Welcome back Drama Clubbers! We are back again following the lives of our four sisters. In these two episodes relationships have advanced as well as been set back, hearts have been broken and laughter has ensued. So, without further ado, join Wendilynn, Amy, and Debo as we follow the good, bad and ugly of our Dear Mom story.

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Debo: I thought Xiao Fei and Yi Wan’s relationship was going to blossom so much this episode and it did, until Xiao Fei said those dreaded words about how she shouldn’t think too much of his mother telling him that he was in love with her.

Wendilynn: well, you kill all the lead up we could have done with that last sentence. lol I think episode 11 was really about his Mom, more than Xiao Fei and Yi Wan. She had been cute but really annoying, and this episode we start learning that there is a reason she is not acting right in the head. And its one that pulls at your heart strings and I loved that Yi Wan connected to her need for comfort.

Amy: I thought it was awesome how Yi Wan connected to Xiao Fei’s mom too. She could see her hurting and empathized with her. It was very sweet. I was disappointed with Xiao Fei though. I think he is trying not to scare Yi Wan off because he didn’t realize that she likes him.

Debo: Yeah, I felt really bad for her and I think it’s sweet they both Xiao Fei’s mother and Yi Wan connected so well with each other. Additionally, I just thought it was funny how much Xiao Fei’s mother reminded me of the mom from It Started With a Kiss (ISWAK). They both dressed their sons in dresses, creepily take pictures of their son and the girl they want him to date as well as just blatantly shipping the two. 

How I saw the mom acted this episode:

Wendilynn: LOL! You know, as his mom is going on and on about how she would go propose to Yi Wan on his behalf. Cause that won’t make a girl run, right? lol I had to wonder if she also pulls some of this outrageousness because she knows her son is humoring her and its her way to push him into moving his life along but make him think its his idea because he always gives in a little but alters how he will do things. BUT it still is happening the way mom wants. lol

Amy: Oh it is definitely happening the way his mom wants. I don’t know if Yi Wan is the type who would ran away from a guy whose mom is proposing to her. She seems understanding almost to a fault. She wants to understand and accommodate everyone in her life. Xiao Fei’s mom, on the other hand, sees what she wants and just takes it.

Debo: Haha. Indeed. It seems like the mom is used to getting whatever she wants. But I felt bad for Xiao Fei. He thought the “date” had gone swimmingly and instead he has Qian Qian coming in and yelling at him that her sister was crying all night. He must be so confused.

Wendilynn: Agreed. Cause things did go well. But as he doesn’t place a whole lot of seriousness to his mother’s antics, he wasn’t as observant as he should have been to how Yi Wan was feeling about the whole thing. However, Qian Qian had no right to go butting in her nose where it didn’t belong. She made me mad when she did that. How embarrassing for Yi Wan. And her sister has no clue how she just humiliated her sister.

Amy: I thought Qian Qian was out of line too. I get that she was trying to protect her sister but that was not the right way to go about it. She should have talked instead of yelling. I guess it is a good thing the characters in this drama actually use their words, though! Ha ha!

Debo: Yeah. I do understand where Qian Qian was coming from though. All she truly cares about is her sister’s happiness and she sees her sister as much more sheltered than she actually is so that’s why goes to such lengths fighting Yi Wan’s battles for her. But Yi Wan is her own person and she does have the capacity to stand up for herself, which seems to be a fact that is lost on Qian Qian. I don’t think that Yi Wan was completely in the right though.

Wendilynn: Qian Qian made an assumption and didn’t bother to clarify. Not that Yi Wan wanted to admit to anyone, “hey, I just humiliated myself thinking a guy liked me more than he actually did”. Who would admit that? But Qian Qian didn’t really consider her sister’s feelings when she went barging in. Since she considers Yi Wan silly and stupid, she doesn’t have the respect for her she should. Yi Wan may not be bold, but she’s not a child either.

Amy: I agree with you Wendilynn but I also agree with Debo. I think that both of the sisters need to communicate with each other better. They had a fight when they were in school and I don’t think either of them are completely over it. I think that they need to sit down and have a long talk to hash things out and come to an understanding of each other.

Debo: That is true. And there was some progress with Qi Le and An Qing. An Qing finally remembered their first meeting! But she was feeling super embarrassed because she did not become the boss she thought she would, but of course Qi Le didn’t mind, because he is a true gentleman.

Wendilynn: I really love this couple. He’s already been a failure and so it gives him a lot of compassion and understanding. Where I think this is probably the first time An Qing has really failed at something...her marriage….and probably is still reeling with feelings of embarrassment and failure. I think he sees their first contact as a moment of connection, and she views it as a moment of how far she’s fallen.

Amy: Yep! I am enjoying this couple too. An Qing really needs someone like Qi Le in her life who can show her that she can overcome failure. It happens to everyone. You just have to pick yourself up and try again.

Debo: Yes! Can’t wait to see how their relationship continues to progress. And I’m still wondering if she will tell her family about the divorce or if they will find out somehow.

Wendilynn: I think they’ll have to find out on their own. She won’t ever tell them if she can get away with it or when she finally gets rid of her feelings of failure.

Amy: I think the family will find out on their own too. Someone will probably slip up and say something or even just blurt it out. I think they’re ready to know and begin supporting An Qing though. 

Debo: The past few episodes have been interesting in regards to seeing just how much Qian Qian’s boss is beginning to truly care about her.

Wendilynn: oh yeah he does. And not in a creepy, I’m-bored-at-home kind of way. He truly values her and her well being. He’s really starting to notice just how hard she pushes herself. He keeps trying to make her take days off and its not working. lol

Amy: Hee hee! I’m glad he hasn’t crossed a line or anything too. He cares about her but he isn’t taking it too far. It looks like he has some problems at home. Like neither him or his wife are home a lot and when they are they don’t see each other. There are obviously some issues to work out there.

So what do you think is in store for our couples or their current predicaments? Share your insight in the comment section below! 

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