There’s nothing quite like a sweet S&M romance sealed with a kiss (and cake). Since several of the scenes in this weeks’ episodes took place in a Tous les Jours, one of Korea’s most popular bakery-café chains, I stopped by New York City’s Koreatown branch of Tous les Jours to see if I could find some cake like that which sealed the love of our adorable chefs. By the way, I’m not connected with Tous les Jours or anything like that—I just really like cake! tous les jours 1 I wandered around like one of the “Thumb Brothers” bloggers from this episode, taking pictures and trying to find a dessert with some sort of creamy frosting. Eventually I settled on sliced choco, a chocolate cake with a kind of whipped cream-ish filling and frosting. I usually don’t enjoy cakes like this, but it was delicious. Korean desserts tend to be less sweet than similar cakes I’ve tried, which I find really tasty, and I can tell that the ingredients are high-quality. What are your thoughts on Korean bakery-cafés—ever been to one? Are you curious about any of the items? tous les jours cake 2 Although I was delighted with my cake, finishing it would have required the help of a partner, and my husband, Fanserviced-M (M for male), was at work. Speaking of my husband, I often find that listening to his reactions to Dating Agency: Cyrano episodes makes watching the show extra fun for me. There’s nothing quite like listening to a grown man laugh hysterically at faux gangsters, coo at Min Young’s cuteness, and make comments directed at the tv. This week I took notes as we were watching on what he seemed to have enjoyed most about the episodes, and I'll now share with you the highly scientific results! Fanserviced-M’s Favorite Moment My husband’s favorite moment this week was certainly when the comic relief gangsters wondered why ski masks are only made of fleece since bank robbers must work in the summer, too. I suspect that he enjoyed it so much because 1) he was born in Russia and spent a lot of time wrapped in a balaclava 2) he is always warm, so he wonders the same thing and 3) he just really loves random humor, especially when it involves Korean gangsters, for some reason (he still jokingly yells out “You wanna smell dirt?” from time to time like the uncle from Bad Family). Are we the only house with a k-drama comic gangster fanclub or do other dramalovers live for the funny bad guys? fleece-gangsters I think that this random, little moment shows one of the real strengths of this show: enjoyment in Dating Agency: Cyrano doesn’t really depend on cliff-hangers and disapproving mother-in-laws. Instead, Cyrano delivers many characters with humor, quirks, depth, and fascinating (if mysterious) backstories. Fanserviced-M’s Reaction to the Chefs’ Kiss “Woo eee!” (I think you can tell why I like watching with him; he’s like a one-man studio audience) cake-kiss Fanserviced-M’s Best Comment “Is this Kitchen Romance or Jerry Springer? They even have the brick wall.” jerry-show I think, however, that Kitchen Romance was more like Maury, since the mean guy chef was declared not to be the father of the crab recipes. Fanserviced-M’s Loudest Coo Over Min Young “Hehe. This girl is very adorable.” min-young-fighting I can’t even get jealous due to my husband cooing over another girl because OMG she really is so adorable. And you can see that the actors are having loads of fun filming this scene; the chemistry is off the charts and so so sweet. I actually squealed more over this funny and goofy moment than during the close encounter on the couch at the end of episode eight. Are you as charmed by Min Young as Fanserviced-M? And which OTP moment stole your heart the most: cute fighting or the close couch encounter?   More Dating Agency: Cyrano Drama Club Posts: Episodes 7-8  [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 5-6  [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-4  [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Check our our writer’s individual blogs: Fanserviced: Shai: Cindy: