If Dating Agency: Cyrano hasn't gotten you hooked before, then Monday and Tuesday's episodes should have done the job. I know sometimes I don't focus on the clients, but that's because their stories are like set ups for our OTP and main characters. Last week made Byung Hoon more aware of his past and what could last a lifetime if you don't get your feelings out there and now this week we see his jealous side, which was brought about due to their target. This is what I love about this show: The clients aren't the main focus of each episode, though it may seem like they are. They're mere pawns for a bigger purpose: Helping our main couple figure out their true feelings for each other. Before I start, I would like to thank fanserviced for making me hungry while reading her review. Now I want some cake. To answer Cindy's questions about Master, I have to say that I am so not sure what he's up to anymore. I was happy he asked her out, but then we get to episode 7 and I noticed that he did see Byung Hoon sneaking around the restaurant before he ran around the side. Master then opens the window and asks Min Young to date him. Master, what are you doing?

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We all know that Min Young is a hopeless romantic..with a brain, but this scene was just ridiculously funny. Remember when Yi Seol gave Byung Hoon an envelop in an earlier episode? Well, it made a comeback! After her mission, Min Young came back to report and found Cyrano empty. What does she do? She cleans up and notices the drawer that contains the letter open. We all see where this is going, but I didn't see this part coming. At all. And I loved every minute of it.

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Then when she gets caught, I loved her indirect confession to him. Wondering why she's so curious about his first love and that letter (it's literally driving her crazy), I'm the happiest viewer in the world.

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It's moments like this that causes my main couple ship to go off course a bit, gahh!! Master is just so darn cute and attentive that it's driving me crazy *reference to Min Young above*. Master, why are you always so sweet?! Don't lie, you know you love this look too.

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Then we have moments that obviously show Byung Hoon's jealousy, like when Master was helping Min Young with the broth in Mi Jin's "No Men Allowed" Kitchen. He abruptly leaves the van to fetch Master before he gets caught, but it's Moo Jin who notices that him leaving was a wee bit ridiculous. That was a LAME excuse for him leaving like that.

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His leaving catches them in this position and his face says it all. Aww Boss Man is a little jealous ain't he?

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I just love how transparent they're making Byung Hoon now, it's just so refreshing to see. Reminds me of Naoki from Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, we can see his feelings towards Kotoko more and more. Same with Byung Hoon, he's making little facial expressions and looks as if he wants to have fun with her, but he has to keep up his cold exterior. The writers have done an excellent job showing his changing attitude without making him change overnight.

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Another thing I must talk about is Byung Hoon's self diagnosed bad luck period, which lasts 20 days. On his first day he was pooped on and got wet under the sprinklers. I do have to ask the wardrobe department...were the see through pants necessary? Not that I'm complaining :D

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In a matter of a few minutes this show has managed to go from comical funny to weirdly creepy with the appearance of Jung Yu Mi as the newest client. The reference to "The Ring" will make this all the more better. She is a bit creepy *shudders*

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This was just pure plot device/fan service....hehe. Can anyone come up with a good couple name for them? Maybe I'll mention the best one next week in my review.

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Well that's all for my thoughts, I have many more but to list them all would be too much for this post. Not trying to bore you! I do have a question for you all though...who is this guy?

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