each interaction with her.

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E06.130611.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002306604

Guess who's looking in on this lovely cooking lesson and hears the most shocking (well to him) question: "Min Young-sshi, will you go out with me?"

[tvN] 연애조작단 시라노.E06.130611.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002731962

My heart almost breaks for him, but not completely because I've been itching for Master and Min Young to become closer. I know, I'm a traitor. *Runs and hides*

Tell me, what do you think of the ending to episode 6? Do you think Master really likes Min Young or is he doing it to make Byung Hoon jealous?

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