I keep asking myself, “What game is Master playing? Is it a game?” It looks like he’s either trying to get Byung Hoon jealous (hmm, why?) or get him to fall for Min Young (again, why?). I love his character because I can’t quite figure him out. Okay, so it helps that he’s good looking and sweet but the fact that he’s mysterious and perhaps a little bit of a bad boy is hot. Dating Agency  Cyrano - Episode 7 - Master & Min Young Aww… (and wow, am I every saying that a lot while watching this drama) Byung Hoon is eavesdropping and just realized that maybe; just maybe, he might like Min Young and gets a little jealous at Master asking Min Young out on a date. Hehe, all of a sudden he’s seeing her as a girl. While I’m not entirely sure if it’s meant as comedy but Moo Jin’s heart rate monitor test with Min Young was too funny. It’s like he doesn’t realize he’s attracted to the waitress. He’s so cute as he tries to figure out why she makes his heart race and Min Young doesn’t. Dating Agency Cyrano - Episode 7 - Moo Jin & And I loved the pretend melodrama of the bike encounter between Moo Jin and the target, Mi Jin. Seriously, episode seven was super funny and cute but this particular segment… I was giggling like a teeny-bopper during it. And then the drama gets funnier with the crazy expressive facial expression. Can’t. Stop. Laughing! Dating Agency  Cyrano - Episode 7 - Surprise! Master & Min Young If you haven’t figured it out by all the talk of sighing and crying I do, I’m a romantic. You see, I spend my days being all organized and practical so when it comes to my dramas, I want lots and lots of swoon and sigh worthy romance. Dating Agency: Cyrano is hitting all my buttons. Especially Master! The fact that I can’t quite figure him out, what his motivations are (whatever they are, he does like Min Young… it wasn’t just a game or ploy… I think). Yeah, it’s the standard K-drama love triangle but he’s not the standard second fiddle. Loving that and the character depth/mystery. What about you? Who’s YOUR favourite character? Dating Agency Cyrano - Episode 8 - Min Young & Byung Hoon Moving onto episode eight, the funny and cute moments continued starting with Min Young, who is being played with cute perfection by Choi Soo Young, repeating Byung Hoon’s words back to him. “Do you like me by any chance? I can totally understand.” You go girl! And then I had to press pause because I was laughing so hard. Their little fake fight brought me back to my teens when my little brother used to put his hand on my head so I couldn’t hit him after he grew taller than me (he’s 6’4”, I’m 5’6”). Our fights were real back then but Min Young and Byung Hoon’s looked so much more fun. But the laughter died away as I pressed play again to see Master… I knew it wasn’t all a game, he really does like her (yeah, I totally get sucked into stories and root for my favourite characters – do you pick favs?). Too bad he’s a secondary character. I’d choose him but then, like I said the mysterious bad boy character is my type. Add the fact that Master is sweet and gorgeous… I’m a goner. :P Dating Agency  Cyrano - Episode 8 - Byung Hoon looking jealous Jealous much, Byung Hoon is definitely acting it whenever he sees Master and Min Young acting all friendly and cute together. Which is cute! He’s definitely seeing her as a girl now. Wow, now that’s a change of pace. From a totally cute, funny matchup (yeah, there was a hint of S&M but not really) to a girl from the horror flick “The Ring”. Although I did laugh at the end during the preview of episode 9 when they reference the film, so it was definitely the idea they were going for. And then the crazy detailed dream about drowning… hmm… what’s going to happen next? Dating Agency  Cyrano - Episode 8 The Ring girl I can’t decide what I’m looking forward to most in episode 9? “The Ring” girl or Byung Hoon’s bad luck – both should be good for laughs. But for me, I can’t wait for Gong Yoo (my absolute favourite hottie, er… I mean actor). What about you? Who are you rooting for – Byung Hoon or Master? And what can’t you wait to see in episode 9? More Dating Agency: Cyrano Drama Club Posts: Episodes 5-6  [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 5-6  [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-4  [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Check our our writer’s individual blogs: Fanserviced: fanserviced.wordpress.com Shai: k-dramacentral.blogspot.com Cindy: atkmagazine.com