Its all in the family in these two episodes of Dear Mom. We learn more about the situations of Li An Qing and Li Yi Wan, the older two sisters, as one navigates being newly divorced and the other navigates a situation with a man whose mother takes nosey to a new level. Join Debo, Amy and I as we laugh our way through two more episodes.

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Wendilynn: I have to say that I’m laughing at the situation Yi Wan finds herself in. That gangster mom is so funny to me. She’s so over the top that she makes crazy girlfriends look sane. lol

Debo: Haha. Indeed. I was worried that she was going to be so protective of her son that she would never accept Yi Wan especially since she doesn’t come from a rich background, but now I’m scared the mom will stalk Yi Wan so much because she’s too excited that her son “finally has a ‘girlfriend.’”


Amy: Is it possible to find someone annoying and adorable at the same time? That is how I feel about gangster mom. So adorable about how much she cares about her son but to the point that I get annoyed with her interference. I also find her funny at the same time. So perplexing. Ha ha ha!

Wendilynn: Oh, she’s been stalking already. I cracked up laughing when her son had to sit down and try to tell her why she had to back off and she just didn’t get it. And I think if she wasn’t so desperate, she would be pickier on someone who is richer. But lets face it, money is not a problem, and so someone who is adorably sweet, even if she’s stubborn, is a good pick.

Debo: Finally a drama mom who understands! (Even if it’s only because she’s desperate). I really like Xiao Fei not only is he really sweet, he’s super cute as well, which is a total plus. Also, I thought it was really cute when Qing Qing whispered to Xiao Fei that her sister was very innocent and that he should treat her kindly when he pursues her. He definitely looked like he was mulling it over as well.

Amy: I love Xiao Fei! He is way too sweet and adorable. I think that he pairs well with Yi Wan. I can’t wait until she finally figures out that he is interested in her! I don’t think that thought has even crossed Yi Wan’s innocent mind. Hee hee!

Wendilynn: Oh, he’s definitely interested. If nothing else, the constant hovering to keep his mom and her “assistant” from stalking keeps Yi Wan on his mind. lol

Debo: And she seems too dense, or in Qing Qing’s words “too innocent,” to understand. I’m really excited to see them getting together they seem like they would be such a cute couple! Also, the other couple that seems to be forming is that of Qing Qing and Xu Ji Kuan, her boss. I feel like their relationship is going to become super dramatic when they start realizing their feelings for each other but the boss is definitely noticing his attraction for Qing Qing and I’m really interested in seeing what he does next especially since he is married….


Amy: Their relationship is going to be full of drama. I hope it is a valuable lesson for both of them. I’m not for adultery though. I wish it didn’t happen.

Wendilynn: I hate infidelity, so I’m not real happy with him, but it does seem like he’s a decent person. But that’s no excuse.

Debo: I definitely agree. I don’t approve of relationships like that (I couldn’t even watch The Fierce Wife because it centered around cheating). But we’ll just see where the show takes it!

Wendilynn: The relationship that I am wanting to see is what happens with the older sister and Chen Ki Le, the sports guy. I happen to love that male actor and so that makes him the relationship I’ll be rooting for. lol


Debo: I totally love Xiu Jie Kai, the actor, as well! He was also in Fan Tuan Zi Jia which was another family drama I watched with my family. Haha. But yeah, he seems like such a happy person and he’s just been living off of the memory of An Qing. I want to know what actually happened that day. It’s always so funny to see how one memory can stick with a person for so long but be forgotten by another person so quickly.

Wendilynn: Well, it changed his life. Now, its his turn to be the positive change in her life. A Yin Yang sort of thing. lol

Amy: She definitely needs a positive change and he seems like just the guy to help her out! His positivity seems infectious and he is a sweet guy who will support An Qing while she is going through a hard time in her life. I’m looking forward to seeing their relationship develop!

Debo: The dad is actually very sweet to his wife as well. He just wants to provide a good life for her and her family by trying to make all of investments which usually don’t work but show how he is trying. I really hope the organic vegetables garden plan works, but given that it is a drama, there will probably be a lot of issues in work land.


Wendilynn: They have to make An Qing have a way to provide for herself. I’m sure the garden will be successful enough so that she can stand on her own feet when everyone finds out she’s divorced. Poor Jerry. Its so hard on kids when they want both parents and that can’t happen. What was up with her saying she sent him money? Did she have to basically pay her ex to keep Jerry?

Debo: Yeah, I really hope An Qing can find a job soon! And I’m not really sure? Maybe something with their divorce settlement?

Amy: I think the garden will work out with An Qing’s help. It will really be good for her to know that she can still accomplish her goals and stand on her own feet. I have no clue what the money is about but I guess we’ll find out!

Wendilynn: Yeah, who knows at this point.

Our stories are just getting going but it looks like a fun series so far.  Anything you like so far?  Tell us in the comments below. 

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